Tracey Lynn Burns to Death

By: Sir Mordred


     Tracey Lynn wasn’t the girl that everyone thought she was.  On the outside, she had a very clean, pure and wholesome image.  She was an 18 year old senior in high school.  She was a cheerleader, an honor student and a journalist for the school newspaper.  She was also a member of the Beta Club and she was on the Scholars Bowl team.  People would almost classify her as a super-nerd if she didn’t happen to be the loveliest girl in school.  She had the complete package:  beauty, brains and body.  She had already put in her college applications and had got accepted at Princeton in New Jersey.  As soon as she started to Princeton in the autumn she was going to join a Greek sorority.  Oh yes, Tracey masked her true feelings and personality well.  What she really was inside was a goth who dabbled in witchcraft.  No, she didn’t dress or talk like a goth and she certainly kept her rituals secret, whenever she performed them.  She was also highly aroused by the BDSM scene, from the first time she saw one of her uncle’s magazines.  (Maybe he should have tried harder to hide them from his impressionable niece.)  No matter, the damage was done!

Tracey couldn’t talk to anyone about her secret yearnings or lifestyle.  She was very alone in the world and that made her depressed.  The school year passed really quickly and her boyfriend, a complete retard named Brandon, cheated on her with half the cheerleading squad.  They all thought Tracey was too naďve to figure it out, but she knew about his infidelities.  She just didn’t give a damn!  She was going to break up with him at the end of the year before she went to college anyway!  To be honest, Tracey didn’t know if she ever wanted to get married.  The idea of having children and raising them for the next 25 years made her sick to her stomach.


     Time passed quickly and Tracey began her university career.  She was in the liberal arts college and took a wide variety of courses:  anything from creative writing, to anthropology, to comparative religion.  Her creative writing professor thought she was stunningly talented.  He just couldn’t get over all the vivid stories she wrote about ancient pagan cultures.  Tracey confided in her professor that she wished that she had lived in those times and had been a temple priestess for Athena.  Dr. Mackenzie said, “No doubt you would have been a really good one!”  Dr. Mac, as his students called him, was a young professor without tenure.  He was only 34 years old and looked like one of the students.  Tracey felt more of a bond with him than anyone she had ever known, including her parents, whose standards for her were just impossible!  Nothing she ever did was good enough for them!  Instead of hanging out in bars with her sorority sisters, Tracey made trips to the hardware store on the weekends.  She bought tools, chains, locks, rope and cables.


The store clerks happened to think she was weird, but hey, it was her money!  She lived in an off-campus apartment by herself, so no one knew what she was up to.  She also made trips to the lumber yard and to adult clothing stores.  Her sorority sisters asked her just what her mental damage was.  “What are you building in that apartment of yours, Tracey?” Tiffany said one day.  “You’ll see” Tracey smiled impishly.

     For years Tracey had been tying herself up and restraining herself with belts and corsets.  She had got rather adept at it considering there was no one to help her.  She was almost as good as Houdini at breaking out of her binds, but a strange thing happened.  The more she did this, the less she wanted to break out of them.  She had kind of built a dungeon in her apartment in one room.  There were wall manacles and clamps, two working floor stocks, a wooden suspension wrack and a stake in one corner on a small pedestal.  The room itself was eight feet from floor to ceiling and the stake was six feet in length supported by a two-foot pedestal, which encircled it.  There were bolts holding the stake in position attached to the ceiling and the pedestal.  Under the pedestal were wooden supports and there were two steps rising from the floor to it.  Tracey had attached wrist manacles to the back of the wooden stake.  No one knew about Tracey’s darkest fantasy!  For years she had felt sinful and guilty for practicing witchcraft, even though she never hurt anyone!  No one understood just how much she wanted to purge her soul of her own hypocrisy!  Tracey made a promise to herself:  “On my nineteenth birthday, I’m going to immolate myself.  I will need help but I think I can find some volunteers.  I can’t wait to feel the erotic ecstasy of my beautiful body burning to ash!”


     Tracey’s nineteenth birthday came sooner than she thought it would.  A few of her sorority sisters hated her and were jealous of her academic success.  (Not to mention her luck with the fraternity boys.)  Tracey decided to ask these three girls in particular to her apartment for a little house-warming birthday party.  They exchanged confused glances at each other but agreed.  On April 13, 2008, all three of Tracey’s “executioners” came to her apartment with birthday gifts.  Of course, they had no idea what the evening had in store for them yet.  One of the girls, Tiffany, had let it slip to Tracey’s creative writing professor that it was her birthday and that he might want to come to the party!  He said “Oh really, I didn’t know.  If I have time I’ll definitely be there.”  When the doorbell rang, Tracey greeted her guests at the door for once in her life not dressed like Miss America.  She had on black high heels, stockings with garter belts attached to her silk black panties, a black leather mini-skirt and a black satin corset.  Her long red hair brushed past her shoulders.  “Come in!” Tracey exclaimed.   Her “sisters” were standing there with their mouths open in shock!  They all had their cheerleader uniforms on!  “Uh Tracey, that’s a new look for you isn’t it?” Amber said.  “Yes it is.” Tracey purred “I think I will make it permanent and my last look.”  Tracey knew that if she had plenty of beer on hand, her friends would quickly lose control of their senses, so she had stocked up for the party that morning!  They gave Tracey their presents, which weren’t anything Tracey particularly wanted and they commenced to drinking.  They started with beer, at first, but then proceeded to whisky and bourbon on the rocks.  They eventually graduated to tequila shots.  Tracey watched her “friends” drink remaining completely sober the whole time.  When they asked her if she wanted anything, she declined saying “I want to maintain my faculties so I can burn a memory of this evening into my brain.”  “Suit yourself, you always did anyway” they sang in reply.  The birthday party became a roast and they began hurling insults at Tracey, they were good natured at first, but the more the girls had to drink, the more evil-spirited they became revealing their true nature. 

     Finally Tracey said “I want to show you something special that will make you all happy.” The totally smashed sorority girls were intrigued and got off the sofa as Tracey led them to what they thought was a bedroom.  When they walked in, their eyes bugged out of their sockets as they saw Tracey’s dungeon.  Blair said “Oh my God, this is soooo freaky!”  The other two just nodded their heads in agreement.  They saw a brush pile in one corner and a table with various ropes and chains on it in the center of the room.  Tracey had deliberately thrown away the keys to all of the locks that morning.  (There would be no chance of her escaping tonight!)  Tracey gave them a cold hard stare and said “I think you are a bunch of addle-brained pussy sluts!  I dare you to prove to me that I’m wrong!”  “Oh don’t you worry any, honey, we will!” Amber said.  The three of them immediately seized Tracey and forced her to climb the steps to the stake.  Blair held her in place as Tiffany and Amber went to fetch the ropes and the chains.  It took them about fifteen minutes but they firmly secured Tracey to the stake.  Blair manacled her wrists as Tiffany and Amber tied her with the ropes and chains.  When Tracey was completely immobile, the girls began piling all of the dry brush wood around Tracey’s feet and ankles.  “You are going to burn so fast, you bitch!” Blair laughed out loud!  Tracey just smiled and thought to herself “I certainly hope so!”

      Meanwhile, Tracey’s professor had arrived at the apartment.  He could see lights on and he was ringing the doorbell but no one was answering.  “This is strange” he mused “I know this is Tracey’s building.”  The next thing he knew was that he could see a flicker of fire through the window.  “Oh my Lord!” he cried out and ran to his car to get an axe out of the trunk.  Racing to the top of the stairs, he immediately began hacking at Tracey’s front door…

     Tracey was watching in astonishment as the embers that Tiffany lit with a match burst into flame and started consuming the brushwood.  “This is it.” Tracey Lynn thought “My final thoughts on Earth. “  She was completely ignoring the chants of “Burn witch burn!” coming from her sorority sisters.  She couldn’t believe the thrill of the pain as her shoes, stockings, feet and ankles caught on fire!  Tracey was determined not to scream, after all, she didn’t want the police showing up and putting an end to her barbecue!  She wanted to die with dignity like a martyr.  Her feet began to cook and were slowly blackened.  Then the flames began to rise up her legs and thighs, blistering them at first and then scorching them!  The fire burnt her stockings and panties to shreds and started to lick in between her thighs!  About that time, the four girls heard the splintering sound of wood crashing through the door.  Dr. Mackenzie rushed into the apartment and back toward the bedroom.  When he opened the door, he was dumfounded!  The three cheerleaders had expressions of mixed horror and happiness on their faces!  He rushed toward the smoldering bonfire and tried to push the burning wood away from Tracey with a lead pipe that was on the floor, but he was too late!  There was nothing he could do.  She was already burning!  She looked at him.  He had tears in his eyes!  She said “I’m really sorry professor, but I’m a witch and deserve to die!  If these flames don’t purge my soul of sin then maybe the flames of Hell will!”  As she said this, her black leather mini-skirt was burning and you could see tears pouring from her own eyes.  It didn’t take too long for the flames to eat away at the layers of her corset and you could see her nude 36DD breasts beginning to scorch.  By this time, the walls were beginning to catch on fire and the drunk cheerleaders had run out of the apartment, but the professor stayed.  “Please go!” Tracey screamed to him as the fire touched her pretty red hair for the first time!  The professor sank to his knees and looked into her beautiful green eyes.  “I can’t!  I’m in love with you!” he whimpered.  By the time the fire department arrived on the scene, two people were dead!