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Taras Bulba BBB2
Set in the 16th century Ukraine two Cossack brothers find themselves battling each other when one wants to recover land from the treacherous Poles and the other falls in love with a Polish girl. They are captured trying to escape and her punishment is to be burnt at the stake. A really nice scene with a beautiful damsel (Christine Kaufmann). She is saved, but the fact that she is so brave at the stake makes for a good scene. The caps are not mine, but I have cleaned them up to get them looking as good as I could. Also a nice B & W shot too (7/10)

Witch Craze
This was just recently shown on UK TV (29/01/03 - BBC2). It was a documentary which  dealt with the beginnings of the witch hunt era in Scotland. Although I didn't get to see the show, a friend kindly capped the scene. From what I can see these scenes looked a horrific and true portrayal of these cruel times.

Mouyadai (title unsure)
A kind fellow BATS fan recently contacted me with clip from a very rare Chinese movie. The story of the film goes roughly like this. The damsels in question is banished from the village because she has some kind of infectious disease. She sneaks back to visit her husband and baby only to be caught and burned at the stake. The caps show her desperate husband at the stake with her, but he is dragged away for his own safety. (6/10)

Imma Youjo 4
Again, sent to me by the same kind BATS fan this is a 'manga' style cartoon from Germany. Five witches are tied to crosses and stripped bare, then they are burnt. In another scene a similar punishment is bestowed upon another nude victim. Although this is a cartoon, it's quite a good couple of sequences - shame I can't translate the German as I'd have a better idea what was going on. (6/10)

Der Mann im Salz
Well, this film certainly caused a storm in the community. These fantastic captures come from Lanio and I'm sure I speak for us all when I say many, many thanks! Having not seen this film I'll let Lanio explain a little more.
"About 5 minutes after the witch burning scene, the hero of the story (who had to escape the inquisition because he shortened the suffering of the witch by throwing gunpowder into the fire) enters an open-air restaurant and when he watches someone roast a pig over a fire, he gets a flashback and remembers the witch burning. And only 2 minutes later, he runs out of the restaurant, sees another girl and, still captured in his memories, throws her down to the ground since he wants to "save" her from the (in this imaginary) stake. This shows another witch burning scene, but only for about five seconds, and imaginary within the movie but again very "vivid" for the audience".
On the evidence of the caps alone,  I'd stick my neck out and give this a ten - but I'll wait till BBB3.

I've finally got around to posting these caps (by Lanio I think) for this realistic German 3 part television epic based around the witchburning period. Having not seen the actual BATS scene it's difficult to describe what's going on, and even looking at the pics doesn't make thinks much clearer. One thing is for sure, the witches are burnt in a quite gruesome and realistic fashion with lots of shots from above the stake (quite a popular type of shot for modern BATS). As a side note, apparently during filming the stunt women were really burnt despite using fire retardent clothing.



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