Welcome to the fantasy world of Burning at the Stake

Maybe you just stumbled here by accident, maybe you were just curious, whatever the reason please don't take it too seriously. Enjoy this web page for what it is - a celebration of damsels at the stake, and NOT a snuff related page. If any one has issues with any of the images posted here then please contact me with your concerns.

The first movie I ever saw with a beautiful damsel at the stake was Twins of Evil - a Hammer horror classic from the 1970's. Since then I have been fascinated with this theme and encouraged by others have set up this web site as a guide to films, TV, stories and links to anything connected to this theme. If this is not your 'thing' then just leave as easily as you arrived. Those still here - please enjoy your stay.
What's it all about then......

What kind of person enjoys this sort of thing ? 
This is a tough question and one that I feel I cannot express myself particularly well, but I'll try.
Firstly, I have to say that I am totally against real life burnings at the stake. The kind that were brutally carried out to thousands of innocent people in the 1600's. People being executed in such a cruel and unjust way is (I'm glad to say) now a thing of the past, but we'd do well to remember that this modern fantasy's roots lie directly in that horrible period of time. Most people who lost their lives in this era were often innocent of any crime and were given no proper right of speech or appeal.

 But let us also remember that this site is based purely on fiction and manipulation. I think for me that is the real beauty of it - knowing that pictures have been manipulated, films have used special effects, stories are just pure fiction. The knowledge that none of this is real allows us to enjoy it as an erotic fantasy. In the opening page I touched on TV and films using this scene to build dramatic tension and gripping finales. Film and TV makers have used this imagery for years now, and I suspect they will continue to use it for years to come, directly because of the erotic undertones of seeing a beautiful woman tied up and in mortal danger. 

As for Burning at the stake in particular it's not too difficult to see why this can be classed as erotic. For a start, there's always bondage of some sort in a BATS scene. The lady in question must be tied or chained to the stake. So much effort will go into making her the center of attention for such a scene, for example she will usually be tied above ground level, perhaps on some sort of platform, allowing everyone to gaze upon her. The pyre itself can often be a complicated mix of brush wood and 'pyramid' style log stacking. Once the pyre is lit, we have plenty of time to watch as the fire grows around our damsel at the stake. Will she be rescued - will she burn ? All of the time struggling frantically to free her self from the bonds that restrain her. The whole picture is a spectacular mix of horror and eroticism.
Some people like to see a rescue, some don't, but whatever your opinion you know at the end of the day that this is not real.

So to sum up. Enjoy (what is often though of as a dark fantasy) for whatever reasons you like. You may be just an all round guy/gal whose take on this is that you find it erotic or sexually stimulating. That's okay - you're not a 'weirdo' and you're not the only one either, I know many who share this fantasy too. Don't be ashamed of something that's a part of who you are - it's just that  you've chosen  to explore it - rather than ignore it.

Another point of view

I asked a good friend of mine (Oberon) who is also a BATS fan to try sum up his feelings in brief. I think he's done a better job than me so here it is.

Why burn women at the stake?  Why does this fantasy grip people so tightly, either as the executioner or as the victim? 

This is not just a web phenomenon.  The film industry has been using such images for years in their productions, and continues to do so, as you can see from the vidcaps shown on this site.  Nor is this a modern phenomenon.  Historians record that attendance at witch burnings was almost universal, the burnings being an occasion for entertainment and sociability, a break from the daily routine.

 I suspect that this particular fantasy is closely linked to the dark undercurrents that make Halloween as popular as it is.    The unknown is frightening, but it is also entrancing, and death is the greatest unknown of all.  But death is not only frightening; it can be erotic as well.  Perhaps it is based on our race’s drive to procreation for the survival of our species, but it has long been noted that sexual drive is enhanced by the nearness of danger and death.

 Add to this the pageantry, the public display, the almost ritual procedure of leading the frightened victim to the stake, of tying her to that instrument of execution, of pronouncing the death sentence, of lighting the fire; add to that the terror of the victim as the flames leap, and the futile struggle to escape her fate; mix in, from the viewpoint of the victim, the hundreds of eyes fixed upon her, her totally public helplessness, and you have a perfect recipe for a sexual fantasy.  It is not surprising, then, that often in such fantasies the woman to be burnt is naked, or nearly so.

 For some it may be public humiliation, for others total helplessness in the face of events, or the pageantry and drama involved.  For others yet, and according to studies this includes between ten and twenty percent of the population, sadomasochistic or bondage fantasies have a strong allure.  But for whatever reason, a surprising number of people, especially women, seem to entertain this fantasy of being burnt at the stake.

 It makes one hell of a Halloween party.