The following pictures are all real photo's of fake re-enactments or poses. Some are clearly posed and others are from pageant displays. If you have any photo's of this nature then please send them to me for inclusion. Even though we know they are all fake, I still quite enjoy the fact that people will partake in this for the sake of a cracking good photo opportunity!

** Updated Aug  08 **

The next batch of pictures are very special indeed.  They are from a regular event called "Hussittenfestspiel" which takes place in Bernau, a small village near the German capital Berlin.
In a procession through the town, episodes from the history of Bernau are displayed on decorated floats, and included are those of  witch burnings of the late middle ages. Many thanks to Bernd for sending me these excellent photo's and allowing me to display them. (Bernd originally contacted me after seeing two of his pictures in the above gallery. The following are much higher quality)
This last picture was also sent to me by Bernd, but does not show the same pageant (quite obviously). Instead it is a ceremony from Berlin re-enacting a witch burning. Before hand I am told the witch was stripped naked and humiliated before being tied to the stake. Unfortunately photo's of this were not allowed. A great photo anyway - many thanks Bernd.


I stumbled across this great series whilst searching for manip material (very fortunate!). I decided to include all of the 'setting up' shots as I though they all looked like they were having fun setting up a BATS scene. Of course the last one is a manipulation......or is it ????




The last four pictures here interested me greatly because they are from a historical torture museum in Russia where the general public can actually partake in the various torture devices. Many thanks to Alex from Moscow for the many pictures and info supplied.


This next set of pictures are from a re-enactment, and although the fire is obviously quite far away I still think they look really cool - and of course the 'witches' are very attractive which helps.Many thanks to Alex from Moscow these pictures.
Three very sexy and atmospheric pictures of a re-enactment. Many thanks to Alex from Moscow these pictures - I do hope things are looking up for you friend.

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