This page was retrieved using Waybackmachine after the sad demise of Stakeburn's BATS site. It is presented here without any alteration to the original text, and with only the page navigation icons removed. The page still remains the copyright of Stakeburn, and is presented here only for historical purposes (originally I did have a link direct to the page, but the site does not exist anymore). If you are reading this, then you clearly have an interest in doing a BATS re-enactment. I would emphasize exactly the original comments made by Stakeburn that safety is paramount, and that you should only do this with a consenting partner. Again, this site (stakedamsels) accepts no responsibility for the use of these instructions.


The following instructions were sent to me by a friend of this site in good faith and are presented as a way of fullfilling our fantasy in a safe way. Burning at the stake is our fantasy. It is not real. If you are lucky enough to find a young woman who will 'play the part' for you, take the instructions below very seriously.

This web site excepts no responsibility for the uses that are made of these instructions. Remember, safety is everyone's responsibility.

Burning young women at the stake is actually quite a widespread fantasy for many men. The juxtaposition of sex and death, together with bondage-style restraints, is a definite turn-on. Like hanging, burning at the stake has an increasing number of people discussing the subject on the internet-swapping pictures and stories about the fantasy.

But unlike hanging, burning at the stake is something most of us probably feel cannot ever be indulged in for real. We probably feel that the fantasy will only remain just that-a fantasy. Well, yes and no. Of course no one actually wants to be burned at the stake for real, at least not 'all the way'. But there is a relatively safe way to indulge the fantasy with a willing partner that ought to satisfy anyone.

First of all, you will need to find the right place. Somewhere out of the way where you will not be interrupted. You certainly don't want to both have to explain what you're up to when some nosy parker interrupts. So somewhere out in a quiet spot in the country is probably a safe bet. There are many quiet and seldom-visited spots at the end of country lanes, and if you go off to the side of the road any distance, you should be safely out of sight. A lightly wooded area is probably best, to hide any smoke. Make sure there is no flammable material in the area you intend to erect the stake-we don't want to start a forest fire, do we?

The actual stake can be purchased at any lumber yard - a round length of wood similar to a telephone pole is probably best. You want it thin enough that your partner's arms can be tied behind it, but sturdy enough to remain firmly upright though the proceedings. Make sure it's as smooth as possible-nothing spoils the mood as much as a splinter in you beloved at the height of her excitement.

You will obviously need several lengths of stout rope-half inch should do it. Make sure it's proper hemp and not nylon, which can chafe very badly (and melt). Three lengths of around six feet each for the waist, upper thighs and ankles should do, and another length of slightly thinner rope for her hands.

As for the wood for the pyre, that's probably best determined by your own individual circumstances. I know all the movies show bundles of long kindling tied at each end, stacked up around the victim, but do you have any idea how much work is involved in finding that sort of wood and preparing it? Just buy a couple of loads of firewood, you can probably get then relatively cheaply in the countryside. Get enough wood that you can make a pyre about three or four feet high around the stake, but spread out so you get a reasonably flattened pyramid. You don't want the wood to be piled up so high that it catches easily.

If you and your partner feel like dressing up, I suppose traditional dress would be a monk's habit for you, and a long white dress with long sleeves for your lady. I would suggest heavy jeans underneath the dress, and boots. And make sure the dress is as non-flammable as possible. Despite the precautions we're about to take, there are going to be sparks, and we don't want to give them anything to catch on.

Okay, transport all this stuff to the selected spot (you may have to hire a van) and get ready. Use a post-hole digger to prepare a hole for the stake. Three or so feet should provide a good solid base so the stake won't move. The height of the stake should be such that it protrudes just above your partner's head when she is tied to it. So, if three feet of it is going to be underground, three feet will be covered by the pile of wood, your partner is around six feet, um, yeah around thirteen feet ought to do it. You may have to tie it to the roof of the van.

Erect the stake in the hole, and pack the dirt firmly around it, so that it stands up straight and solid. Then pile the firewood around it in a flattened pyramid shape. You might like to put up a small stool directly in front of the stake for you partner to stand on. For best effect, put a few firelighters at regularly spaced intervals under the firewood. It takes forever to get wood going without some help, believe me.

Now prepare the wood for maximum safety. Get a large tank of water, and sprinkle it liberally over the wood closest to the stake. Make sure the wood on the outside of the pyre is dry, we want that to burn, but ensure that the wood that the young woman will be standing on top of is soaked. Be generous with the water, make sure it soaks right through. Also at this point make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy, and a garden hose if one is available.

You and your partner should agree on a 'safeword'. If she uses the safeword at any stage in proceedings, it means the game is OVER, and you are to release her IMMEDIATELY and WITHOUT QUESTION. Make it something easy to remember, like "Yellow" or "Game Over". Your partner's safety and comfort are absolutely paramount, and if she feels she is in control of the situation and can end it at her discretion, you will both avoid anxiety and have much more fun.

Okay, the safety procedures have been explained, the fire extinguisher is ready, you have agreed on a safeword, perhaps you are both in costume - okay now indulge your fantasies. Drag that young girl to the stake, tie her tightly to it so she can't escape, explain what is about to happen to her, and then light the pyre and watch as the flames begin to crackle and the girl struggles helplessly against her bonds. If you have done everything correctly, your young lady should be tied to the stake and entirely surrounded by flames, but quite safe from harm. Enjoy!

The prosaic way of lighting the fire is with a lighter and fire lighters, but if you wanted to be showy, you can construct a medieval torch easily with a length of wood, with one end wrapped in Hessian and secured with thin wire tied around the material.. Soak the end with the Hessian on it in kerosene for a few minutes, Bingo, a torch eminently suitable for storming Dracula's castle with, or helping to burn a luscious young virgin at the stake.

Now despite what you might think, the real danger in this situation is not fire, but smoke. Ask any fireman, and you'll be told that most deaths in fires occur because of smoke inhalation. That's why you should NOT conduct a burning at the stake on a calm, windless day. Wait until there's enough breeze to carry the smoke away from you partner's face. If she starts to choke and splutter, extinguish the fire immediately and cut her free. Smoke is dangerous. Don't hesitate - at the first sign of discomfort, end proceedings.

As the flames begin to creep towards the water soaked wood, you should probably extinguish them. You should probably also have a metal rake with you, so you can physically move the burning wood away from the stake and extinguish the fire away from your partner. once the wood has been safely removed and put out, untie the girl. I suggest at this point you will probably want to give each other a bloody good seeing-to. Use the back of the van. Enjoy!

Additional Comments

When I first read this set of instructions I was impressed, then after a while I thought that it seemed like an awful lot of work! You would be so tired from hauling around logs and heavy firewood, finding hoses etc, that you would be too tired to enjoy the burning let alone the 'seeing-to' afterwards.

My modifications would be:

1. Use a tree as the stake. A tree with a smooth straight trunk should be OK. If your partner can get her arms around the back that's good but not necessary. Make sure the trunk is smooth and 'barkless' or it will scratch. Also sparks could catch onto the bark. A dead tree might be the go. No leaves to catch fire.

2. Try to locate the tree near a river or creek. This will give you an unlimited supply of water. (Make sure you bring a bucket!)

3. The firewood could be collected from around the area. You could collect it a few days before and leave a pile.


1. Attach a cross piece to the tree or stake. Crucify your 'victim' before you burn her. Having her arms up will also encourage certain other parts of her anatomy to stand up as well! Sometimes you can find a tree with branches which 'branch' out at the right angle.

2. If your partner is willing, have her wear a completely transparent costume, with nothing or very little underneath. Make sure the dress has long sleeves and covers to the neck. Check that the material is fairly fire proof. This will give the impression of your partner being burnt in the nude still with plenty of skin protection. Maybe a shear bodystocking could be the go?

3. With your 'victim's' permission take photos and/or video and send copies to this web site for our new 'amateur' page.


From a Correspondent:

"..my wife and I have found that it can be done quite safely with the victim "nude".

The first thing is to get out and away from anybody. Explaining nudity and the stake is quite a chore.

A fence post makes a good portable stake. Nail a piece of wood, big enough for your partner to stand on, to the bottom. You can use it indoors (just for foreplay) or outside.

Of course, if you have a tree that's straight enough you can use it. Take a bag of ready light charcoal and arrange it in a ring about four feet from the stake. When lit, she will be surrounded by a ring of fire, which, barring strong wind, can't touch her.

Always be safe, however. Have water ready just in case."

Another Contribution:

"I am fortunate to have a partner who will indulge my BATS fantasy.

We role play a BATS scenario every now and then.

First, I tell her in the early afternoon that she is to be burned at the stake at midnight. She will then put on either a white gown or a frontier type dress and will go barefoot for the rest of the evening. She will often ask questions such as "Will it be a slow fire? Will I be naked?, etc."

Around about midnight (when everyone else is asleep) she will strip off her clothes and walk naked to the stake. She will look at it with a bit of disdain, then allow herself to be tied to it at the wrists and ankles.

There is a circle of charcoal about four feet from her. When this is lit, she is encircled by a ring of fire, just close enough that she can feel the heat.

She will usually say something like "My feet are hot!" or "The flames are eating my toes!"

Then she writhes and twists at the stake as if she were actually being burned.

Needless to say, this makes both of us hot.

But we put out the fire.


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