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Der König der letzten Tage (The king of the ultimate days - aka A king for burning (1993)  
Many thanks for all those who mailed me regarding the title of this German TV mini series. By all accounts this is based on true events whereby anyone found guilty of not obeying the ten commandments would face torture and death this way. In this particular scene, it is the town Mayors daughter.  The cages used are still on display in the German town of Munster (which I have visited but didn't get around to seeing!) Doh



Lordi : It snows in hell (music video, 2007)  
I stumbled across this video a while ago, but only on youtube where the quality wasn't too good. I've since managed to get hold of a better copy and the caps are slightly better. Anyway - this is a decent BATS scene although no fire is lit. Our damsel is most pretty, and if I'm listening to the song lyrics correctly she is accused of being the devils daughter. The lead singer of Lordi rescues her in the end. She's very pretty and as a bonus, the song ain't bad either. (6/10)

The Lost Valley (1970)  
I found these caps I thought had been lost whilst doing a HDD tidy up. Many thanks to Rwodahs who originally took time to send them on.  It was released by MGM/UA and stars Michael Caine and Omar Sharif as the male leads and Brazilian actress Florinda Bolkan as the unfortunate witch who is burned.  In the film she actually is a witch and is not "innocent.". I've not seen the clip but she appears lifeless as hoisted into the flames.

Silent Hill (2006)  
We played the game and now we want to watch the movie....well, maybe the anticipated BATS scene. Another let down I'm afraid. The normally quite pretty Laurie Holden is more or less unrecognisable as the mature but pretty star she really is. Her character Cybil Bennet looks gruesome as she meets her gruesome fate. Not much of a BATS scene, and more a roasting - the caps are fairly off putting too, but I included it for historical reasons. Still...never mind, the rest of the film was great wasn't it ??? Errr....No. (3/10)





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