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Stargate Season 9 Episode 2: Avalon Part 2
Not a classical stake burning, but a nice variation. Vallar is tied to an alter which has engraved lines in which slowly a burning liquid flows down to reach her. For an primetime TV production it is pretty cruel and shows much more than the usual. Contains some very good special effects. (8/10)


The Clearing
An old Russian movie about the dawn of the Christian religion. The movie opens with the burning of Fiofanias Mother, a healer, while her daughter must watch helpless - later in the movie the village people also suspect her as to be a witch who is responsible for some weird murders, and want to burn her. Instead of a stake they lock her in a wooden hut and set it on fire, but she can escape. (6/10)


Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne
Literally translated "Divine Thief Jeanne" - A Japanese cartoon series (target audience - young girls) about a high school girl who fights against demons who posses art and various other stuff. Later in the series we also learn that she is a reincarnation of Joan of Arc, including her trial and burning. (7/10)


Sins of the Flesh (U.S. title)
Again a Japanese video, this time aimed at a more mature audience. It is about a medieval artist who fell in love (or is it only lust) with a cute village girl named Michaela. At the end of the video she is convicted as a witch and burned at the stake (nude). The scene itself is not very good, you just see the flames change the colour of the crowd, hear her scream, than her face in the fire with a long shot  of the burning stake. (5/10)

Note: Beware of the German version (cover scan below) of this DVD - The Picture/quality is more than poor, it is heavily cut and the dubbing is awful.



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