Compiled here are some of my favorite TV and Movie Damsels at the stake. You'll also find details of the episode or movie the frames are from, and more importantly - if it's worth watching ! Most are screen captures so the quality isn't perfect, but there are a few gems of photo's in there too, and also some higher quality DVD caps. You'll also find a small DVD icon directing to a link if the title is available on DVD and also text to show if it's available on Stakeburner's video (either BBB1 or BBB2)

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Twins of Evil BBB1
Classic vampire/witch burning movie from the Hammer stable (1972). Stars Peter Cushing and features some decent scenes. The movie opens with a witch burning, and there are three others through out  the movie (the fourth doesn't count because the fire is never lit - shame). Can't be bad. There are some really nice photos for this one too and a couple of rare preproduction scans !(8/10)

Blood Ties BBB1
Modern day vampire film (1991). Stars the beautiful Michelle Johnson as the lovely damsel who is chained to a stake near the climax of the film. This is a really nice scene and the lighting of the pyre is very dramatic. Lots of shots of Michelle as she struggles against the flames (and a few shots of her boots surrounded by fire!) until her rescuers arrive. (9/10) ** New DVD Caps **

This is the first from two sets of scans from a movie called Merlin. Apparently the fire is from a Dragon - so this isn't really a BATS at all. I do know that the damsel at the stake gets rescued despite the caps suggesting otherwise. Many thanks to a good pal for allowing me to use these great caps. Can't rate it, as I haven't seen it.

Merlin (2nd burning scene) BBB2
This is the second burning from the same movie Merlin (starring Sam Neil).  I have seen the clip and the damsel is one of the prettiest i've ever seen. She is saved by the rainfall but the fire really gets going - difficult to imagine how a little rain could dampen such an inferno but hey, that's the movies for you. The caps (again by a good pal) are grabbed from DVD so are really clear.
A short scene, but well done with a stunning damsel. (8/10)

The Misadvertures of Fanny Starr BBB2
And now for something completely different ! W.A.V.E.  movies (see links) have been making Damsel movies and b-flick horror films on a low budget for a while now, and it was only a matter of time before our first burning damsel. This scene is really very cool. Although our damsels acting is in question, she still is very pretty and we see her stacked with pyre wood before the evil hooded executioner lights her up. Lots of struggling/close ups. Not bad at all - worth it for the 'cute' value. (7/10) (Sorry about the caps quality)

The Devonsville Terror BBB1
Now here's some essential viewing. There are two scenes in this movie from 1983, one is set back in the 1600's where townsfolk burn a suspected witch at the stake (see first set of scans). Back to present time the very pretty Suzanna Love's presence in the town brings the witches curse back to the town and the mob try to burn her too. The second burning fails but is still very watchable with lots of struggling against the stake. Decent effects make these scenes very realistic and worth watching. (9/10). ** Updated caps. I've deleted the TV caps and replaced with DVD quality **


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