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Buffy the Vampire Slayer BBB2
These scans are taken from the episode entitled 'Gingerbread'. In it we see Buffy, Willow and Amy  tied to stake by their paranoid parents!. Amy uses her powers to escape leaving just Buffy and Willow to burn. It's a decent enough scene, the pyre is not wood but books from the library. They do get rescued but not before some nice shots of them both squirming at the stake.(7/10)

These scans are taken from an episode called 'Safe' which was just recently aired (Sept 02). I was tipped off about this episode but unfortunately it doesn't hot up enough (i.e. there is no fire lit). The girl in question (called River) is accused of being a witch but just before the fire is lit she is saved by her crew. Shame as she's very pretty. Overall, a bit of a let down. (4/10)

Charmed (2nd BATS scene)
Now this is more like it. Unfortunately I only have a few caps from this episode (kindly posted to the Fembats group - thank you) entitled 'Witch Way Now' which is a shame as it's a really good scene. The girls turn up to try and save their pal but when they get to the scene the fire is allready well alight and their powers are useless. A fight ensues and finally a dramatic rescue (not before her dress begins to catch!). Very nice ! (8/10)

Passions BBB2
Firstly - well done Ralphus for capturing this ultra rare scene from the soap 'Passions'. Well done also because this is a really good scene (if a little corny). Students are staging a school play about Thanksgiving. Our damsel is 'Charity' who plays the part of the witch only to have a real fire lit under the stage by an evil old woman which ignites the pyre around her. Very drawn out but still a great scene. (9/10) 

Charmed (1st BATS scene) BBB2
These scans are taken from the Charmed episode 'Morality Bites' and feature the beautifull Alyssa Milano being burnt as a witch is a slightly odd fashion. There's no fire wood as the fire is controlled through gas vents that shoot up the flames to the burn the victim. Decent special effects for this short scene and something a little different from the norm.. (6/10)

Jungle Girl BBB2
Although this isn't strictly a BATS scene, it's in B & W and from 1941, it's still a really neat scene. We see Frances Gifford tied up and left to dangle over a roaring fire pit. Just in time our heroes come to the rescue. Inspired by The Land of Hidden Men, by Edgar Rice Burroughs, published in Blue Book magazine, 1929.(7/10)



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