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Part 1 -- I, Witch

"It has come to this... My life is to be snuffed out by flames. On this beautiful day I shall take my last breaths and they shall be the choking vapours of my burning body.

Tied to this tree which will share my fate. Yet more bonds are to restrain me, lest they burn too quickly.

My life is to end... Will that realisation sink in suddenly? My breast rises abruptly as my lungs gasp desperately for air.

What am I to be more afraid of — death, and what comes after, or the burning, the excruciating pain that I will undoubtedly be subjected to?

There is nowhere to run and this is not a dream. I am tied to this tree and soon I am to burn as a witch. Will I plead for my life?

I want to cry but my eyes are devoid of tears and dry in anticipation of the flames.

Nngh, my bonds don't move, struggle is useless. How ironic that it should have come to this. Could I have avoided it? To what end?

There is the wood that shall be the instrument of my demise. I'm very afraid now. Not of death but of the fire, of the scorching flames that will lash my body. Will I pass out before the pain? Or from the pain?

There is my captor. A witch in her own right. She will pay for this. This is not over. I will be back and then she shall suffer my pain tenfold!

Oh my god, I will die today..."




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