The second brutal witch burning - by Sarahmustdie



The witch-catcher was awakened early by a loud knock on his door. He sat up in bed angrily. Whoever was at the door had better have good reason for disturbing his dreams! It was a good dream too… a witch burning of course… damn was she suffering. Oh how he hoped he would get to do it again today, last night had been such a treat! He pulled the door open and the rising sun flooded in, making him squint to see the figure at the door. It was one of his assistants.


“Good morning, sir!” he spoke quickly, “Terribly sorry to awake you so early, but we need your assistance. We captured another accused witch last night! We took her to the town jail for holding, but she’s making quite a fuss and upsetting the other prisoners. The sheriff wants her dealt with immediately, and since witchcraft is her crime, I was sent to find you.”


A smirk spread across the witch-catcher’s face as he imagined this new young victim burning to death in the early morning sun. He quickly got dressed and followed his assistant to the small prison at edge of the town. The place looked like death, long wilted vines clung to the walls of the crumbling building, and the surrounding trees and grass were overgrown and had wilted years ago. Although it looked like a firm wind would blow it away, it was a strong building. Dark brick made up the strong walls, and strong metal bars were formed into cages inside which held the prisoners. A perfect place for a doomed little witch, thought the witch-catcher. As they entered they immediately heard the frustrated shouting of a young woman, she seemed to be arguing with one of the guards.


“But I’m telling you I didn’t do it! He’s the one! He’s just using me as a scapegoat! You have to let me out of here!”


“Don’t worry” the soldier responded annoyed, “The witch-catcher has been summoned. You’ll be out of here soon enough, and on your way to the stake like you deserve…”


“No! You can’t do this! Why won’t anyone listen to me?”


“… Because we don’t take orders from WITCHES!” the witch-catcher interrupted. He then turned to the guard. “Who has accused her, and what is the nature of her crime?”


“I did!” said another guard suddenly. “It’s about time you’ve arrived! I want that witch to suffer! And soon! I don’t want to look at her face a second longer unless it’s through a wall of flames!”


The prisoner glared at her accuser and tried to say something, but she was cut off by the witch-catcher who fought to hide a smirk at the guards comment. He of all people could understand wanting to watch a young woman burn, but for different reasons of course.


“Please calm down, sir, and tell me how you know she is a witch…”


“She’s my sister-in-law, and she killed her sister, MY WIFE! I heard my poor wife scream and ran in to find her on the floor, dead, and THIS little witch standing over her body! There was not a mark on my wife! She was obviously killed by black magic, and THIS CREATURE is responsible!!”


“YOU LIER!” the prisoner shouted at him, “YOU’RE the one that killed her! I saw you with my own eyes! Tell them the truth!”


The witch-hunter had a harder time now containing his excitement: a witch AND a murderer? This poor girl was going to suffer a lot, that’s what the crowd would want, and it would be up to HIM to ensure she did. It felt as if his birthday had come early! The guard seemed to ignore the prisoner’s angry come back, he simply turned to the witch-catcher and looked very serious.

“I will not rest until I see this witch punished for what she did. I will give my statement and you can take her to burn before noon.”


“Thank you very much for your cooperation,” the witch-catcher responded with a smile, “And do not worry yourself about the fate of this witch, I will ensure that she suffers beyond anything she has imagined in her life. She WILL burn, and it will be slow! I will prepare the stake for her. Please strip her, cuff her, and bring her to the town square in ten minutes time.”


“I will do that, sir, and thank YOU.” The guard gave a dirty look to the imprisoned girl and walked off. After he was out of sight she turned to the witch-hunter and pleaded with him.


“You can’t be serious! HE is the killer, not me! I’m not a witch! He just wants me to die because I saw what he did! You can’t let him get away with it! Let me out of here! If you won’t do anything I’LL KILL HIM MYSELF!!”


“Oh, you won’t be harming anyone else my little witch.” The witch-catcher smiled, “In a few hours you will be nothing but a pile of ashes. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must gather some slow burning wood, some fire resistant restraints, and of course some witnesses. I will see you in a short time” He then turned and walked out ignoring the witch’s continued shouting.


While preparing the stake, the witch-catcher soon realized that word spread quickly in this small town. The square began to fill with people who, upon seeing him preparing the stake, knew the rumours were true. Another witch was going to burn this morning. It didn’t take long before the square was filled with people, and shortly the desperate shouting of the witch was heard approaching.


“No! You can’t do this! This isn’t justice! Let go of me!” The townspeople turned in the direction of the shouting and watched excitedly as the young woman approach. She was the perfect specimen of feminine beauty, long thin legs, a firm but round ass, a perfect hourglass figure. What most of the crowd noticed immediately was that she was very well endowed, her tits that bounced as she struggled against the guard dragging her must be at least a D cup, probably more! Her long red hair was pulled up in the grip of the guard and used to drag her toward the place of her death. Her hands were bound tightly behind her with thick ropes and her ankles were shackled only a few inches apart making it nearly impossible for her to walk without stumbling.


The witch-catcher stared at her naked body with lust in his eyes. He was eager to watch this one burn, a gorgeous body and so much fight in her; he needed to ensure that this one suffered more than any other! He addressed the guard loud enough for the entire crowd to hear: “Bring the murdering witch forward! It is time for her punishment to begin!” The crowd cheered as the young woman continued fighting. Although her face remained hard and defiant, a flicker of fear began to appear in her eyes. She was going to be fun to break down.


Without hesitation, the witch-catcher bound her to the stake in a position he had planned especially for her. Her arms were pulled up and shackled above her head so tight that they bit into her wrists every time so moved. Her legs were wrapped around the stake and her ankles bound together behind her, leaving her pussy fully exposed to the eager crowd and to the pyre below. Finally, a strap was wrapped around her chest, both binding her fully to the stake and pushing her large breasts up and out for the viewing pleasure of all in attendance.


Seeing that his next victim was now unable to resist, the witch-catcher addressed the crowd. “This murdering witch killed a woman from this town! Seeing as her crime is particularly foul, I believe she deserves extra punishment, and you, as citizens of this fair town should be permitted to give it to her!” Through the loud, excited cheers of the crowd, he chose five large, burly men from among them and invited them onto the platform. He spoke quietly to them, the rest of the crowd unable to hear, waiting anxiously to see what would happen to the bound witch.


When prompted by the witch-catcher, the men walked slowly toward the trembling figure at the stake, lust in their eyes as they watched the fear grow in hers. Two of the men found large branches on the ground and, slowly approaching the woman from either side, they began to violently beat her with them. Her stomach, her arms, her legs, even her pretty face was beaten. For the first time the helpless witch began to scream and beg, her body becoming red and bruised as she wiggled helplessly against the stake.


As she was beaten, two more of the men approached, each taking one of her large firm breasts into his hands. They fondled her and played with her hard nipples, biting and sucking on them, ignoring her pleading. They squeezed cruelly hard, leaving finger prints imprinted on her soft flesh, bite marks on and around her nipples.


Finally the last man approached and without hesitation began to figure her exposed pussy. Tears began to form in her eyes then as she was violated, “Please stop!” she begged “I’m still a pure maid, don’t defile me!” The witch-catcher smirked at her pleas and taunted “You’ve defiled yourself, witch, by murdering with your black magic! Continue men! Her pleas are worthless to us!”


This torture continued for nearly half an hour, the young woman’s face red with tears as the men of the town continued to beat and violate her. Every few minutes they would switch positions, allowing everyone a fair chance as each bit of the torment. By the end of the torment, the fingering had progressed to full fisting, and the town stared in awe, many of them fully aroused by the events unfolding before them.


Finally the witch-catcher called for an end and the five men left the platform to congratulatory cheers from their neighbours. The witch-catcher approached the broken, trembling figure before him as stared into her tear-filled eyes “Now, the REAL fun begins! It’s time for you to burn, witch! But first…” He took the branches she had been beaten with, tied them together and forced them up into her violated cunt. Her high-pitched screech bringing smiles to the crowd as the branches punctured her womb, small drops of blood dripping down her thighs.


Without further hesitation, the witch-catcher stacked several logs of slow-burning wood below her calves, the doomed woman’s desperate pleading going unheard. He stacked the logs only for a small fire; the crowd deserved a good long show. He raised a lit torch for the crowd to see, and spoke the woman’s sentence: “You have been accused of witchcraft and of using dark magic to murder another human being. Because of your heinous crimes, you are sentenced today to burn alive at the stake until your body is nothing but ashes in the wind.”


As the bound witch squirmed and protested, the lit torch was lowered to the wood below her, which was evenly lit so that a circle of flame surrounded her. An ear piercing scream filled the square as the flames began to lick at her calves, knees, and toes. The crowd began to taunt the burning witch as they had done many times before, but this time seemed different, they seemed more excited, more aroused, and more cruel: ‘oh I hope she’s suffering’, ‘even this is too good for the likes of her’, ‘I hope she boils in her own blood’, ‘she’ll be burning in hell soon enough’, ‘too soon if you ask me’.


The burning witch flailed and sobbed helplessly in the small fire, begging desperately for her life, completely broken, no longer trying to hide her fear and pain. The flames rose up her legs then seemed to stop rising, licking painfully and her already tortured pussy, lighting the branches inside her, scorching her most private area.


The witch-catcher and the rest of the crowd looked on in sadistic awe as her legs and pussy were blistered and cooked in the flames. Her breasts bounced erotically, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she struggled desperately, the pain unbearable. After nearly five minutes in the small blaze, she lost consciousness. The crowd groaned in disappointed until someone shouted “Wake her up! She must suffer!” The cheering began again as the witch-catcher splashed a handful of ice water in the witches face, jolting her back to reality.


Her scream resumed almost instantly as the intense pain of her burning body returned. The witch-catcher circled her for a minute then smiled, “I wanna see those luscious tits of yours burn too, BRING MORE WOOD!” More wood was brought quickly and added to the pyre despite her desperate protests. The flames began to rise again, engulfing her shapely waist, licking at the underside of her protruding breasts.


“Oh God! Please! Stop this! I can’t take it!” she squealed as her supple breasts grew red in the intense heat of the blaze. Her head arched back, more screams and squeals erupting from her mouth. It was only a few minutes more before she lost consciousness again. Again the witch-catcher awoke her from this state to the delight of the crowd. This time the young woman, her body now covered in painful blisters, her legs blackening sobbed heavily, her tears mixing with sweat as they ran down her face and dropped into the flames.


“Pl-please… just let me rest…. I’ve suffered enough…”


“I don’t think so!” the witch-catcher responded, a cruel smirk on his face, “You will not rest until the flames claim your life! Then you can rest… at least until your soul is dragged down to hell!” The crowd laughs and continued to taunt the poor burning woman, trapped helplessly in the flames as they burned her alive: ‘suffer witch’, ‘suffer the pain of hell’, ‘scream for us’, ‘let us hear your pain’.


It was another five agonizing minutes before the tortured witch closed her eyes for the third time. This time the splash of ice water did not awaken her, her charred, naked body continued to hang limply in the blaze, completely unresponsive. The witch-catcher threw some cheap wood into the pyre, allowing the smoke and flames to completely consume the body within the fire, turning it to ash.


The crowd celebrated and began to empty out of the square. None of them had seen such suffering in their lives, and most of them couldn’t have imagined anything like it. Although the cruelty of the witch-catcher terrified all that witnessed the event, many of them found themselves strangely aroused by the image of the burning witch in their heads. They wondered if the town finally cleared of witches, but, although none of them would admit it, they secretly hoped more would be found.


The witch-hunter returned to his bedroom, leaving the fire to burn itself out. He was exhausted from the fantastic job he had done, and decided to take a nap, hoping he would continue the dream he had awoken from that morning.