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Part 3 -- All Hope Goes Up In Flame

"The flames are leaping chaotically, following my body wherever I try to move to in what little room this bonds leave me to manoeuvre in. The pain in my feet is akin of a thousand needles pushed violently and repeatedly into my flesh.

I am so afraid. My heart pounds wildly in my chest. I feel a massive scream building up inside my body. My lungs filled with burning smoke, even screaming is agony in itself, however inevitable, in some vain hope that it will relieve the pain. Aaaaaaaaahhhh, aaaaaahhhh... aaaaaahhh.

I scream and I scream, as loudly as my lungs will allow me to, but the pain intensifies with every passing moment. I want it to end, please god, just let it end now.

A million thoughts race through my head as if they were trying to escape my burning body. Muscles clench as the flames smoulder away my flesh.

I curse the creature that is doing this to me. I curse this plain where this evil act is happening. I curse every power in nature and beyond for letting this take place. I curse the element for the pain it causes and I curse this body for writhing in endless and overpowering agony.

Anything to escape, anything for this to end, any way. I don't want to be alive in this body. Let my soul fly and my consciousness fade. Let this body be consumed by the flames and let this end. This must end.

I cannot take this any longer. I must die. I must. Now. I struggle and squirm, the ropes hold me and the flames embrace me. I burn and I keep burning. I must fade. Please let me fade.

There, I can see it now! The heat of the flames is becoming a comfortable warmth, and my screams are becoming more distant by the moment. The world around me is turning black, and I am left floating in a warm emptiness, weightless, and without pain.

There is a light, but it is not mine to behold. Not yet. There is something I have to do first. I turn around and see a hazy monochrome version of my still burning body far in the distant. Surrounding it are pale versions of the trees that make up the forest near which I was burned.

I make my way towards it. Revenge will be had and it will be terrible..."

(The End. For now.)

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