This is quite a special piece of art - which I'm very proud of. All of the photo's were specially taken by Frank Reading (who runs Limited Audience). After a brief outline of what was required, Frank set to work organising the models, costumes and location, and the photography session began. I was then sent the photo's to manipulate. A story was also required, and although it's not my strong point I gave it a go. And here is the result.

This photo story is kindly reproduced with the blessing of Limited Audience - many thanks Frank. I reckon we cracked it in the end ;)

Hope you all enjoy it (Tomsk)

Audio version now available.

The audio for this project was recorded by a lovely cam girl I know who goes by the name of Sinistress. She was quite taken by the idea of doing an audio book style version, and so once she had completed the audio, I set to work cleaning it up, deleting any mistakes and adding sound fx and music.
I hope you all enjoy it, and perhaps this will lead to further ventures in this field. It's something that hasn't been done before, at least to my knowledge, and considering she is neither a professional actress, nor me an accomplished sound engineer I think it sounds great. Click on the links below to goto story mode, or visit Sinistress site (Warning Adult Content)


Part I

Brede could breathe the soft scented smell all around her, but still oblivious of her surroundings, or indeed of what was happening. Her eyes still closed, and her mind still clouded and dazed. The ground was soft underfoot, save for the occasional broken branch. Was it a pathway? Was she dreaming this? Her hands felt restricted, although her still confused state of mind could not identify with what. Of one thing she was clear, she was walking of her own accord – but tinged with a odd feeling of being guided, like a young child taking its first uncertain steps. Again, she tried to open her eyes, only briefly glimpsing a hazy green carpet at her feet. She could feel a gentle tug on her neck, should she slow her wandering footsteps – all the while forcing her other senses to try and compensate for the lack of vision. Birds occasionally chirping, the wisp of fluttering trees, her footsteps... and those of another?
Once again she tried to raise her sunken head to catch a view, this time succeeding for the briefest of moments. A mirage of trees and bush, clear sky above, and a tall dark figure ahead. It was a lady and despite her blurred vision Brede was sure she recognised her. She called out. "Catya..." But there was no response. Again she tried, this time able to focus her still weary eyes on the lady dressed all in black ahead. Brede managed to halt the procession on her second call. It was indeed her friend Catya. She was leading Brede along the forest – rope in hand, she turned and smiled before cruelly tugging on the rope once more, forcing Brede to stumble forward. Brede suddenly became aware of the party – where she had been, and what she’d been doing. A celebration at the manor for two lovers, Jonathan and herself, followed by a toast to the happy couple. Health, happiness and a long life – the last few words she remembered before falling into a deep sleep. Her captor had become more aware that the effects of the drug, the drug she’d carefully placed in Brede’s drink, were beginning to diminish. The rope became taut as Brede slowly started regaining her senses – tight around her throat from her captors now purposeful stride. She also felt the same course feeling tightly chaffing at her hands behind her back.
They both walked through the forest, Brede frequently trying to resist, to call out to her captor, only to feel the merciless tug of her leash at each attempt. A feeling of helplessness and dread filled up inside of Brede. What could she have done that would force her friend to humiliate her in this way? The minutes passed like hours, interrupted only by distasteful remarks from the increasingly impatient Catya. "Hurry up bitch!" she’d hiss, the rope around Brede’s neck almost seemed to be entwined with her vocal chords such was the pain coupled with the inability to coherently speak. Finally, they reached a clearing, deep in the secluded forest.
For the first time Brede felt the tension of the rope relax, but this was only to allow Catya to move behind her and begin forcing her towards the tangled old oak tree that stood alone in the clearing. Catya remained calm and quiet as she forced her prisoner forward, ignoring all attempts to answer Brede’s desperate pleas. Her strong hands gripped tight against Brede’s slender shoulders, allowing for no deviation of their course – the base of the old oak. Again, another persuasive push from the rear forced Brede up against it, and onto a small tree stump at the foot of the mature oak.
Swiftly, the ropes securing Brede’s hands were fastened behind her, whilst more rope was hastily but efficiently secured around her waistline and pounding chest. All the while her desperate calls for an answer were only met with a smile. Once fastened, Catya begin fetching wood from bushes behind her frightened prisoner and it was only then she began to speak. With loathing in her eyes, Catya explained how she had drugged Brede and led her outside of the grounds before she became unconscious. How she had gone back to into the manor to explain to the rest of the guests that, in all the excitement Brede had requested a rest and was not to be disturbed. From there she had taken her to this spot, far out in the vast sprawling forest, where she would be made to suffer for what she had done.

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