Part II

"But what have I done ?" cried Brede. Catya seemed to ignore her, more intent on stacking the ever growing pile of wood at the base of Brede’s feet. "You ignorant WITCH!" – "You pretend you don’t know!" cried Catya. Once again, Catya began speaking, this time with menace in her tone. She explained how happy they had both been as friends, growing up together, enjoying their childhood, and sharing everything.
"Everything that is... except Jonathan!" she hissed. She continued speaking whilst she gathered more wood. "He was mine! We were happy, together... I loved him." A small tear rolled across Catya’s eyelid and slowly down her cheek. Brede could barely recognise her once friend in such a state – a state of anger, emotion, and insanity. The tight restrictive bonds held her firm, allowing only the slightest of movement as she frequently and helplessly struggled against them. More wood begin piling high up against the tree, and against Brede. "I watched you seduce him…destroy our love, casting your evil and sinful spells on him." Brede cried out, "Catya – he never loved you, couldn’t you see? You knew you were always just friends – it was never serious between you, and that’s why you left him!"
Catya threw down a fresh pile of wood in anger. "Lies! It was the spell you cast, to turn him against me. You, the sweet and innocent Brede. You thought nobody in the town would find you out, that you were loved by everyone... but I know, you WITCH!" screamed Catya. Catya lifted the torch close to Brede’s face. She felt the heat from the flickering flames that danced and taunted her, the smell of the oil soaked material pungent in the air. She tried to back her face away from the flames, to no avail, her rigid pose allowed for only the smallest struggle. "Oh god no!" screamed Brede, her heart was  pounding, she tried desperately to free herself of the unyielding bonds, to no avail. "Admit that you are a witch – confess to using your evil and hideous spells against me and  my one true love"
"No – please Catya, you know I’m not a witch, you know it all…please it doesn’t have to be like this" pleaded Brede. "It  is time witch" grinned Catya Brede’s now bulging eyes opened wide and she screamed out a desperate cry... but no one would hear her, not out here. Catya lowered the torch to her side, away from Brede’s terrified face and spoke slowly.
"There is only one suitable punishment for one as guilty as you..."
"You will burned at the stake and join YOUR true lover, Satan, in the fires of hell!" Catya slowly lowered the torch to the pyre, allowing only for the briefest of smiles. At first there was silence, then the smallest draft of smoke was followed by seemingly harmless flicker of the first flames. Brede watched on in horror as Catya slowly circled the pyre, plunging the blazing torch into it, ensuring it caught alight then moving on to light  more on the dry wood pyre. Stepping back from the spectacle of the helpless Brede at the stake, proud of her achievement she defiantly raised the torch in the air. "Burn slowly and forever in hell – WITCH!" she shouted, throwing the still blazing torch into the base of the pyre.

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