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Okay. You've seen to caps - you may have listened to some of the audio clips - but to get the ultimate BATS experience you have to purchase two very special videos. Brought to you by both BURN BABY BURN 1 and volume 2 are essential purchases for any BATS fan. Featuring well over 70 scenes from TV/Movie and rare sources, I heartily recommend this unique opportunity to see almost every BATS scene ever filmed. What's more, all of these clips have been carefully edited so that the scenes you watch are pure stake burning action with all unnecessary bits removed to further your enjoyment and viewing pleasure. Very reasonably priced at $29 each (or $50 for both volumes) you'll never get a better opportunity to see this many damsels at the stake in two videos. To go to the site click here or on either picture.

Time for a bit of fun. This is a really atmospheric black and white BATS picture, with all other by-standers 'edited' out leaving this extremely pretty lady all on her own. If anyone can think of a better/funnier caption for this or any other BATS related photo then send it to me. Click on the thumbnail to see it full size. This is just a casual reminder that this site doesn't take itself too seriously ! :)

Burning at the Stake - re-enactments

If you've lived for a while with this fantasy deeply rooted inside you, then no doubt you will have (at some time) considered the possibility of actually being burnt at the stake. It goes without saying that nobody wants to really burn at the stake, but you'd still like to enjoy the thrill of the stake and the flames without any of the accompanying danger/pain. The first step is to have a consenting adult partner willing to either be the burner, or the burnee. This is often a huge obstacle to overcome but if you approach it the correct way then you may well surprise yourself. For a start, don't go barging in with talk of witch burning and fires - a little gentle bondage and talk of damsels in distress being a big 'turn on' is perhaps the way to go. Tell your partner you'd love to see them in this role, with yourself as the villain and good guy, saving the day (and getting appropriate reward!! :).As discussed earlier, Damsels in distress are proven to be a big turn on for many people and your partner may well feel the same. 

From there on in you can satisfy your fantasy without a match being struck, if you're willing to use a bit of imagination. Just talking about it can be surprisingly erotic. Tell your partner what you plan to do to them, how, why and when. Make up a fantasy story to suite both of your needs. Dim the lights, make love and perhaps play out your fantasy between the sheets. Gauge his/her reaction to this and don't over do it - just remember to try and make it romantic rather than horrific.

So you've maybe tried this, and the he/she has been receptive to this idea. Well I know that people have and do safely re-enact BATS scenes with willing partners (see caps) but safety is a paramount issue here. I'm sorry to say that personally I haven't experienced this and therefore know not how best to advise you. I do know that fire is dangerous and smoke even more so, so please look into this closely before attempting anything. I'd fully recommend Stakeburn's site that has a special D.I.Y. (Do it Yourself) section devoted to this topic. Click here for a direct link to that page.

Which ever way you decide to fulfill your fantasy, whether it be through fantasy or re-enactment, please remember to play safe in BOTH areas. Don't make your witch burning fantasy your only turn on - and don't pressure your partner into something he/she does not want to do. If they just aren't interested then you'll just have to accept that and get on with it.
I hope this helps at least get you thinking about real/fantasy BATS. If anyone has ever attempted a BATS scene and would be willing to share their thoughts on this issue then please contact me. Thank you.
(These scans are taken from the first BURN BABY BURN video and depict a fantasy re-enactment between two consenting adults)


This could be you !

Okay then - you'd love to see yourself at the stake being burnt, but you either have no willing partner to share this fantasy with, or you're not suited to the idea of a re-enactment. So what do you do ?

Well, there is one option left open to you. You could get to grips with a photoshop type package and set about learning how to manipulate images to make up a BATS scene with you as the star !

Manipulation isn't too difficult IF you have the correct type of picture to start with, and a suitable photo image package. With the onset of the digital revolution you may find yourself in possession of a digital camera which is ideal to pose an exact position to copy and paste to a stake and pyre. Even if you just have a facial picture, that can often be enough to alter a previous manipulators image to suite your own needs.
However, camera's and software can be quite expensive - and that's before you set aside the time to learn how to use them both. As a last resort you could send them to me. I can't guarantee I'll be able to do them but if your heart is set on seeing yourself in a BATS scenario then I'll give it a go. One thing you'll need to know is that I don't do any nude stuff - and please don't abuse this offer with pictures of models, etc. Also try and send a photo with the appropriate facial expression (smiling at the stake just doesn't work !). If you really want a nude shot I  do know someone who is very good with that (and very trusting too). It also helps to describe what kind of BATS scene you'd like too. All pictures will be sent in absolute confidence and will NOT be displayed or released into public domain unless permission is given to do so.

And finally.........

Many thanks to the following people; Buettel, Stakeburn, for all their superb contributions to the scene in the form of their excellent web sites.
Also thanks to all the contributors (past and present) from Fembats -
TNH, Shenck, Mad Viking, DedHeather, Feder Fechter, Fireboots, SKG, Frank (at www.Limited, Alex, and all others for their stories, manips, and banter.
And special thanks for all their hard work and contributions to
Ralphus and Oberon without whose help this site would not have been possible. Not only with information and manipulations, but also with their input and testing of the site. What would I have done without these guys ?


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