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Witchfinder General (AKA The Conqueror Worm) BBB1
Vincent Price plays the evil witchfinder general in this release from 1968. In this particular scene there is a change to the normal 'format' of burning at the stake. Instead the victim (Elizabeth) is tied to a raised ladder and then slowly lowered into the flames. Quite a horrific scene, very well filmed for the time. (7/10)

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Xena - Warrior Princess ('episode Return of Callisto') BBB2
After taking Gabrielle prisoner, the evil Callisto captures Xena and forces her to watch as she prepares to burn Gabrielle at the stake. At the last moment, however, Joxer appears and distracts Callisto long enough for Xena to retrieve her and escape her bonds. Nice scene if a little short, with a beautifully delivered line from Callisto as she turns to her guards and calmly instructs them to "Burn her!" (7/10)

The Art of Dying BBB1
I don't really know a great deal about this movie but the scene revolves around a crazy guy filming the burning of a pretty young damsel (what's wrong with that ?) whilst her 'rescuer' is made to watch cinema style. The fire never gets going despite that fact the there's lots of gasoline and a torch present. An okay scene from a recent release (1991).  (6/10)

Barbie-Q BBB1
Here's something I've always fancied doing myself. Poor Barbie finds herself bound and gagged at the stake by the cruel StakeBurner, and what's more he's gonna film her burning  - hee hee. You can find this scene on StakeBurner's BURN BABY BURN videos and it's actually not bad. I expected Barbie to go up quite quickly but dispelling the theory that kids toys burn too easily, she doesn't ! (6.5/10)

Ivanhoe (mini series) BBB2
Stars actress Susan Lynch as the beautiful damsel in peril. I do know that although the fire never gets lit, this is still a nice scene, with the damsel in question being very pretty indeed. One nice touch that I like is before she is taken to the stake she's told that they'll be using beach wood to burn her - very little smoke - her purification  is in the the agony of the flames! Shame we never get to witness it.(7/10)

I've Been Waiting For You BBB2
An NBC production made for TV in 1998. The caps for this aren't particulary good despite the decent quality source. I think it has something to do with the filming style (very frantic). Anyway, this is a good scene if a little short. The damsel is pretty and she's quickly fastened to the stake and burnt. There are a few errors in this because from afar she seems totally ablaze but then we see close ups of her horrified face. Still a good scene.(7/10)


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