What's this page all about then you might ask. And well you might because I really don't know either, it's just a selection of bits and bobs (BATS and bobs ?) that didn't seem to fit any other part of the site. Hopefully you'll still find it quite interesting.


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BATS Wallpaper 1920 x 1200


Okay - I know a few people (including myself) have now upgraded to a nice big widescreen monitor, so here's a new wallpaper for RES 1920 x 1200. Enjoy

1920 x 1200 (right click and choose SAVE AS)


 I stumbled across this BATS animation at a pay site and asked the creator if he'd kindly let me display a demo of his fine work. After a nice reply I found his site contained more BATS imagery but he was unable to give me any freebies as the site is a joint co-operative with other people. However he did give me the full lo-res version of his animation, and here it is for you all to enjoy (right click the pic and choose 'save as'). I best warn you, it's quite graphic for an animation. 
Go direct to Frol at the main site : Erotic Peril (click here) 

Okay, I know Halloween may have passed us by, but how about this for a horny little costume ? Unfortunately when I went to the site they had all sold out, and I'm not sure how long this product will stay in their range. To check it out click the link below - or to get a better image of the costume in all of it's glory, click the thumb nail image.
Link to Web site (Wacky Planets)

BATS Wallpaper

What a great way to boot up your computer everyday and see this stunning Damsel fighting against the flames. Click on the required resolution and when loaded use 'save as' to save the picture to your computer. 

[800 x 600]

[1024 x 768]

[1280 x 1024]

Twins of Evil T-Shirt

Ever fancied showing the world that you're mad about BATS ? Probably not, but if you are then how about this stylish black and white T-shirt ? Now the real scene from Twins of Evil doesn't have nudity in it, but just to make it that little bit more sexy the  manufacturers have seen fit to undress our damsel. And what's wrong with that (hee hee). Click on the T-shirt or the title to go to the link.

Here's a atmospheric poem from a good friend of mine.

Ashes in the Rain

Dawn comes grey and cold
A windy, bone-chilling day.
Raindrops splat on warm grey ash
Left from a festival fire
Caking where the raindrops hit.
The shouts of celebration have died
The people are gone to their beds or their shops
The ashes will go with the rain. 

Evening comes grey and cold
At the end of a blood-chilling day.
Raindrops beat on hot grey ash
At the base of a black-charred stake
Caking where the raindrops hit.
The shouts of hate and fear have died
The people have gone to their homes and their beds
The ashes will go with the rain.

ęCopyright 1996 (Oberon)


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