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The New Adventures of Robin Hood BBB1
Taken from the episode 'A Date with Destiny', this is a decent scene with our damsel tied to the stake on a platform. On lookers watch as the as evil 'witchy' woman casts a spell that send a thunderbolt from the sky to ignite the pyre. Some nice cleavage on show from this particularly pretty damsel (Christie Woods) and inevitably she's rescued. Still a good scene (7/10)

Inquisition BBB1
In this scene we see our damsel bravely tied to a large stake and pyre. Although her choice of outfit is a bit of a fashion disaster this is still a pretty good scene. We don't see much fire, but we do see her screaming and struggling as the flames begin to get close. No escape for this damsel I'm afraid to say. Quite good and cleverly edited to show only the woman BATS scene.  (6.5/10)

Mark of the Devil BBB1
There are two scenes in this film and neither of them could be regarded as traditional BATS - however, they are both still very good. In the first scene we see two damsels hoisted up by their arms and then slowly lowered feet first to their fiery doom. The second scene is similar but the girl in question is tied by both her arms and legs and lowered into the flames. Quite horrific as you get to see the damsels burning, but still an excellent set of scenes. (8/10)

Joan of Arc BBB1
There are lots of Joan of Arc films out there - many better than this, but the caps came out okay so I thought I'd include it. The most famous damsel at the stake of all time who went to the stake for her beliefs. Starring Ingrid Bergman this version shows quite a timid burning scene. (4/10) ** New DVD caps from SKG **

Elvira - Mistress of the Dark BBB1
I know this is a comedy but the burning scene (although a bit corny) is still good. We see the busty Elvira being condemned to burn as a witch by the unknowing townsfolk (she saves the town in the end). Tied to the stake, her fate is announced by the local Sheriff. Just as he's about to plunge the torch into the pyre, Patty (who hates Elvira) stops him. "Sheriff - what you're doing is wrong" she pronounces. Then with an evil grin finishes "it'll catch faster if you light it in several places!" and she lights the fire. Comedy but still good stuff. (7/10) * Added new DVD caps *



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