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Fabiola (1949)  
The first of the big Italian spectacle movies, this one opened the door for a flood of low-budget imitators. Fabiola, the daughter of a Roman senator, becomes a Christian when her father's Christian servants are accused of murdering him. In the meantime, the Emperor Constantine speeds toward Rome to convert it to Christian status. You can bet plenty of Christians will lose their heads, be thrown to the lions and generally burn at the stake before he does. I've very kindly been sent a copy of the film now, and although the print is poor I've managed to add some new caps. The middle caps show a girl staked to the ground as wood pyre is lit - different! Anyway cheers matey ;) (5/10)


Unknown Movie  
I remember seeing this the first time and it was quite unique (although I only had 2 poor quality photo's). I was torn as to whether is could be real or a film. Well, since then some better caps have been found by Boilerplant and posted to the fembats group (Cheers!), so I thought I'd put them up in the hope someone could come along with a name.  The pictures themselves put me in mind the scene from 'Crimal Woman Report : Edo Inquisition Torture'. If you know anything or have more caps then please let me know.
Someone kindly posted these new caps of this movie to a group, but unfortunately we still do not know the title of the film.


Witchtorture 3 (Sir X productions)  
For those of you who don't know, Sir X is a very talented artist who specialises in Witch Torture themes. As well as WT III there are two more instalments and you can see a preview of the latest movie at
The video features a lot of well filmed torture scenes (if that's your interest). However, I was only interest in the BATS scene at the close of the film. I have to say it's very well done considering it's not a big Hollywood blockbuster with unlimited budget. Three witches are burnt and you get to see the process of them being chained to the stake along with lots of shots of the ceremony. The BATS scene is quite short, but none the less, pretty well done. In one short scene you'll see fire rising from both sides of the pyre and it's very realistic. The scene is short but well done, and a trailer is available showing a taste of the film on the website linked above. On a personal note, well done to Sir X.  (8/10)
Production issue promo shot >>    


The Witch - Brutal Violence / Funny BDSM productions  
I really liked the look of this mini movie (only available as download on line) from Brutal Violence and joined the site purely for this scene. The clip spans three scenes, and at the end of the third you get a very shorts BATS scene. There are other torture/forced sex scenes throughout the short, and it's pretty well put together for a BDSM site production (dubious acting though). The 'witch' is pretty enough and there is a roaring fire, but you only see it for seconds. A shame as I think they could have expanded the scene to show her being tied, etc. Here's a link to their site where you can peruse this and other videos. (6/10)




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