Easter Egg page - updated Jan 2010

First off all - congratulations, you found the secret Easter egg page. This is just a page to waffle on a bit and maybe show off a few artworks that are maybe a little too risqué for the main site, or just perhaps some of my own stuff that I want to have fun with. Anyway, enjoy it for what it is, and let me know if you find it.....;)
This page will be updated from time to time, if anything I deem suitable comes along.

Okay. Below you will see the excellent Matmos pictures, with their beautiful attention to detail. One can imagine the flames leaping around the stunning damsel, but that's all. Imagination is a powerful thing, but what if Matmos could create 'living' BATS scenes.........Well wonder no more. Using a free Mac video editing tool (snapndrag) Matmos has cleverly engineered his own BATS movie clip - complete with soundtrack and wriggling damsel. You'll see elements taken from other movies and merged together almost flawlessly. Once again - the bar is raised, but Matt has been kind enough to give help on re-creating this unique editing. If only I had a Mac !! Bugger
Click on the caps or click HERE (right click 'save target as') to download the movie clip.

I'd like to introduce one of the most realistic BATS manupulators of all - Matmos. This guy really turned out some extremely realistic works a few years back, but little has been heard from in a while. The most impressive aspect of his work is the attention to detail, such as the glow and shadows from the flames - the sweat on the body. The reason I exhibit them here is because I feel they are perhaps too realistic, and too graphic. They would be in the main site, but this could cause problems with my web provider. I hope you enjoy them, and if you ever find this page Mathew....your pics are stunning. We miss you. Will be removed at owners wish.

Here's something you don't see everyday. I beautiful busty vixen who actually wants to be burnt at the stake. The artist at work here is of course Oberon, and he's done a great job turning her specially posed pictures into a 9 part BATS sequence. Strangely I was in the middle of doing my LA BATS photo story as these were posted....ahh, I reckon you always had the edge on me matey ! ;) Will be removed at owners wish

I think these images must be from a pay site - but I stumbled across them in my merry jaunt in search of goods BATS material. The artists is a guy called SirX and I have to admit, they are frighteningly realistic...but fake I assure you. An absolutely stunning model in her witches mask. The wood pyre appears to be real enough, but the flames are additional. Very hot all the same !  Will be removed at owners wish

A promo pic from LA to
celebrate their birthday.
I think it's cute !

Can't remember
where this came
from..again..cute, and only needed minor manipualtion

A quick manip I did
of a sexy girl waiting
for a light !

Superb ! Posted to
Fembats a while back - original artist unknown

Fashion babes
dressed in
Oberons BATS
manips ! Done along time ago

An early manip
I did. A little odd!

Another odd manip - not
up to scratch, so I didn't
post it until recently I found
it lying around my HDD.

Just experimenting with a nice
pic of a daydreaming young girl

If you have Paint Shop Pro 8 (or above) - load this in and you'll see all of the layers and fx used. I've named them all so it's easy to spot what each one does. Beginner manipulators may find this useful. Feel free to use any components. (Warning Large 9.6 mb file size)

This is a slightly modded manip from my files section - adding my penchant for PVC and smoking ;)

I found these both at a picture site named Pixelphoto.hu (do a search for "witch") and there are quite a few more.

There are more there but the reason I only posted two is because the images are protected (you can only view a small section of the image at once, so I had to copy and join them all back together! That's why I only did two!)

Yes - I know it's not BATS but this is a re-occurring and very odd kink of mine. A sacrifice to the great god of nicotine

This is just a quickie composite of two images with little manipulation involved. Quite effective though - plus I dig the ladies!

Another item that has been sitting on my HDD for some time. Again, I've cleaned up the set of pictures and joined them all together. Someone has kindly sent me the whole clip and it's really good. Cheesy as hell, with awful acting but still enjoyable! The film is called "The Playbirds" and was released in 1978. The 'actress' at the stake is Gloria Brittain. Click on the links for actress and movie info from IMDB. Click the thumbnail pic for a full size view.

I just enjoyed the original picture, and couldn't help but add my own "dream" scenario

I did this for Sinistress - incidentally, the girl who did that BATS audio.

An old manip found lying around. Nothing to write home about, but has a certain value in the nice looking pyre I created.

Found this on Deviant Art, and the file was called "Burning Witch", so I felt obliged to add stake + flames. Credit must go to the original photographer and model for such an exquisite pose.


I found this original picture whilst trawling the net. Since I only did some minor manipulation, it feels rather cheeky to put it out as an original of mine. The biggest improvement in the picture (other than the pyre and the torch - hee hee) is the quality, which was very poor (lots of JPEG artefacts). I liked her expression, and although not a crux fan it sort of blended together quite well.

I didn't do much to the original, just moved characters about and added a pyre.