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Pyromaniac BBB2
This isn't  really a BATS scene, but it does involve a helpless damsel tied to a wire butterfly frame. A trail of gasoline has been laid across the ground and just as her hero tries to rescue our fair maiden the bad guys turns up to light the trail. Will she escape in time ? Will she go up in flames ? Tune in next week to find out (or just read the next line !!).  
Well, yes - she escapes but just in the nick of time. This is still a good scene. (7/10)

The Witching BBB1
I don't know a great deal about this flick, except that it's from 1972 and stars Orson Welles no less! Anyway, the chick at the stake is actually burnt alive naked (although it's hard to tell from the caps). This scene is so short Ralphus kindly re-runs some of the footage to make it last a bit longer for your viewing pleasure. If it was longer, then a higher mark. As it stands...(6/10) 

Terror BBB2
This is an obscure, hard-to-find film from 1979 that I don't know much about, other than the BATS scene is actually a movie that a film crew is shooting within the actual movie. A young witch is dragged to the stake and burnt - it's quite brutal and like most BATS scenes, quite short. Still it's another witch less to worry about. (7/10)

The Touch of Satan BBB2
AKA: The Touch of Melissa; Night of the Demon; Curse of Melissa. Wow. For all of that the burning scene is decent enough - although there are some awful errors in the filming. We see our Damsel totally engulfed in flames and in the next shot the flames are just leaping near her. Still, as a BATS spectacle it's not too bad (apparently the film is a right turkey though). (6.5/10)

Valerie and her Week of Wonders BBB2
This film not only has an odd title (maybe the Czeck translation) but the BATS scene is also a little weird. Our damsel (Valerie I presume) volunteers herself from the crowd and is promptly tied to the stake in preparation for her burning. She then however, begins to tease her executioner and makes jokes at his expense. The band play as the pyre is lit and Valeries week comes to a fiery close. A good scene, quite realistic, if a little strange (8/10)
Kull the Conqueror BBB2
I can't really say why, but I really like this scene. You get a lovely view of the prettiest damsel being tied to the stake (very bravely), the pyre is quite big and the whole scene is surrounded by townsfolk looking on. Just as the fire is about to be lit, our hero springs into action as the rest of his gang fight off further attacks and try to release the girl. But the fire catches from a fallen torch and she faces an agonizing last minute rescue just a the flames are about to take hold of her dress. Great ! (9/10) - New DVD caps added (many thanks to Rwodahs)



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