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Curse of the Devil BBB1
This film from 1973 must be quite rare as I've never heard of it. The film opens during Medieval times, with King Daninsky battling and ultimately defeating the leader of a witches covent. The last member of the covent, the leader's wife, is tied to a stake to be burned alive. Before dying she curses the king, promising that his future offspring will live a "hell on earth." (see sound section). A decent enough burning scene. Since seeing the orginal, I have now capped some DVD scans from Ralphus's BBB1 disc and she looks a lot prettier in better quality (7/10) (New DVD caps)

Sword of Lancelot BBB1
Another tale based on Camelot from 1963. I have to say that this is a great scene. Our Damsel at the stake (Jean Wallace) looks at any minute to about to orgasm as the fire is lit. Some greats shots at the stake and some decent special effects (for the time) with a huge pyre. She's rescued of course, but not before plenty of writhing and moaning at the stake. (9/10)

Forever Knight BBB1
About serial killer preying on young women who all attend the same church. The episode is titled 'For I have Sinned' and features the gorgeous Maria del Mar as the damsel condemned to burn at the stake. Sorry about the caps, as this one is quite dark and frantically filmed so my TV Card didn't pick out the action to well. I've since added some caps from a slightly better copy, but they are still quite poor. I beleive there are some flashbacks to a Joan of Arc reference whilst at the stake (hence the cap of the completely different looking woman). A nice scene all the same, ends in a dramatic rescue from the burning pyre. (7/10)

Click : The Calender Girl Killer BBB1
This is an odd BATS scene. A guy dressed as a woman, a pretty Damsel at the cross, and our hero! Well no-one said BATS was ordinary. Some nice shots of our Damsel at the stake during a fight scene in which the fire gets lit. The Damsel is rescued in the film but if you're watching it on BURN BABY BURN the scene is craftily edited to make it look like she goes up in smoke - neat !. (7/10)

Dracula Rising BBB1
No doubting the outcome of our Damsel (played by Stacey Travis) in this flick - she bravely burns alive whilst her loved one watches on in horror.  Very pretty lady and a bit of a shame she has to perish. This is a real 'modern' horror movie from 1993 - hence the burning scene is meant to be frightening and quite horrific. (8/10)
Added ** 31/12/04 All new DVD caps , see below **




Daughters of Satan BBB1
The story behind this film is a man sees a painting of three witches being burnt at the stake of which the middle lady looks just like his wife. He buys the painting but with it he buys himself a stack of troubles (although I bet his wife was most pleased with the present !!!). The burning scene manifests itself as a dream to him and is quite good, with lots of flames and smoke. Apparently though, the film is god-awful. From 1972 starring Tom Selleck (Magnum P.I. no less). (7/10)

Just been reminded about this great still that was kindly sent to me a while back, and duly added it.



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