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Jehanne la Pucelle les batailles/les prisons (1992/93)  
Joan the Maid: The Battles & The Prisons - A 2 part movie about the life of Joan of Arc, with Sandrine Bonnaire as Jeanne d'arc (4/10)


The passion of Joan Of Arc (1928)  
 A One early Joan of Arc Movie, staring Maria Falconetti. The burning consists mainly of screenshots of her face twisting in agony. (3/10)


Joan the Woman (1917)  
" Geraldine Farrar as Joan of Arc. (4/10)

Saint Joan (1957)  
" Jean Seberg as Joan of Arc. Pretty good special effects for the time (flames leap up and seem really to touch her). (7/10)

Hepzibah (2009)  
Originally spotted by Don Pheonix, another quality BATS scene on Germany TV. Here's Don's summary:
"A cute girl makes her living as a herbs woman. If people get sick they go to her, if they are in love with someone that does not share their feelings, they go to her, and she helps them with advises or a potion. Well, some guy from the village fell in love with the witch, but another girl wants him, and so accuses the other woman of witchcraft and ensures that she gets burned at the stake. She really seems to enjoy watching the burning (Screenshot 5,9,15) of her rival. The scene is actually a flashback (an other girl 500 years in the future reads in an old diary what happend in the village). Don rates this as a 6, but I'll go for 7/10 becuase the girl is so cute. As with all BATS scenes, you'll be lucky to get 30 seconds of action on this one.
Thanks to Don for the original caps and here's a couple of extra caps from the original web site of the show.  



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