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Poltergiest - The Legacy BBB2
These caps are taken from the episode entitled 'Town without Pity'. Two damsels are tied to the stake in this one - one gets saved and the other gets BATS whilst her friend watches on. The evil executioner throws the torch onto the pyre and we see the burning from above and close up. It's a really good scene with good special FX. (8/10)

The Pit and the Pendulum BBB1
Apart from a nice pyre and stand I find little to recommend this BATS scene (from the 1990 re-make of the original). Maybe it's just me, but I'm not a huge fan of strangulation before being tied to the stake. It does make for rather spoilt entertainment. Anyway, the witch in this film is rather ugly. Sorry - this one's not for me. (3/10)

Horror Hotel BBB1
On winter break a young college student travels to New England to do some research into Witchcraft, and, on one of her professor's recommendations, stays in a small hotel run by the spirit of an undead witch. Soon, she finds that rest of the hotels borders are witches as well and that she is about to become their annual Candalmas Eve sacrifice. Decent enough scene (although the witch being burnt is quite ugly) despite being in B & W. (6/10)

Criminal Women Report: Edo Inquisition Torture BBB2
Okay, firstly these scans show a bit of nudity (not full). I wasn't going to publish them but this scene is good so I felt I had to really. In it we see a lovely Japanese woman tied inside of a basket surround by hay. This is certainly a different kind of scene but it's very realistic with good special effects. Again, it's almost a shame she doesn't survive but as soon as the hay is lit you know she's a goner. Short scene but a good one.(8/10) Added DVD quality caps

Hawkeye (mini series) BBB2
Now who would miss an opportunity like this? Lynda Carter at the stake is about to be burnt by a bunch of Indians. The fire is lit and we see her struggle against the stake until she's freed by a dramatic rescue involving the hero of the moment throwing a tomahawk,  releasing the rope from around her wrists. Lynda is still looking stunning although I'd have preferred to see her at the stake in her wonder woman costume :) (7/10) 

Hercules BBB2
These scans are taken from the episode 'Two men and a Baby' and show the gorgeous Kimberley Joseph burning at the stake courtesy of the even prettier 'Discord'. Of course Hercules comes to the rescue but we do see some nice shots of Kim squirming away from the flames complete with fabulous cleavage. Short, but oh so sweet. (8/10)


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