The ‘Online BATS Re-enactment Society’ 2009 (Part 2)


In front of the stake, Angela was completely intoxicated by what she had seen.  John and Steve quietly sidled up alongside her to lead her away, when Angela turned to them both and said, “I didn’t notice it before, but there is another stake fully prepared a few yards away…”  Her voice trailed off into silence, and then Steve said, “Yes, Angela, I wonder who else we are going to burn at the stake this fine afternoon…”


Angela feared that she would be next to be burned at the stake that day, but as events were to unfold, that would not be the case.


What John saw next shook him to the core.  Led out in front of him were his wife and daughter with their wrists tied behind their backs.  “What’s going on?” he asked.  “Well” replied Steve, “as we are all signed up to maintaining the secrecy of what goes on here, and also signed up to the fact that we will all support burning whichever female or females are chosen for the event, you cannot argue or dispute the choice of girls to be burned at the stake, even if those choices are your own wife and daughter.”  “No, this is wrong.  No, this shouldn’t happen.” John said.  “Look, you can’t have one rule for yourself and another rule for everyone else.  Every girl burned at the stake at these events is someone’s daughter, or wife, or partner, so the same rule applies to you.” Steve responded.  John sighed in resigned despair.  He looked over to his wife, 38 year old Jennifer, and his 19 year old daughter, Diane.  They were due to go out that day, and had no doubt been ‘intercepted’ on the way, as they were both dressed and made up beautifully.  Jennifer was tall and very shapely, proud of her long legs and full breasts, and she dressed to show them to best advantage. A short tight navy coloured skirt topped off with a buttoned blouse that clung to her every curve.  She had mastered the art of walking in high heels over the years, and was never seen out without them, and today was no exception.  Her short brunette hair was styled in a bob, cut stylishly to curve into the sides of her face and the nape of her neck.  Daughter Diane had her mother’s good looks and good figure, but was more petite.  She was wearing a white mini dress that just about covered the top of her thighs and the cheeks of her arse.  She was full-breasted like her mother, a tight-fitting bra helping her young breasts to jut out provocatively in her figure-hugging dress.  She wore white matching high heeled shoes, and her long blonde hair fell naturally over her shoulders and rested on her breasts.


“And the icing on the cake” said Steve, “is that Angela will be the executioner for your wife and daughter!”  Angela’s eyes lit up at the thought.  “I would be delighted to burn his wife and daughter at the stake” she said.  “Just a shame I can’t shag them hard once they are chained up there” she continued.  “Oh shagging them can be arranged” said Steve.  “In fact, I’m pretty certain that that will happen.  I’ve always wanted to shag Jennifer, and think about her burning at the stake as I fuck her hard.  I can do that at last, and also watch her burning at the stake afterwards for real.  And while I’m shagging Jennifer at the stake, I’m sure one of our members will take the opportunity to give her daughter one last good shagging at the same stake at the same time.  What a wonderful double fucking and double burning it is going to be!  Get them to the stake, but only chain them to it from the waist upwards.”


Willing hands immediately propelled them to the stake, and within seconds they were positioned back-to-back on the rectangular platform with their wrists still bound behind them.  A large chain was quickly drawn around both their waists and then drawn higher up and wrapped immediately beneath their breasts.  The ends of the chain were then secured together with a strong padlock, resulting in both mother and daughter being held fast to the stake from the waist up.  Steve immediately climbed up and stood in front of Jennifer, while one of others who had stood in front of Diane while she was being chained remained there when the others jumped down.  While Steve raised Jennifer’s short skirt over her hips, the hem of Diane’s mini dress was also lifted, no great distance since it had risen when the chain was pulled around her waist to secure her to the stake.  Jennifer’s skimpy knickers and Diane’s thong were quickly removed and thrown down onto the wood beneath them.


Within seconds both men had lifted the girls’ legs high, and had their stiff cocks pressing against their fanny lips.  Steve had no problem entering Jennifer as her juices were flowing freely in her well-shagged fanny.  “Jeez, she’s a virgin!” exclaimed the man with Diane as he set about entering her.  “Not any more!” he shouted as he buried his stiff cock deep into her.  The watching crowd cheered as the two men set about shagging the girls hard at the stake.  “I’ve want to shag you from the first moment I saw you” Steve whispered to Jennifer, “and just thinking of the flames licking up your fantastic body soon drives me crazy.”  Jennifer said nothing, but was rapidly heading towards an orgasm as she thought of how tightly she was chained to a stake, getting shagged hard, and the prospect of being an innocent girl burning at the stake.  Behind her, her daughter was experiencing something she had never known before.  And as she accepted losing her virginity, it was she who was grinding her hips hard onto the stiff cock deep within her; far more so than her mother.  With the stake set firmly and deeply in concrete and not moving an inch, the two girls were shagged hard for a couple of minutes, until both men climaxed inside of them, almost simultaneously.  As they both clambered down from the platform, their hunger sated, Steve called for the two girls to be fully secured to the stake.  Immediately, volunteers climbed up and wrapped one chain around both their thighs, pulling it tightly and securing it with a padlock, and finally another chain was drawn around their ankles and padlocked.  While all this was going on, Angela had turned the tables on John, and had been stroking his cock through his trousers as he watched the girls being shagged senseless.  “Keep watching, the best is yet to come!” she said to him as she drew away and picked up the burning piece of wood that was to light their fire.


“Now, I think what would really be good was if the fire was only lit on one side of the wood, so one of these bitches catches fire first, and her flames set the other bitch alight!  Who shall we burn first?  I think the daughter…” said Angela, as she headed towards the stake and to the side where Diane was chained.  “You shagged so beautifully” Angela called up to Diane, “and now you’re going to start burning first, and set your mummy alight as you are ravished again, this time by tongues of flames!”  Angela lowered the burning torch and thrust it into the base of the wood directly beneath Diane.  She held it in place for a few seconds then withdrew it, and to her satisfaction, a small fire could be seen in the kindling wood.  Diane, exhausted from shagging only a minute or so earlier, could only plead weakly not to be burned.  Jennifer behind her stood silently, turning her head to try to see what had really happened in front of her daughter.  She was soon to know, for the fire grew well beneath and in front of Diane, and soon the ominous sound of the loud crackling of burning wood could be heard, together with the sight of wisps of smoke circling upwards around both girls.


The fire continued on its way exactly as Angela had planned, with the wood on Diane’s side feeding the flames as they rose higher and higher, until Diane cried out in anguish, pleading for it to stop, and that the heat was unbearable.  Realising the helplessness of her situation, the teenager began to sob, as smoke drifted gently up her legs, over her naked fanny, on up over her breasts, and around her face.  Jennifer was now grimacing as the unbearable heat was now permeating around and up the other side of the stake.  But there was no question as to who was going to catch fire first.  Angela was now only seconds away from the flames reaching her, and her white shoes were darkening in the heat.  Suddenly she cried out “My God, I’m burning!  No, no!” as her sexy high heeled shoes ignited the moment the fire reached them, sending flames instantly licking over her feet and ankles to set her alight.  Behind her, Jennifer just mouthed “Oh God, no.  They ARE going to burn us!”  “Look at your daughter burning, just look.  The flames have got her.  They’re rising up her legs, look!” Angela taunted John, as he stood motionless, fists clenched.  “No finer sound” said Steve, “than a pretty young girl sobbing and crying as she starts to burn alive at the stake!”


As flames began to spiral up Diane’s shapely legs and set the stake alight behind her high heels, Jennifer cried out in anguish and pain with the heat that was now assailing her.  Also, the fire had made its way around to her side, and was rising strongly on both sides of her as well as feeding the wood directly in front of and beneath her.  But on the platform, which was now well alight on Diane’s side, the flames had worked their way around and were now at the point of reaching Jennifer’s black high heeled shoes.  As well as the scent of wood burning, Jennifer could also clearly detect the smell of her daughter’s burning flesh.  Almost imperceptibly, flames finally settled on Jennifer’s shoes, and within seconds they were burning steadily.  Flames licked up the heels and around the insteps, as other flames set the pointed toes alight, which curled up and sent flames licking back on to her ankles.  Jennifer was being set on fire by the flames that were already burning her daughter.


The fire, well alight in the heavier wood immediately beneath the platform, was now devouring her thighs as Diane shook her head from side to side in desperation, her face wreathed in smoke that drifted lazily over her breasts.  Diane was gasping and pleading for it all to end as the hem of her white mini dress ignited in the intense heat.  The stake was now well alight behind both girl’s feet and ankles, and those flames were licking hungrily up the stake and fastening onto Jennifer’s legs and joining with those now rapidly advancing from beneath.  The cries of both girls mingled with the roar of the flames as Diane’s fanny succumbed to the rising flames as her hips bucked back and forth in an almost involuntary manner.  Her mini dress was almost burnt away, burning so quickly that flames had no chance to settle on her bra for the moment.  Steve carried some bundles of wood to the fire, stood in front of Jennifer, and tossed them into the flames.  Immediately a shower of sparks rose up around Jennifer, some settling on her, others spiralling up around her.  Steve just stood and watched with smug satisfaction as flames reached Jennifer’s thighs.


Soon after, the hem of Jennifer’s skirt had tell-tale flames licking around it before igniting fully and exposing the top of her thighs for all to see.  Her small mound of public hair had already scorched away, and flames now settled on her crotch, licking at her fanny lips and around her hips to start devouring her firm arse.  Behind her, the fire raged up Diane’s body, and flames leaping high in front of her face alighted on her breasts, and in a couple of seconds her bra had caught fire and disappeared, leaving her pert, naked breasts now standing out proudly with flames licking all around them.  The flames lashing her breasts quickly set Diane’s hair on fire, and in seconds her face was surrounded by flames.


Behind her, the accelerants placed just beneath the platform on Jennifer’s side finally ignited, and sent a torrent of flames soaring up Jennifer’s body.  She screamed in helpless anguish as the inferno continued to ravish her.  Her legs were lost from view as the fire dissolved her blouse instantly and feasted on her breasts.  Flames raced over her shoulders and set her short hair alight, and now mother and daughter, with both heads bowed, were totally in the all-consuming flames, which leapt high above their heads and above the top of the stake.


Angela stood mesmerised at what her fire had achieved.  Steve came over to her, and suggested that she become a fully-fledged member of the society, which she said she would be pleased to do.  Meanwhile, a short distance away from her, more wood was being piled on the fire that was still raging around her daughter, and fresh wood was being prepared to be added to the raging inferno that Jennifer and Diane were in.

It had been a good event for the ‘Online BATS Re-enactment Society’ in 2009…