The Perfect Wedding Gift


Angela’s wedding day had gone perfectly, and all that remained for her was to find out what the surprise wedding gift was that Peter had in store for her.  He had taken her aside for a few ‘quiet’ minutes alone, and then he announced that it was time for her to see her wedding gift.  When they appeared again she was stunned, but delighted, to see the scene before her.  There, a few yards away, were her three bridesmaids, still in their bridal wear, bound to stakes in the classic position for burning at the stake.  Peter knew Angela’s continual erotic fantasy of burning at the stake.  He knew that she enjoyed the fantasy of young girls being burned alive at the stake, as well as fantasising about being the sweet, innocent, young girl slowed burned alive at the stake herself.  He also knew that in spite of Susan, Denise and Dawn being her bridesmaids, she held a certain resentment towards all of them.  Susan had always been a backbiter, spreading false gossip about her; Denise had become very cool towards her once Angela had rebuffed her sexual advances, and Dawn had made a grave mistake in making overt sexual advances to her husband-to-be.  Now, Angela had the three of them exactly where she wanted them: at her mercy, and no mercy would be shown. 

“What do you think?” said Peter.  “Fantastic, I’m going to enjoy seeing all three burning alive at the stake”, replied Angela.  “Those ball gags are a novel twist” she added, “no shouting, screaming or crying out, just the sound of a fierce wood fire as they burn!”  “So” said Peter, “where shall we start?”  “Let’s start at the back with Susan” said Angela, “and let the fire gradually creep forward and engulf Denise in the middle, then finally take that big-breasted slut Dawn.  I particularly want Dawn to hear the fire, and feel the heat increase for along time before she is lit.  Those bridesmaids gowns will burn so beautifully; I love to see such shiny material go up in flames.”  “Then you will not be disappointed, shall we begin?” said Peter. 

They walked hand in hand to the back of the large pyre, to where two burning torches were placed in the ground.  Picking them up, they stood either side at the back of the pyre as Susan watched with terror in her eyes.  Almost as one, they both placed their torches into the wood at either corner and then stood together to watch the scene unfold.  The hot summer’s day ensured that the wood was bone dry, and flames were soon reaching along the back of the pyre as well as around the sides heading forward.  What terrified Susan was the ominous sight of the flames rising through the wood up towards her.  Ahead of her, the other two girls could hear the fire crackling on the wood, and feel the wisps of smoke gently encircle them as it drifted forward.  But they could see nothing.  Behind them, Susan was becoming frantic as the heat became unbearable and the fire advanced ever closer to her.  Her attempts at crying out resulted in a muffled sound, hardly heard above the sound of the fire.  Angela, avidly watching, was getting more aroused as the moment when Susan started burning got ever closer.  Finally, the flames reached the hem of her dress and set the satin material alight.  It burned slowly at first, but as the flames and heat began to take effect, long red flames were seen climbing up her dress, swirling all around Susan’s body.  But for the moment, only her clothing burned fiercely.  After several seconds, Susan was naked at the stake, but flames were already licking around her legs.  “Oh yes, that dress burned beautifully, and now she is starting to burn” said Angela excitedly.  The flames had tasted Susan, and wanted more, much more.  As more of the wood fed the fire, so the flames could be seen wrapping themselves around the stake and, in the process, whipping around the front to embrace Susan’s restrained shapely young body.  In no time at all her legs were enveloped in flames, and Angela gazed in wonderment as the flames hungrily licked at Susan’s fanny and her tight naked arse.  Susan’s hips provided the platform for the flames to rise even higher, and soon the fire was sweeping over her nubile naked breasts.  Seconds later, Susan’s hair was engulfed in flames, and Susan and her stake were as one: both clearly outlined within an all-consuming fire.  Angela and Peter then turned their gazes on Denise, who was fully aware of the fire raging behind her, and more seriously, of the fact that it was creeping closer to her with every passing second. 

Peter stood behind Angela and gently caressed her breasts as they waited for the flames to finally reach Denise.  Susan and her stake burned with a fierceness that sent flames spiralling heavenwards, and a breeze sent flames forward towards the next ‘witch’ to be burned.  Angela edged much closer to get a better view of proceedings, and as a result the breeze sent stray sparks from the wood showering onto her white wedding dress, without actually setting it alight.  “Careful” said Peter, “we wouldn’t want you to go up in flames”.  “Now wouldn’t that just be something to behold” said Angela seductively.  Peter smiled and gently sank his teeth into the nape of her neck.  Angela gasped, and Peter knew she was already imagining herself up on that pyre before them burning most erotically.  “Wow, look at that” said Angela.  And it was something to see.  The breeze had remained constant, and the fire ravaging Susan was being fanned forward with increasing force.  The flames on the wood were still moving forward, although at a slower pace.  What Angela and Peter marvelled at was the flames from Susan were actually touching the stake Denise was bound to, at around the level of her waist.  “This is fantastic” said Angela.  “Those flames are going to set her alight soon, but they will be around her waist first, not from her feet upwards”.  Angela had guessed correctly, as flames fastened on Denise’s stake and sensing there was more to be had, curled around Denise’s waist, feeding easily on her satin gown.  Denise’s long blonde hair, resting gently on her back, was singeing and about to burst into flames.  But the best sight of all was her breasts.  The ropes had been fastened in such a way that her superb breasts were bound tightly and emphasised their shape in the most emphatic way.  Now the flames were taking their natural path, and rising slowly.  Angela watched as the flames started to burn the satin covering the undersides of her breasts, and then moved on to take all of her breasts and her white bra.  Soon, her long blonde hair was well alight.  “Oh God, look at how she burns.  Look at how beautifully the flames take her breasts.  And seeing her long blonde hair on fire is just a total turn-on.  I wish I could have stood behind her and held a match flame to her hair and watched as tiny flames blossomed in those golden locks.  A girl’s long hair burning is so erotic!”  By now Denise’s waist, breasts and hair were well alight, and the flames in the wood slowly advanced towards her, smoke all the while drifting around her adding to the dramatic scene unfolding.  At last the fire in the wood reached her and began to work its way up her gown.  The lower half of her gown, already scorching in intense heat, blossomed with flames, and in seconds Denise’s legs were lost within the flames as she was ravenously consumed by the fire.

All the while, Dawn stood terrified at what was happening behind her.  Peter and Angela moved to the front of the pyre.  “I don’t think we should let those two torches at the front go to waste” said Peter.  “Let’s light the front of the pyre, and watch Dawn being taken from all sides!”  With that they both picked up a torch and, as before, plunged them into the wood simultaneously at each corner of the front of the wood.  Dawn instinctively tried to shrink back, but her bonds held her firm.  She was being assailed from all sides by the flames.  The fire was now in its element, with two pretty girls enveloped in flames and a third soon to be.  Once again the fire from behind came on at the girl with a force.  For Dawn, the flames licked high around the back of her, setting her hair on fire, but also at the same time burning through the fastener on the gag around her mouth.  Suddenly, Dawn could heard crying out, pleading not to be burned, shaking her head in a vain attempt to douse the flames on her hair.  “Bonus!” said Angela.  “Let’s hear this slut really suffer”.  Far beneath her burning hair, the fire was setting to work on Dawn.  Flames leapt through the wood in front of her, and as the hem of her gown was being set alight, so stronger flames were shooting up inside the gown to caress her thighs and probe deep into her naked crotch.  Angela saw the flames issue out of Dawn’s gown around her hips and crotch and heard her cry out.  “That’s the last thing ever to lick her out, the cow!” she exclaimed.  As she spoke, sparks from the fire alighted on Dawn’s prominent breasts ahead of the main fire reaching them, and the underside of her bodice slowly caught fire and began to burn.  Small flames spread along the undersides of her breasts before curling around the outsides and between them.  The effect was that her breasts were slowly being burned quite separately to the rest of Dawn.  Her full breasts soon had flames devouring all of the material around them: her gown and her sexy black tight-fitting bra that made them jut out to such terrific effect in the first place.  Dawn’s breasts stood out magnificently, flames playing all over them, as her hair continued to erupt in flames.  Dawn’s heavy use of hairspray saw to it that there would be a long and constant halo of fire around her pretty face.  Again Angela moved closer to enjoy the sight, and again sparks settled on her wedding dress.  “You really do want to burn alive, don’t you?” said Peter jokingly.  “That’s the only way to go” said Angela quietly, “it’s the totally erotic way to go, but more slowly than these witches.  When I am slowly burning alive at the stake, I want the chains to hold me so tightly that they hurt.  I want to be totally, unashamedly, helpless at the stake.  I want to feel every lick of every tongue of flame on me.  I want to be driven to an incredible orgasm as the flames lick out my fanny and arse.”  “Enough of that” said Peter, “for now you can just enjoy the spectacle of your three bridesmaids burning in the classic manner.”  “Perhaps I will be next…” said Angela, her voice trailing off as she knelt down and took Peter’s stiff cock in her mouth as they both watched the roaring fire burning the three young girls so deliciously.  “Perhaps next time…”