Part III

Brede could only watch in horror as the flames slowly began to catch. Smoke began to drift upwards; the foul and unpleasant smell of burning wood filled her nasal senses. She realised that Catya was not going to be able to free her now, as the fire below her started to take hold. Her only option was to employ all her energy into escaping her retentive bonds. She began screaming – the realisation of her horrific situation becoming all too apparent. The sound of the crackling wood beneath her begin to grow in intensity, the fire hungry to reach its desired object tied to the stake. Again she cried out "Please don’t let me burn!", but by this time Catya had stood back, afar from the rapidly rising flames and the heat. There was to be no escape. This was it, her life cruelly and unjustly ended, she was to be burnt alive as a 'witch'.
Choking smoke began to rise up from the pyre, and though enough to make Brede cough and splutter, there was not sufficient to allow a 'mercy' death by suffocation. The watching Catya was enjoying the show, "Your purification is in the flames witch! I want you to feel the pain the flames bring you, and know the pain I felt every time I saw you with him" she cried.

The flames were now leaping at Brede, the heat becoming more intense, scorching her fragile soft skin. Desperately she continued howling for help, twisting her head back and forth to try and gain some release from the pain.

Her high pitched scream was the first indication that the flames were starting to feed at her feet, blistering and charring. Flames licked up her inner thighs showing no remorse for the damage they caused.
The pain was to get worse and Brede knew this only too well. Tongues of hungry fire dancing and leaping around her. The smell of burning flesh began to infiltrate her senses...and the horrific reality that, it was the smell of her own flesh burning. The rising heat now began to penetrate her lungs, breath after breath of roasting hot air. Her beautiful dress began was being devoured,and  she knew the agonising pain would soon envelope her body as one. She was now fully ablaze, the flames showing no mercy, burning her young and tender breasts. She gave another  agonizing scream, and then for a split second the pain seemed to diminish... Brede looked up to the sky, pleading for mercy from the horrendous agony of the fire. Then her beautiful long hair ignited in a ball of flame.
The flames had claimed their prize, as Brede’s now blazing body slowly ceased fighting against the futile battle for survival. Her once beautiful figure, now a human torch, as her head slipped forward and her agony began to subside. With the sound of the roaring flames ravaging her, her final thoughts were the words at her engagement ceremony: “Health, happiness... and long life.”

Catya has ensured she would have none of these, and she slowly walked away from the fiery carnage, back to the manor, to try and regain her one true love....... Jonathan.

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