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Joan of Arc (mini series) BBB2
These caps (provided by a friend direct from DVD) are from the mini series first aired in the USA starring Leelee Sobieski. This is certainly one of the better Joan of Arc versions of the many that have been made - a good watch. As regards the final burning of Joan, it is also very close to what you'd image the real scene to have been like. The special effects are very good showing Joan burnt from overhead. (7/10)

Camelot BBB1
This is quite a 'romantic' angle for a BATS scene. We see the woman kiss a priest and willingly go to the stake, allowing  herself to be tied to it while the guards busy themselves preparing the pyre. Just before the executioner plunges the torch into the pyre her saviours arrive (heralded by much trumpet playing with-in the film score). In a desperate attempt to fulfil his duty the executioner lights the pyre but her rescue is almost immediately after. (7/10) 

Head of the Family BBB1
Tongue in cheek horror starring Jacqueline Lovell as probably the prettiest damsel of them all. Stripped of her clothes at the stake she is prepared for burning while her partner watches on. The fire is lit, but thankfully one of the bad guys has the common sense to save this beauty before any damage is done. The scene's okay - extra points for a stunning and completely naked damsel. (8/10)

Dark Knight
Here's one I've never heard of before. The series follows Ivanhoe's epic quest to restore King Richard to the throne and bring peace to England. This particular episode is entitle 'King of the Woods' and stars the lovely Charlotte Comer as 'Rebecca', our damsel at the stake. As mentioned I haven't seen this hence the few caps, but it doesn't look like the fire is ever lit. Unless someone can tell me different that is.

The Messenger BBB2
Milla Jovovich stars as Joan in another accurate portrayal of this famous story. To be honest I wasn't going to show this one, as it's very graphic and highly horrific. There aren't many caps but what there is show the full horror of BATS with some amazing special effects. If nothing else is shows how brave St. Joan really was, enduring such pain for her beliefs. A short scene, and thankfully so. (Don't want to rate it)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
A cartoon ? Well, yes. Again I think I put this in because I had a few caps. The captures are taken from the DVD except for the last two. Many thanks again to the original supplier for them.

Gory Gory Hallelujah
I always knew there was one good reason to get into amateur dramatics, and this is it. A movie/play featuring a BATS scene. The main reason I'm putting this in is because I think the picture is really cute and the play looks lots of fun. Click HERE for the web site. There's also a trailer of the movie with a brief glimpse of the BATS scene.


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