Collected here are all the coloured artwork that I could find related to BATS. Some are talented artists work with paint and others are brilliant pencil drawings. If you have some artwork that you'd like to showcase relating to BATS then please send it on to me.

** March 04 **

Another stunning piece of artwork! A very atmospheric piece of artwork This looks like a scan of an original painting. Not sure if this is a drawing or photo. Either way very nice.
Fine artwork - by the Russian artist Bessonov Classic painting depicting Joan of Arc at the stake Minor nudity again, but this artwork is fantastic - credit needed!! Photograph from Waxworks
A novel cover - scanned by a Fembats member (thank you). Well known piece to BATS fans Multiple burning painting (simple+nice) Hugely erotic piece of artwork
Another piece of brillaint Bessonoff work Classic working of St Joan This is great work from an artist named Mentor Movie poster from Fembats by Mike - many thanks
Guinevere in the Late Chivalric Period Great little piece of art - new to me




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