Here are a few snippets from various BATS movies. They are all saved as MP3 format so if you need an MP3 player then try downloading Winamp (it's free). The best way to hear the sounds is to right click and select the 'save as' option. Then select a location to save the file to. Enjoy.


Soundfile1 - The crowd scream out the judgment from the old B & W  flick 'Horror Hotel'
Soundfile2 - A short from 'Dracula Rising', the innocent Damsel accused of seducing holy men and is marched to the stake.
Soundfile3 - This witch willingly accepts the flames that will take her to her master and sets one final curse on her executioners. Taken from the movie 'Curse of the Devil'
Soundfile4 - The evil Gustav captures the innocent woodman's daughter as she tries to plead her innocence (unsuccessfully). Taken from 1970's classic horror 'Twins of Evil'
Soundfile5 - A daughter is tried as a witch (as was her mother before her). She is burned semi nude at the stake (hmmm). The title of the film is 'Demon Keeper'.
Soundfile6 - Great sample taken from Xena Warrior Princess where Gabrielle is taken prisoner, the evil Callisto cruelly turns to her guards and instructs them to "Burn Her!". Great stuff.
Soundfile7 - ** NEW ** Don Pheonix has created a wonderful sounding audio of a witch burning. Just close your eyes and let your imagination take over!