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02/06/11 Just a few links added and updated the gallery with the recent works posted to the forum. I know this page is much redundant now, as all of the action takes place in the forum, but I do like to keep it as a nice archive of stuff, so if yuo're not happy with the slow updates, then you really are missing out if you're not in the forum.


24/07/10 At appears the forum is a big success, so I want to thank Lalla, Don, and all others for their help setting up and running, and also to all the guys and girls who have contributed. It kind of means this site is somewhat redundant - for want of a better work, but I've added some new links and done a tidy up, as well as putting my last few manips into the gallery archives. I'll still continue to make this the primary resource for BATS pictures from SD and also try to keep any new TV/Movie BATS in the archive too...just for those who have been a little late in finding us. One huge bonus the addition of the forum has brought is a lot of the old BATS sceners are now back doing manips. Oberon, FederFetcher (aka Mad Viking), and some new talent too, along with people contributing links to films I'd never even heard of! We also have some great stories posted there too, from Lalla, RM, and Roxanneblue amongst many others. I do my best to thank all those who contribute to the group, but if I do miss you out then I apologise....time is not my best friend at the moment, and the addition of keeping the forum running smoothly (albeit with a little help from my friends) does not help. Anyway, with the obligatory moan over not having any time I'll let you all continue to do what you do best...keep the BATS spirit alive.


24/03/10 A busy time of late, as the sad announcement of the implending closure of Ignitrix's forum was made public. I'm sad to see this go, as lots of fire fans have found friends and enjoyed lively chat, posting all sorts of fire related topics. So I got to work, with a little help from my friends ;) on a forum that could all still hang out and enjoy. The result is here STAKEDAMSELS FORUM, and you'll need to register to post. I hope we can keep the magic alive from Wendy's ace forum, and that I'll see you along there.

Also added Don's caps from Hepzibah (2009) to page 18 of the TV gallery. Thanks for them matey


17/02/10 Well, this latest update provides those who like reading with plenty of great new stories to plough through. First a continuation of SKGs BATS re-enactment society story, with a nice twist. Next up is the legendary "Witchfinder" Shankster, who I met over at the darkspot. His stories are all based on a modern scenario, and he certainly gets through some girls! Many thanks for permission mate. And last, but not least two wonderful stories from Sarahmustdie. I enjoyed these two so much, I've put them up and hope that she will allow me to keep them here, as they are incredibly good.
Manipulations ; Two new ones from me. Actually, I'm not one for "stories behind the artwork", but The Magic Portal came about after thinking of this.....
"You're walking around an old castle ruins on a cold winters day, and as you look through the worn and weathered old stone archway, a fracture in time opens up before you, back to the exact same place, in a different time. A young woman stands atop a stake, accused of heresy, whilst two lovely period dress ladies beckon you to cross the time portal...."

The other is a tribute to Oberon. After a recent pole over at Ignitrix forum Oberon can officially be classed as the best BATS manipulator - and well deserved too (he got my vote!). With a healthy 40% of the vote, and 55 BATS fans voting - it was clear to me that I have some way to go to catch the "great one" ;). With that in mind I trawled my collection of his work, and came up with (I hope) a suitable tribute. We miss you buddy, I do hope this brings a smile to your face and encourages you to come back to BATS.
Also, Alex from Moscow has kindly sent me three great re-enactment pictures, which you'll find in the re-enactment artwork section. Alex contributes greatly to a lot of the original content of this site, without anything but my thanks in return. I do hope your situation has improved matey - best wishes from me. 


02/01/10 First of all, Happy New Year to all you BATS fanatics. Here's hoping we have a hot new year, with plenty of "attractions" to keep us warm ;) Anyway - an update. Updated Joan of Arc stills and info in the TV/Movie page as well as various fixes around the site provided by the one and only Don Pheonix. As well as tidying up, Don has also been busy creating an audio track of a BATS - which sounds great. Check out the SOUND section to hear it. Also, a new story breaks from RM - and as always his story writing qulaity shines through. I've also updated my primary gallery with some new material, and oh....the egg has also been updated for those of you who thought it was just a one off. Take care all, and have a great New Year.


31/10/09 A new update (now 3 in one month !) Two great new stories; one from regular BATS fanatic SKG and another kindly posted here from the Darkspot by Roxanne Blue. Both are great with SKGs story promising a second part, and Roxanne's being a first person perspective of being burned at the stake. Also, I have added Maraih Carrie to the celebrity BATS page, and two brand new manips into the regular gallery as well.
Also, I have been in regular touch with a beautiful lady regarding the possibility of a BATS shoot, and she has just sent me the stills required for post production work....As a tease I have included a small representation (unaltered in anyway) of what you can look forward to in the coming months.
If anyone is curious it's the same cam girl that did the narrative for the Limited Audience photoshoot, and a link can be found to her site directly on my links page. Also, whilst that is being attended to, I'm hopeful that another photoshoot, this time with the other girl in the shot can also come to fruition, although this has yet to be finalised. I also hoping a friend of the site will get some additional stills/caps for some movies that have not yet made the TV page. Enjoy...and please don't ask for a larger pic....I'm enjoying teasing you all!


13/10/09 A new update (2 in one month - what's the world coming too!) to refresh some of the movie titles I had been neglecting of late. Most of the caps were gifted me by a fan of the site, and it's pure laziness that stopped me adding them until now (shame on me!) Anyway - there's a new page 17 on the movies section featuring three films with BATS. I also managed to get a copy of Witchblade and update the caps on page 14 too. For all of you who enjoyed hearing "Sinistress" do the BATS narrative in the last update, we have plans to do a new photo shoot with her in full costume....hopefully coming soon. Enjoy!


03/10/09 A newly implemented idea - a BATS story with a narrative. It's based around the Limited Audience BATS photoshoot, and you can find the link to it here. I hope you all enjoy it, and if there is enough interest, I would consider doing another narrative story from the stories page. Also, there's a new story from the wonderfull keyboard and mind of Lalla, although it's a Male BATS story, I felt it was too good not to put on the site. Enjoy!


08/07/09 Updated my gallery with some manips that had been knocking around on the scene for ages. Enjoy!


28/02/09 A nice treat for all people waiting to see another photostory. Cyndi Wilde is kidnapped and taken out into the woods, where she faces the stake and the flames. Will she escape? Find out in the Gallery section (Direct link). There's also a new story from an Anon reader of the site simply entitled BURN, and it's a nice departure from a common BATS tale. Also updated my gallery with a new manip. Enjoy!


17/01/09 Updated a brand new story from R.M. It's a continuation of his great "Letter from a Bitch" tales, and another winner! I also uploaded a new manip to my Gallery (which I had forgotten to do) and a good friend spotted some bugs which have now been fixed (thanks Dave).  It's funny, but working on the site inspired another manip which I've just finished. This one is a full nude, but I think it's very tastefully done. Check out the Gallery. I've also included it on the Misc page as a 1920 x 1200 Wallpaper, for those who like booting up to BATS and have a swanky new large LCD flat screen!


23/12/08 Updated a new selection of photos to the Manipulations/Re-enactments in the Artwork section. Apologies to Alex for the time taken, but I've had a few (and still have) some web issues at the moment. I hope everyone enjoys them - thanks again matey ;)


30/08/08 Updated some better pictures for Curse of the Devil, Forever Knight, and Elvira to the TV/Movie section. I've also added a good selection of photos to the Manipulations/Re-enactments in the Artwork section (direct link)


27/08/08 Just a small addition - but worthy of notice on this page. A new story by master craftsman R.M. has been added to the stories section. I won't spoil it for you, but it's not your average BATS tale and has a very unique and original style to it. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. Once again, thanks R.M. for another great submission.


31/07/08 Finally added two new manips to my Gallery and also a new one to the celebs gallery too. Page 16 of the TV page now features caps for Fabiola, Witchtorture III and The Witch. I'm hoping to update the screen caps for some better quality DVD caps for plenty more title soon.  I've just finished one set and will need time to progress this large task. BTW they all come from Stakeburners soon to be released BBB 1 and 2 series - with DVD versions added where possible it's a much finer watch for all you BATS Connoisseurs. Also have a small update on the secret page.....what - you didn't know about that ???? he he


03/05/08 Small update. Finally added two great stories that I had been holding on my HD for far too long. Firemaiden's lovely tale of Wendy and Zorf, and also a great story from R.M.
I also managed to sneak out a new manip into the gallery. I have lots more things I'd like to post, I just get so little time. I hope you all understand.


05/10/07 Well I know this doesn't affect Stakedamsels as an update but I felt I had to give mention to Matmos and his incredible new BATS clips. We all know what Matmos is capable of with his still manips, but what he has acheived here is quite astonishing. For someone sitting at their PC/Mac to better what was done in 70s horror is a feat in itself, but considering the models used were not even playing out a BATS scene it's even more incredible. Whilst the rest of the BATS manipulators were content to work in one medium (story writing aside), Matt has pushed the boundaries forward. This is indeed the start of something great and good and a trend that I hope I can seize and also a few others.
A personal thanks to Matt for these great efforts....I don't think the scene will be the same again.


05/10/07 A busy month with lots to catch up on. Firstly there are four new manips in my gallery section. One is an L.A. based manip with a very pretty girl (Modern Day Lynch mob). Another uses a model I got from 'Sir X' which I finally put to good use (Ritual Ceremony). There's a very lazy manip called 'Keen to get on with it' which just fell together in a matter of minutes. And finally my friends over at www.fireplay,net have asked for some manips at the stake. I've had to disguise the face of the young lady at her request - but have been allowed permission to post. I had great fun doing these for fellow BATS fans and I'm pleased to say they liked the results.
There are two new pages in the TV/Movie section with a lot of house keeping going on too. I've added better caps to Crimal Woman Report : Edo Inquisition Torture which were posted a while back to Fembats (by Boilerplant - many thanks!). To page 15 we now have caps for Silent Hill, Lordi's new music video (It snows in hell), and the Last Valley. Also I have a couple of additions to Page 16 which could do with some filling in of the blanks. I hope you enjoy the update.


22/08/07 Added a new manipulation to the main gallery section. Slightly risque for me, but I'm hoping you'll enjoy it


04/07/07 Added a great new story from a new contributor to the site. Known as R.M. he's written a fantastic tale called 'Foreign Assignment' and kindly submitted it to the site. Go read it, it's in the stories section. Also added a slightly different take on one of my earlier manips.


21/05/07 Added a total of 5 new manips. Victoria Beckham in the celebs and also newsgirl Nina Hossain. A supporter of this site recently put a poll into Fembats about which news girl would look best at the stake, and I reckon I owe it to him to finally put her there (even though she didn't win the poll!). The other 3 manips are in the gallery section. One is a special that I did as a request for a keen fan/friend of this and other BATS site. Hope you enjoy them.


21/03/07 Added three great new stories in the stories section. Gosh - it's been so long since I done anything. As friends will know i've been busy and I've also had a rough time of it in other walks of life.  Sometimes my feelings towards BATS sway - and of late I've found myself with better things to do. But I love the community and want to keep this page alive until such time as my interest is re-ignited (pun intended!). In the meantime there are plenty of other sites keeping the current crop of BATS fans happy. I'll see you all again sometime soon I'm sure. For now I'll just apologise to those with whom I've appeared distant and also to those who enjoy seeing updates. All I can say is I'll be back when it feels right.


26/08/06 Added a great new story from Firemaiden to the stories section. Her writing skills are unquestionable and the story is very well told. We look forward to hearing more from her in the coming months. Also added three new manips, although technically it's only two, because one is a copy of the other with a bit more burning action.  Let me know which witch you prefer ! The other manip is quite a departure from my normal work - a little bit artsy.


29/07/06 Added page 15 to the TV section. Only one new film (in fact it's not new its pretty old!) Need a hand with the title and some info (now thankfully provided). These pics had been on my HDD for ages, so I decided to enlarge them and clean them up.


22/07/06 As promised the full second photo story has been added to the site. With kind permission from Limited Audience you can see and read all about the tale of love, envy and revenge in this three part special. I hope you all enjoy it. I've also tied up a few loose links in the TV section. If you find any more, please report them back to me. It also passed me by that SD has now been around for over three years now, so hopefully this special gallery can commemorate that. To all those who have helped me over these years I say a big thank you. Long may we continue to enjoy the fantasy of burning pretty young girls at the stake !


08/07/06 New manip added to my Gallery section (very much in the style of Carnifex).  I was sent the image by a pal, and just had time to fit her into my busy BATS schedule. Also new, is a great story that was sent to me by S.Webb. Many thanks for that, I'm sure it will go down well.


17/06/06 New manip of Jane Stonewood in the Gallery section. Also updated Carnifex's page to feature his latest great manips. The big changes are in the Gallery section, where you'll find the complete classic Limited Audience witch burning photo story. LA have given their blessing to let me show the full story + pictures and what's more, another will follow shortly.
A few bits of tidy up in the links page and elsewhere. Enjoy


30/03/06 Just a small addition to the movie section. You can now access an index page of all the movies/documentaries/shows that are listed in the Movie section. This should make browsing for a particular movie a little easier than searching through the 14 pages of movies. Click here to goto the Movie Index page


18/02/06 Well, there's been quite a flurry of recent movies featuring BATS scenes (of various quality), so with this in mind Don Phonix and myself have updated the TV/Movie section with four (yes four!) new pages (although Don has done the lions share of the hard work!). Sorry that the site had to go down for a week, it shouldn't happen again, but I've been fairly busy with ....errr...life. Please don't forget that, before the flood of emails come streaming through ;)


10/01/06 Well, its be a while since I last updated! Since then we've seen a positive increase in potential good BATS scenes from Movies, and also some great TV finds. In this update, you'll find a great new story from SKG. There's an update to the Art section (with a new Japan/Manga art page). There's a new celeb to the celebrity gallery (Julianne Moore), and there are two new manips in my main gallery. I recently found a couple of Carnifex pics that hadn't made it to his special gallery section - so they are now added.
And, an annoucement. Running the site was/is becoming to much hard work for one person alone, so I've very pleased to say that Phoenix_Don has agreed to help out with future updates. You'll see his contributions this month in the Japan/Manga section of the artworks, and also in the future with TV and Movie caps. Welcome on board Don - and many thanks for your assistance! Future updates may now become more frequent with a helping hand.


01/10/05 Added my own caps from Krasue to page10 of the movie TV guide, now showing the full BATS scene. There's also an excellent new story to read ; "Sacrifice of Love"- courtesy of M.Suzuyaki. You'll find that on the stories page. Oh and I've also gotten around to capping Devonsville Terror from DVD - and the quality is much improved. See page 1 of the TV/Movie guide for those. Enjoy !


23/09/05 Added Don's caps from the animated movie Lady Death. I know they've been posted elsewhere, but Don gave permission so I wanted to keep the movie page up to date. There's also a great story by Don too - uploaded to the story section (Mia's fate). And I was asked to do a manip of a French lady, which I've kindly been allowed to display (My Gallery section). The links section has had a spring clean too - with Saskia's Burnt Embers and Wendy's great sites added.


13/08/05 Added 50 brand new quality caps from Valerie and her week of wonders. These were kindly sent to me by SKG and after toying with cutting the size down to about 30 I thought better of it and posted the whole lot. I've cleaned them up slightly too (paint shop pro isn't just good for manipulation !!!). Hats of to SKG - thanks matey !


16/07/05 Updated Carnifex's Gallery to include his five new pieces of BATS work - and I must say they are stunning ! I've also added a new manip to my gallery section (done for a friend...again :). There's a new movie on page 10 of the TV/Movie section called Krasue - and it looks great. Hopefully Ralphus will be able to get hold of it for BBB3.


21/05/05 Firstly - apologies for the long delay in updates. So what's new ? Well there's a new page of manipulations from Carnifex in the Gallery section - many thanks to Phil for allowing me to post his great work. There's a brand new story from Fire Maiden in the stories section (it's a wonderful story!), and also another fine tale from SKG (Catherine's Final Promise). There are additions to the Artwork sections.


02/02/05 The first update of 2005. Two stories added - both are very different, but I think you'll like them! 


31/12/04 It's been a while since the last update, and I have more things to add in the future weeks, but for the time being there's a new manip I'm quite pleased with in the gallery. I've also managed to cap some great stills from Dracula Rising (TV/Movie page 4). Hope you enjoy them and that you've all had a great Xmas and have a happy new 2005 !

09/10/04 A very special update to the gallery. Free samples from Limited Audiences' new BATS photo story. Many thanks to Frank for allowing me to manipulate this specially taken set of photo's. Check it out HERE 


04/09/04 Just a small update regarding problems at the site. As many of you know the site has been down for three or four days. As things stand I cannot say if this will be a regular problem. If it is, then I will endeavour to move somewhere a bit more secure. The problems were not site content related.
Added Tina O'Brien to the celebs (as a favour for a pal!)


26/08/04 Well, lots of work and additions to the site since it's been a while. Most importantly is the name change to STAKEDAMSELS. Why the change ? Well, www.stakedamsels.com is my new address and quite easy to remember. Also, due to constraints from my previous web page supplier I was fast running out of room and had to find a new home. I hope I'll be happy here for a while at least :)
Anyway the updates.....
Three brand new fantastic new stories from SKG (based on manipulations found at this site)
DVD quality captures added for the following movies....Joan of Arc (Ingrid Bergman), Blood Ties, Horror Hotel, Nostramdamus, and Mark of the Devil. Some are my own, and some kindly donated by BATS fans.
Also added Lanio's great caps from Hexen (they'd been lying around wastefully for a while...shame on me!)
What else....well, the Misc page is now spilt into pages and features a great BATS animation from Frol.
I'm also hoping to feature a subset of Limited Audiences' great new BATS story for your viewing pleasure, as well as some from a previous BATS photo story. Have fun, and remember.....www.stakedamsels.com      :)


12/06/04 The Perfect Wedding Gift manip added to the Gallery section. After being upstaged by her beautiful bridesmaids at her own wedding the bride asks the groom for a very special wedding present. She is thrilled with what he delivers :)  


11/06/04 Another new manip added - again in conjunction with www.LimitedAudience.com. Also added some of the artwork/pictures that have recently appeared on Fembats (unfortunately since new members cannot gain access to this great group).


10/06/04 New manip in the Gallery section. Added a great new story from 'SKG210UK' entitled 'Exotic Burner'. Also added a guest page to the homepage. Comments about the site and BATS in general are welcome.


01/05/04 New manip from Oberon added to the Gallery section - now hosting 55 original witch burning manipulations


03/04/04 Three brand new manips in the gallery section. Unfortunately due to space constraints I've had to delete the two movie mpeg files (Xena and Charmed).


24/03/04 Three new manipulations in the Gallery section. Updates to the Artwork section including an extensive update to the Re-enactment section of Art. This features some excellent float scenes from a parade. Updated Page 9 of TV/Films, now featuring the amazing 'Der Mann im Salz' caps from Lanio.


07/02/04 Four new manipulations in the Gallery section. Also, Charlotte Church in the celebs section.
A great new story (The Burning of Anita) from 'SKG210UK' added to the stories section.


14/12/03 My latest collaboration manip with Limited Audience is now in the Gallery section. I think this is my best work yet. 


13/12/03 Posted the full scene from Xena in Mpeg format. Visit the TV/Movies section page 2 for more information.
Also posted the great sound bite from this clip as a small MP3 sample in the Sounds section


09/12/03 New and unique manipulation from Oberon in the Gallery section.


06/12/03 New logo for the site on the home page.
Four new burnings in the gallery section (three in conjunction with Limited Audience). Resorted and upload lots of new pics for the new look 'Artwork' section. New gfx on the Info page. Added a new item on the Misc page (BATS Halloween costume). Added new DVD caps for Witchfinder General on TV/Movies page 2. New addition to the Celebrity page (Catherine Zeta Jones) courtesy of Limited Audience. New story 'Elizabeth burns at the Stake' by 'SKG210UK', added to the stories page.
And finally - happy birthday to me ! Damsels at the stake is a year old today ! Yipee !  Many thanks to all who have helped this site grow with their contributions, help and encouragement. Now who wants to light the cake ?

20/08/03 Posted the full burning scene from the Charmed episode 'Witch Way Now'
Check it out at the TV/Movie page 3 section

18/07/03 New manip in the Gallery section
Artwork images added with-in that section

11/07/03 Three brand new manips in Gallery section
Two great ones from Oberon and a manip of a lady sent to me for burning   

 10/05/03 Three brand new manips in Gallery section
New Charmed caps on Page 3 of the TV Guide  
Teri Hatcher celebrity BATS added to Celebrity section
BATS Wallpaper now available in Misc. section
New artwork in the artwork section
Updates page added

 12/04/03 New manip in Gallery section