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Shoguns 'Joy of Torture' (1968)  
Set in the Tokugawa (or Edo) period, the first in Teruo Ishii's Joys of Torture series opens with a montage portraying a succession of women being decapitated, burnt alive at the stake and torn in two by oxen. The film then adopts a portmanteau approach of three short stories which all culminate in lengthy torture sessions. Here's the burning scene in which the unfortunate woman is being burnt for the crime of arson. Pretty gruesome but included here for completeness (4/10)


Ave Maria  
 A Spanish-language film, "Ave Maria," about the mestizo daughter of a Spanish duke in New Spain who gets the Inquisition angry at her when she stands up for the natives. I don't know a great deal more a bout this, but some nice caps were sent a while back, and I really should have added them sooner (Sorry - S)


La Passion Beatrice (1987)  
"The Passion of Beatrice," a French-language film starring the lovely Julie Deppy (who alas is not the girl at the stake). Here the director not only knew his business, but didn't like the actress in question very much: she is securely bound and placed high above a slow fire that is burning with comparatively little smoke (where it counts, at her head-level).  The scene is quite moving (it was on YouTube but they took it down): she screams in a pitiful manner, her feet are shown charring in the flames, and at the end we see her shift catching fire. (6/10) Again, these caps remained in my archives for too long, so thanks again to the same contributor for giving me a well deserved kick up the ass to get them online ;)

Procès de Jeanne d'Arc (1962)  
" The Process of Joan of Arc - Black White movie about the process of Joan of Arc, featuring Florence Delay. Pretty good buildup with her way to the pyre, her bindings and finally the ignition of the pyre. Sadly no real screaming ... 5/10





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