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StakeDamsels is for anyone
who finds burning at the stake, bondage and damsels in distress erotic

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For many years now both Hollywood and TV have seen the appeal of having a glamorous leading lady stuck in peril - whether it be tied to railway lines, or to a table waiting for the ever closer pendulum to swing down.
The damsel in distress will always have her place in the movies and TV because they are, and always will be extremely popular. Most follow the simple cast of : Villain, Damsel and Hero - who we all root for to save the day, and the idea of  a 'running out of time' scenario lends itself to dramatic 'just in time' rescues - ensuring audiences are kept on the edge of their seats. 

Out of all these set piece scenarios - the damsel tied to a stake has got to be one of the most thrilling and often spectacular. In this web site you'll find scans from actual movies, sound bites, information, pictures of damsels at the stake, celebrity damsels, stories, and a comprehensive links section. You'll also sometimes see Burning at the Stake shortened to 'BATS' throughout this site to make life a little easier for me (the phrase was originally thought up by Stakeburn). Please note that none of these pictures show any underage models or full nakedness. There is a small amount of nudity contained with-in this site so if your are offended then please leave. This site only deals with the fantasy element of burning at the stake and rescue and is certainly NOT a snuff site

All that remains for me to say is that I hope you enjoy it and maybe you'd like to share some of your thoughts or indeed pictures/stories then they'd be most welcome - as would any correspondence regarding this theme.



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