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Mylene Farmer - Beyond my control
Mylene Farmer is a French music artist who is pretty unknown outside France. She has released some very nice videos which are almost like mini-movies (very good camera, costumes, cuts, special effects and even a long credit line) which are available on DVD. Some of these clips feature nudity, blood, and violence and has caused problems with censorship on some TV stations. The clip "Beyond my control" features her burning at the stake, while her boyfriend (?) watches her burning whilst recounting making love to an other woman (very symbolic). Later there are some scenes with wolves tearing flesh apart and a few vampire scenes. The burning scenes are all quite short, but feature quite often with plenty of struggling and moaning (9/10)


Hexen - Mythos, Kult, Aberglaube
A German documentary about medieval and modern witchcraft. Featuring various re-enactments of all stages of a dark age Witch trial, including the burning of two woman. While one woman's' spirit is broken, the red haired woman is seen struggling and screaming (to no avail). The scene is pretty long (although cheaply made) has a nice atmosphere and good acting. (7/10)


Henker / Headsman - Shadow of the Sword
Henker is a pretty high budget multi country European production about the fate of a mercenary who marries the daughter of a headsman in a time of religious crisis. He does not want to become a tool of the church and finds himself and soon finds himself and his family in front of an inquisition tribunal. Three of the images are high res promotion photos, taken by "Petro Domenigg/" and the last one is a screenshot from the trailer. Rumours suggest the girl is rescued even before the pyre is lit, but still very nice images. (Not seen, not rated)


Shin syokoku monogatari - Nanatsuno Chikai - Gaisennka no maki
A Japanese movie where two woman are tied to a cross and about to be burned when the fighting begins. (Not seen, not rated)


Unknown Japanese Movies
Some screenshots from various unknown Japanese movies were woman are burned at the cross (not seen, not rated)



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