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Fall of the Roman Empire
An old movie staring Sophia Lorne about the downfall of the roman empire. In the End various barbarians and the hero and his girlfriend are sentenced to be burned alive, but Cesar gives the hero a chance in single combat and looses. With his dying breath he gives the command to burn the barbarians and the pyre is set on fire. Despite the chains the hero comes just in time to save his girlfriend, but let the other barbarians burn. (6/10)


Smallville Season 4 Episode 8 : Spell
This episodes begins with a flashback to the dark ages of France where three woman were sentenced to be burned at the stake for witchcraft. While two of them (at the stake) are in distress, the leader of the witch coven uses her dark book to bind their souls so to be resurrected later. She laughs at the others while the flames burn her and her companions. (7/10)


Joan of Arc - Child of War. Soldier of God.
A 2005 TV production documentary about the life of Joan of Arc. Some of these photos are pre-production with cameras and microphones booms clearly visible on screen. We await the release of the finished version to see how effective the burning scene will be. (Not seen, not rated)



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