The Burning of Anita  


The dream keeps appearing.  It is always the same.  And the end is always the same.  I am always a helpless bystander, unable to intervene, only watch as events unfold.  I try to fight my feelings in my dream, but I am unable to do.  Each time, I become more aroused as the dream progresses.  I enjoy every second, savour every moment, as this event unfolds.  As I drop off, I am back in time, to the 1960s, driving through the countryside with Anita.  She is wearing a blue minidress with a white patterned bodice, and black patent leather high heeled shoes, so popular at the time.  Her hair is beautiful: backcombed with a fringe at the front, and as it drops at the sides to reach onto her shoulders, it flicks outwards and upwards as was the fashion at the time.  All held in place with hairspray.  She looks so sweet and sexy beside me as we drive along.  After some time the car begins to play up, and it is fortunate we see a house in its own large grounds up ahead. 


It appears not far short of a stately home.  I decide to pull in there and see what help can be given. Coming up the drive, we were greeted by several men, who appeared to be most helpful, but also seemed to take more than a passing interest in 18 year-old Anita.  They said they would arrange for a local mechanic to examine the car, but in the meantime we should relax and enjoy the hospitality bestowed on us.  They mentioned that they were about to have a barbeque at the rear of the house.  “Of course you are both welcome to our barbeque.  Anita can be guest-of-honour on the barbeque”, said one of them.  “Don’t you mean AT the barbeque?”, I said in all innocence.  “No, I meant exactly what I said”, came the reply.  “Anita will be barbequed in a few minutes, you will be an active participant in the event, and watch as she slowly roasts, before the flames reach her and burn her alive.  And there will be nothing you can do about it.  We are in charge here.”  With that, two of the men (there were five in total) took Anita, bound her wrists behind her back and we were quickly taken to the rear of the house.  Given the number of them, I was helpless to intervene in anything they chose to do.  I simply had to do exactly what they said.  The barbeque was in a secluded spot, with nothing overlooking it.  No one could possibly see what was going to happen, apart from those there.


 The barbeque was a huge affair.  It was enclosed on three sides by a small brick wall about six feet high.  The grill was fastened to the two side walls, and was about four feet from the ground.  There was plenty of clearance for a lot of fuel to be placed beneath the grill, and there was already a decent amount placed there.  What was unusual was that there was a pole in the rear of the grill, running from the ground to way above the top of the brick wall.    The pole, or in this case Anita’s stake, was well secured into the ground, and Anita started sobbing when she realised that they were indeed going to carry out their threat to roast and burn her alive on a barbeque.  Three of the men took her to the barbeque, and she was helpless as they hoisted her up onto the grill and set about chaining her to the stake.  One stood directly in front of her, holding her firmly to the stake.  She was securely bound with chains under her breasts, which immediately emphasised how full and curvaceous her young breasts were, and around her waist, her thighs, her calves, her ankles, and a final one around her neck so that her head did not slump forward.

  The man standing in front of Anita then began to cruelly tease her.  First of all, taking a box of matches from his pocket, he struck a match and held it in front of her face.  Trembling with fear, Anita watched as he slowly moved the single flame to her hair falling gently on the left side of her face.  He held the flame there long enough for her hair to smoulder, but not catch fire.  He then repeated this action with another match to the other side of her face.  Anita took in the pungent smell of her hair singeing.  After that, he took his time fondling her full young breast for a time, before slowly running his hand up her thighs inside her dress.  We all knew when he had reached her fanny, as she gave out an involuntary gasp.  He then proceeded to masturbate her fanny and stroke her clit until she finally cried out with abandon as her orgasm flowed over her.  “The next thing stroking you down there will be tongues of flames” he leered, as he pulled away from her.  With that done, the barbequing of Anita could commence. It seemed apparent that they had done this before, as they set about the burning of my girlfriend Anita in a very orderly fashion.  However I was handed a torch and told that I would be the first to light Anita’s fire beneath her.  For a few seconds, I was shocked, and stood motionless, then realising I had to comply, I stepped forward and thrust the burning piece of wood into the wood beneath her.  Far from regret, I felt a rush of excitement knowing that I had lit a fire beneath an attractive young girl.  Nothing was rushed, as the others also lit the wood beneath Anita. 


As the first plumes of smoke from the burning wood drifted up around Anita’s body, she began to sob quietly again.  But there would be no rush of flames through the grill to take her yet.  They let the fire build up, and then placed a fair amount of charcoal on the top of the wood, the effect of which was to reduce the flames, but gradually intensify the heat being generated.  They did this several times, building the fire outwards in a circular fashion, as well as slowly building it up in height.  Through all of this, they ignored Anita’s pleadings not to be burned, and her frequent gasps and exhortations that the heat was intolerable. The height of the wood was about six inches from the grill when the first flames reached up level with it.  By this time Anita was in a frenzy.  She had been roasting for the last quarter of an hour, and not a flame had touched her yet.  They kept the flames at that level for a few minutes more, before one of them decided that it was time for her to start burning.  “Let’s introduce this sexy young witch to the flames”, one of them announced, and with that he added more wood on top of the already burning wood.  For a few seconds nothing happened as the fresh wood took its time to ignite.  But then flames rose through the grill, hungry for fresh fuel to feed on. 


 Watching all of this, I was actually willing the flames to set fire to her shoes and start burning her.  At last the small flames found Anita’s shoes.  Her shoes were so hot that as the flames began to lick them, they caught fire instantly.  Through a shimmering heat haze I could see the pointed toes of Anita’s shoes being slowly engulfed in flames, as the black high heels also succumbed to the fire.  I could only watch, fascinated, but deeply aroused as flames and smoke swirled vividly over her shoes.  Anita screamed in total pain as flames began to set her alight, and in seconds the erotic scenario of Anita burning alive at the stake had begun.  She was lit, and now standing in a fire that craved more and more of her sweet young 18 year-old body with every second.  The flames licked over her slim ankles and began spiralling up her shapely legs.  At this point more wood was placed in the fire at the front and around the sides, so that the whole of the barbeque under the grill was filled with wood.  The effect was to increase the fire considerably, but the brick walls on three sides prevented the flames from fanning outwards, rather they helped to concentrate the flames in the area of the grill alone.  Smoke continued to drift up all around Anita, not obtrusively, but sufficient to add to the atmosphere of the occasion.  “She is burning beautifully”, commented one of the men.  Mentally, I fully agreed with him.  Here was my girlfriend chained helplessly to a stake and being slowly burned alive, and I was enjoying every moment, not wanting it to ever end.


As the flames drew closer, the hem of her minidress began to smoulder, then, with smoke drifting around and up inside the hem, the first flames touched the soft material of her dress.  The effect was instant: her clothing was alight!  Flames could be seen licking all around the hem, and then slowly burning upwards, caressing her smooth thighs as they did so.  Seeing the hem of her minidress catching fire and then flames and smoke billowing up it was such a turn-on, I had to admit.  The fire was quickly seen to be up to her hips as her dress burned steadily (its flame-retardant qualities really coming to the fore).  Everyone watched in fascination as her crotch and the cheeks of her arse (God, what a tight arse she had!) were clearly seen to be consumed by flames as she writhed in desperation against her burning stake.  Flames were indeed now licking her fanny and stroking her clit, to the delight of all watching. The flames continued to rise slowly, burning her dress away in the process, and soon we were to see the bodice of her dress in the flames.  For several seconds her beautiful white bra was exposed, but just as quickly that too caught alight.  The wonderful curves of her breasts were to be seen jutting out superbly as her bra burned away and the flames settled on taking her roasting hot breasts.  Anita’s eyes were closed and her lips open as she gasped over and over again in agony.  With her head back, her hair fell slightly lower onto her shoulders, and it was at this point that Anita’s hair began to singe.  It singed almost gently at first, but then tiny flames touched her hair, and the lavish amount of hairspray she had used on it now served only to help her hair to catch fire at once.  As flames rose over her breasts, onto her shoulders and licked around her sweet young face, so her hair sizzled and burst into flames.

  Anita was now completely engulfed in flames.  She had been burned alive at the stake in the most unusual and erotic fashion. “Now that you’ve witnessed this event, and been a willing participant in it, I’m sure you will take part in future events.  Oh yes, we have all the photographic evidence to show you participated alongside us, was the first to light the fire beneath the girl, even”.  I was trapped!  The only course to take was to go along with what he said, and look forward to the next barbeque, when someone else’s young girlfriend would be ‘guest-of-honour’.  Yes, I was warming to the idea already…