It was so easy for Anthony in the night club.  He spotted Clare through a crowd of people and was soon chatting confidently to her.  Impressed with him, Clare saw nothing wrong in accepting his invitation to a party at his house in the country the following evening.  All the more so, since he was with several male and female friends as they chatted.  Everything about him signalled taste and expense. His house was simply breathtaking, set in its own vast grounds, and off the beaten track.  Clare looked stunning in a long black evening dress, high heeled shoes, and her long blonde hair pinned up.  The night started well enough, with good company, plenty of food and drink, and a good time was had by all…  But then events took a strange turn for 18 year-old Clare.

 The party moved to the grounds of the property, quite a distance from the house.  Not far from a wooded area, Clare saw a single pole in the ground with a platform attached to it.  “What’s that for?” she enquired innocently.  “Oh, that’s for tonight’s entertainment” replied one of the company.  “And what might that be?” she asked further.  The stark reply came as a total shock.  “We’re going to burn a young girl at the stake, and you, dear Clare, are that young girl who will burn.”
 “You are joking, aren’t you” she replied, her voice beginning to tremble with fear.  As she said that, she felt strong hands on her wrists, and within seconds her wrists had been drawn behind her back and bound.  She was too stunned to speak as she was carried to the stake.  Once there, she was placed upon the platform facing outwards, and willing hands quickly set about chaining her to the stake.  Once that was done, wood was brought to the stake and carefully set in place inside and all around the platform beneath her.  More wood was then placed against her lower legs; more than enough had been set in place to set her alight and burn her at the stake. Clare looked so sweet and innocent, radiant even, standing there, chained to the stake, with wood piled up around her legs resting on her black evening dress, as the evening sun was setting.  “Please, please, can I be the one to burn this sexy young slut.  Let me light the fire, I want to see her burn slowly, and take in the smell in the air of the burning wood and this girl being ravished by flames,” said Louise, one of the young girls of the party, intoxicated by both what she had drunk, and the fascination of not only seeing a young girl being burned alive at the stake, but being the only one to have lit her fire.  The others who were there were taken aback for a few seconds, but then one of them said, “Oh let her light the fire, she’ll do it properly.” A long piece of wood was lit by one of the men, and when it was burning well it was passed to 18 year-old Louise. She stepped forward with the burning piece of wood and confidently held it deep in the kindling wood at the base of the stake.  She lit the inner wood as well as the wood piled around the outside.  Satisfied, she stood back to admire her handiwork.  And she had grounds to be well satisfied.  She had lit an excellent fire.
  Flames were soon rising within the wood towards Clare, as the outer wood burned steadily and began to produce a heat haze.  Louise was pleased with her first role as ‘executioner’, and was surprised to find that she was quite sexually aroused as she gazed at the flames rising in the evening air and heard the wood crackling loudly as it burned. Flames rose up around the outside of the wood as more intense flames climbed within, the heat increased tremendously, and Clare, maintaining a brave face, remained tight lipped even as it became unbearable. She looked down at the fiercely burning wood at the moment her pink wrap drifted lazily forward in the hot updraft of air, and the hem of it rested for a couple of seconds in the tip of a rising flame.  That was enough, and the wrap began to burn to Clare’s horror. That was only the start, however.  “Look at Miss Goody two shoes now!” remarked Louise.  “Look, look, I can see the flames setting her pretty evening dress alight.  Oh look, the flames are wrapping themselves around the wood tight up against her legs.  She’s starting to burn!  Oh yes, my fire has got her now. She’s burning like a common witch!”  “Oh I don’t know”, remarked one of the gathering, “I think she has begun to burn beautifully.  She is such an exotic burner.  I’m sure she still turns us all on even now with the flames licking at her dress and her fit young body and smoke drifting up all around her.  She looks so sweet in the flames.  I’m glad we all had the chance to fuck her senseless before burning her.  Even you enjoyed her, Louise!”  “Just keep your eyes on her burning, and enjoy every second of my work” Louise snapped back.  Unbeknownst to them, unseen deep within the wood that they had piled around her, Clare’s modern trendy shoes had been responding to the heat almost immediately.  Even before her fire had set her dress alight, Clare’s shoes, already unbearably hot, experienced flames licking all around them.  Her shoes caught fire easily and burned deliciously.  Deep within the wood, merciless flames had set about setting this sexy young girl on fire, beginning to ravish her as only they know how.  Her now incandescent high heeled shoes were sending flames spiralling up to set her alight.  Within seconds, Clare’s arched feet and tightly chained ankles were engulfed in flames.  Clare was finally burning alive at the stake.
  She cried out in anguish, but to no avail.  At the same time, flames licking up the outside of the wood were showing the onlookers how easily it could set her wrap on fire.  Seconds later, Clare’s dress was igniting easily at the first touch of the flames. As Clare’s evening dress began to burn away from her quickly in the heat and hungry flames devouring it, and her slim shapely naked body was exposed, Louise moved closer to the fire.  “I want to get as close as I can, I want to feel the heat from her as she burns alive.  I want to smell the burning wood and this burning girl close up.”  Above the topmost pieces of wood, Clare’s naked body started to be assailed by pure flames; flames that seemed to rise triumphantly and take pleasure in burning her.  Watching as the flames took a good hold on Clare’s thighs, Louise exclaimed “Oh my God, flames are licking her pussy, look, her fanny’s burning, oh how sweet that is!  I never thought I’d be so turned on watching a pretty girl burn, and she is ever so pretty in the fire.” Louise was thoroughly enjoying the burning, and moved even closer and eagerly placed a lot more wood into Clare’s fire.  “Be careful you don’t get burned yourself”, one of the others cautioned.  “She’s getting so close to the fire, maybe she wants to be burned at the stake as well” said another.  “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” said Louise, rising to the jibe.  “It can be arranged, you know it can” came the half joking, half threatening reply.  Meanwhile the fresh wood piled into the fire was having an effect. Clare was now well alight, her legs almost unseen in the raging fire as flames lashed around her hips.  It was as though some flames held her hips tightly as other flames licked and caressed and devoured her fanny and arse in a most sexual way. 
Clare glowed brightly in her fire in the failing evening light; dark foreboding flames on the wood and bright red, orange and yellow flames leaping free of the wood and burning her fiercely.  Smoke swirled around her naked breasts and over her face.  Her long blonde hair, pinned up and not yet scorching or smouldering in the rising, increasing, heat, still looked perfect. Louise, getting more excited by the minute, gave almost a running commentary.  “Listen to that wood crackling loudly as it catches fire.  Look at those flames getting stronger, rising higher, all the time. Go on, go on, I really want to see those breasts in the fire.  I want to see flames caressing her breasts. Oh God, they’re roasting, they’re burning!  They stand out so proudly as the flames lick all around them.  From side-on, they look fantastic!”  And she was right.  Clare’s breasts had been slowly roasting in the intense heat of the rising flames, and ignited easily as the first flames swept onto them.  In seconds they could be seen standing out firmly, almost in silhouette, with flames licking all around them. Clare gasped out loudly as her blonde hair finally succumbed to the inevitable as her shoulders were enveloped in flames.  The concentration of hair, fuelled by a liberal amount of hairspray, burst into flames and burned fiercely for many seconds.
 Louise stood watching spellbound through all of this, as Clare was finally engulfed in flames and the burning was complete.  Louise was transfixed by the sight. She had been playing with herself as she watched for the last couple of minutes, and did not resist as one of the men moved in behind her, drew her hands behind her back, and started gently caressing her breasts. She was carried away by the burning of Clare and the sexual excitement she was experiencing, so when another man suddenly tied her wrists, it served only to heighten her arousal rather than ring any alarm bells within her.  It was only when one of the men said “It’s your turn now, Louise,” that she looked around with a puzzled expression on her face.  “You’re not really going to burn me too?” she exclaimed.  “Why not, you make an excellent pair of witches, and you would burn just as beautifully as she did!” was the reply…