The Adventures of Holly Smith


Holly prepared for the day slipping into a new light blue dress with a large white collar and long sleeves.   She buttoned up the front and then put on the white apron that went across the front.  She bought the dress especially for the day thinking it had a colonial look to it.   Next she slipped her feet into a new pair of long white nylon socks.  She loved the feel of the new socks on her dainty feet and legs as she pulled them to her thighs.  Slipping her feet into a pair of black flat shoes she was ready to meet her friends and go to the celebration.


Holly met Sarah and Rebecca who were also in costume.  Sarah was dressed in a black dress with black nylon socks and a white apron across the front while Rebecca wore a long blue skirt and a white peasant blouse.  She too wore long white thigh high socks with black shoes like Holly.  They drove to the Colonial Days reenactment celebration.  Walking through the small town that had been built especially for the celebration, the girls noticed people were eyeing them rather strangely. They had fun going into store after store looking at what each had for sale.  They stopped for lunch then continued on walking through the town.  After about two hours an older man dressed in what looked like black pants that only went to his knees, with white tights on his legs, a white shirt with laced sleeves, and a wide brimmed black hat approached the girls.  He spoke with a low voice and told them his name was Greg Hopkins.  The girls each introduced themselves.  "What brings you to our town this fine day?" he asked.  Sarah answered "We wanted to come and see what it was like living in a small colonial town in the 1600‘s."  "I see" said Greg as he set his gaze on Holly.  Holly was a beautiful girl for her 20 years.  Soft long blond hair, dazzling blue eyes and a cute figure all of 110 pounds.  Greg was awe struck by her beauty.  She was perfect he thought.  Men in the town had a eye for young beautiful girls.  Several had approached Greg and informed him that they thought Holly should be their witch this year.  "I am the Witch finder General for this village" Greg told them, "It is my job to track down suspected witches and bring them to justice". "Justice?" said Rebecca, "and what does that mean?"  "It means that those accused of practicing witchcraft are put on trial" answered Greg.  "Trial! what if that poor person is found guilty?" asked Holly.  "The usual sentence is death by fire, they are tied to a stake and burned alive" said Greg.  "Burned at the stake! “This is America, I thought witches were hung" said Sarah.  "We prefer to burn them" replied Greg, "the fire purifies their soul.  “How Horrible!” exclaimed Holly.  About this time Sarah noticed two men behind them.  She wondered what they were doing just standing there looking at them.


Greg quickly turned his attention to Holly and looking sternly into her eyes be began "It has come to my attention that several in the town believe thee to be a witch!"  Holly could hardly believe her ears.  Had Greg just accused her of being a witch?  "A witch" said Holly  "I'm no witch" she said sternly.  Before she could speak another word the two men came from behind her, grabbing her hands began to tie them behind her back with a piece of leather cord.  Sarah and Rebecca could not believe what was happening and began pleading with Greg professing Holly's innocence.   "Quiet!" Greg shouted "or I have you arrested for the same charge! Perhaps ye be witches as well."  Holly was taken to the courthouse and placed in a small cell.  Inside the cell the men who had tied her hands untied them and left her slamming the cell door behind them.


Outside the small town was a buzz with excitement over the prospect of burning a witch.  In the center of the town square preparations were being made. A  small cement platform, two foot by two foot square and four feet high, was brought out and placed in the center of the town square.  Next a stake was put in the ground right next to the platform.  The witch would stand while tied to the stake and wood would be placed around the cement platform

up to her feet.  Faggots were brought in by the villagers and the executioner placed them around the platform leaving an opening in the front for a small ladder.


Holly was sitting in a chair. Her head was down, when she heard footsteps approaching her cell. It was the Sheriff coming to escort her to the courtroom.  The door opened and he took Holly and put her hands behind her back, and led her down the hall into the courtroom. She was brought right in front of the judge inside the packed courtroom.

Fear gripped Holly’s heart as she gazed into the judge’s stern, cold,  black eyes.    To her side stood Greg who would act as her prosecutor.   “With what has this young girl been charged” the judge asked Greg.  “Witchcraft my Lord” Greg replied.  “Witchcraft?  How do you plead? “ he asked Holly.  “Not Guilty” came her firm reply.  “Very well” said the judge.  “State your name” “Holly, Holly Smithfield.”  “ Holly Smithfield you are charged with the crime of witchcraft.  The ground upon which you are standing is considered by the court to be holy ground.  Therefore take off your shoes and sit on the stool behind you.” demanded the judge.  Holly quickly stepped out of her black shoes and took a seat on the stool with her stocking feet on the cold floor.


The judge then looking at Greg asked what proof he had of this charge.  Greg called witness after witness, twelve in all.  Each one of them testified to things Holly supposedly had done from cursing a cow in the field that would not give milk, to chasing black cats, to wild dancing late at night in front of a full moon.  The most damaging however was the testimonies of Sarah and Rebecca.  Her friends she had known all through high school.  They told the court stories of how Holly would curse animals and use finger nails pieces of hair to mix patients and place curses on people.  Spectators in the courtroom and the jury gasped as they told of their hair raising adventures with Holly.  Holly could hardly believe her ears.  Surely this was a bad dream and she would awaken any time.  After their testimony the judge asked Holly if she had anything to say in her defense.  “Not true!  All of this is simply not true.  They are lies all lies!  Why have you done this?”  She asked looking at Sarah and Rebecca, as the  tears flowed down her cheeks.  They seemed to ignore her gaze looking down at their feet.  Gaining her composure, Holly continued “I am not a witch, never have been one and never will be!  You must believe me you must!”  The judge then gave instructions to the jury who left the court room to debate the issue.  After ten minutes they returned.  “Have you reached a verdict?”  “We have my lord” was the foreman’s reply.  “What then is it?”  We find the accused Guilty of witchcraft! The courtroom burst with excitement as the verdict was read.  The foreman then  sat down.  The judge called the courtroom to order and silenced the crowd.  The witch will stand, demanded the judge.  Then he began “Holly Smithfield having been tried by this court and found guilty of witchcraft this court declares you to be a witch.  You are sentenced to death by fire.  Holly Smithfield, you shall be taken forth with to the village square there you are to be tied to a stake in such a manner as to there be burned with fire until dead!”


Holly could not believe her ears.  It couldn’t be true, they were going to burn her alive.  The sheriff and the court bailiff took Holly the sheriff held her by her arms, while the bailiff knelt down, and picking up her shoes and put them on her feet.  They escorted her outside the courthouse where Holly viewed the stake for the first time.  She thought of the time when her brothers and a couple of  friends were playing cowboys and Indians in the back yard and captured Holly as their prisoner.  They tied her to their mother’s clothes line pole, took off her shoes and put wood around her white socking feet then doing the Indian dance pretended to light the wood at her feet in order to burn her at the stake.  This time however, it was real.   Before long they stood in front of the stake where the bailiff climbed the ladder to the top followed by Holly.  “Prepare the witch for the fire” shouted the Sheriff.  The bailiff began the process of binding her to the stake.  He turned her around with her back to the stake and tied her hands behind her around the stake.  Taking the coil of rope he began winding the rope around the stake then in front of Holly’s chest cris crossing her breasts, looping under them two times then crossing her stomach and again two loops around her waist.  That done he knelt down and ran his hand up her white nylon sock covered leg to her thigh and slowly back down to her heal.  He seemed to enjoy the feel of the nylon socks on her shapely legs.  The crowd below roared at the sight of her white covered  leg.  “Twill be a pleasure to watch you burn,  my pretty little witch” he said.  And with that he began to slowly take off her shoe.  “Please Holly begged leave my shoes on.  Please!”  He looked up at her smiled and told her “what, with all this straw, you’ll feel the flames at your feet much better witch without them!” and slipped off her shoe.  He did the same with the other leg again enjoying the feel and beauty of her leg covered in white, taking off her other shoe while the crowd yelled for more.  Then taking a small coil of rope wrapped it around her knees three times and tying it behind them.  She was beautiful.  Her long blond hair flowed down her neck and hung just off her shoulders.  The ropes around her body were so tight she could hardly move but she was able to look down and see her white covered toes standing in straw on the cement platform.  The bailiff clamed down from the cement platform leaving Holly tied to the stake.  His job finished Holly was now ready to for the fire.


All during the process the crowd in the village was shouting Burn Her Burn Her, Burn the witch Burn the witch!  There seemed to be excitement at the thought of watching as the fire would slowly make it’s way up the wood to Holly’s feet and she would begin to burn.


. Greg came up to Holly. "Any last words. Witch" Greg said.  “I am innocent of all charges,  I am no witch you are going to burn an innocent person Holly called out to the crowd“  her eyes filled with anger. She gave Greg a death glare. Greg stood back and taking the paper in his hand he began to read "Holly Summerfield you have been found guilty of witchcraft and have been sentenced to death by fire." "Let her death be a warning to all you witches out there.  No witch is safe. We will rid this universe of evil. This is just one of the witches and they will have the same destiny. TODAY THIS WITCH WILL BURN ALIVE!"  Greg shouts and points at Holly. He then nods to the executioner, who then taking his torch put fire to the wood surrounding the beautiful Holly.  She watched in horror as the small flames from the torch began to catch the faggots on fire.  The executioner lit several places on one side of the pile and did the same on the other.  Small curls of white smoke drifted past her eyes as she watched.  Soon she could feel the warmth of the fire below her as the flames began to catch the faggots on fire.  Looking down at her stocking feet began shuffling them as if to free herself from he impending doom. Once again fear gripped her at the thought of burning alive.  "Please"! she cried. “Don‘t do this I don‘t want to burn please don‘t let me burn“. The flames were just below her now and her feet began to sting as the fire singed the bottoms of her socks.  She squirmed hopelessly against the stake as The crowd began shouting burn witch burn witch burn witch burn!  The flames were now at her feet and the straw she was standing in began to burn. Holly felt the excruciating pain as the fire began burning her socks and feet.  Her socks began melting into her flesh and the pain was unbearable. She was beginning to burn alive. Her stocking feet were engulfed in fire "AHHHHHHHHHHHH" Holly let's out an ear-piecing scream of pain as the flames began to burn her dress and to claim the rest of her body.  She pressed herself against the stake as hard as she could in an effort to escape the tremendous heat and pain from the flames ravaging her body. Her screams and cries for help went unheeded as the crowd shouted all the more  "Burn witch Burn!" Within minutes Holly's body was totally engulfed in flames her body was racked with pain she screamed one final time.  It was  true she was burning alive. 


Suddenly from out of no where,  Holly could hear her mother calling in the background “Holly time to wake up”!! Holly get out of bed!  Slowly Holly  opened her big blue eyes and looked at her surroundings.  She couldn’t believe it.  Sure enough she was at home in her own bed.  Her long white cotton night gown was soaking wet as were the sheets on her bed.  Must have been from the sweat during her dream she thought.  It had all been just a night mare a miserable nightmare at that.  Or had it?


Holly got out of bed, picked up her things and went in to the bathroom to take her morning shower.  Sure felt good to feel the warm water caress her youthful body.  Shower over she dried herself off put on her robe and went back to her bedroom.  It being a warm morning she grabbed a pair of blue jean shorts from her drawer and slipped into them, then put on her bra.  She went to her closet, pulled a sleeveless white blouse off the hanger and put it on.  There, she thought, that looks pretty good as she eyed herself in her door mirror.  She then brushed and blow dried her long blond hair and pulling the sides back pined them back in a gold barrette.  Shoes or sandals? she thought to her self then quickly decided on her white canvas Keds sneakers.  She pulled from her dresser drawer a new pair of white nylon turn cuff anklet socks.  She loved wearing them.  The nylon always felt good on her dainty feet and she had worn those kind of socks since she could remember. She opened the package and slipped the new socks on her feet turning down the cuff around her ankles she slipped her feet into the Keds.  She was ready to face the day.


Down stairs mom was busy getting ready for work.  Her dad had already left for work and her brothers Tommy and Darren were watching something on the TV.  Not long and mom was saying goodbye and was off to work, leaving Holly to watch after her brothers for the day.


After breakfast the boys asked if they could invite their friends Larry and Joe over to play in the back yard for a while.  Holly agreed and before long they were playing in the back yard having fun running and chasing each other and playing sword fighting.  Holly meanwhile stayed in the house chatting with her friends on the phone and e-mail.  Before long it was noon and time for lunch.  She fixed the boys sandwiches and chips made cool aid and took it outside where they were playing.  Tommy was the youngest of the boys at age seven then came Joe at age eight,  Darren was ten and Larry was twelve.   They were starving little boys who scoffed down the sandwiches and chips Holly made for them.


Larry asked Darren if they could play cowboys and Indians.  Sure said Darren, it was his favorite game and Tommy’s too.  It wasn’t long before they were dressed in headdresses and war paint with tomahawks bows and arrows.  They must have played for an hour or so chasing and capturing each other when Larry suggested they capture Holly for their prisoner.  “Sure said Darren“, “it would sure be fun to burn her at the stake!” he said.  They told Tommy and Joe of their plan they fully agreed.  “What will we use for a stake?”  Asked Tommy eying the back yard.  There, we can use mom’s old clothes line post.  The  post was a 4x4 fence post that stood about 8 feet above the ground with a rope from the top to the top of the other post.  “Perfect” said Darren.  The clothes line was hidden from view by some small bushes and trees.  The boys then quickly dragged three small pallets they found over to the post and began piling them on top of each other.  Then they piled some of the fire wood dad had cut for the wood stove,  around the pallets. They stood back admiring their work “ It’s perfect” said Larry.    Tommy went to the garage and brought out a coil of rope they would use to tie Holly to the stake.  Now all they needed to do was capture Holly.


Holly was inside the house washing the dishes from lunch and cleaning up the kitchen when Tommy came in and asked if she would play cowboys and Indians with them.  She cautiously agreed and went outside and the chase was on.  She ran as fast as she could right into Larry who managed to grab her ankles forcing her to the ground where the other boys helped her up and promptly tied her hands behind her back.  She was taken to their village for torture.  The boys sat her down on a chase lounge chair and began tying her up.  They tied her arms to the arms of the lounge chair and her legs to the sides of the chair.  They tickled her sides and when she didn’t laugh they moved down and Larry began untying her Keds.  Taking them off her feet he began tickling her white nylon sock covered feet until she laughed so hard she began to cry.  There was no escape for her though.  They soon quit and Holly felt relieved.  The boys then left for about three minutes and returned.  Larry put Holly’s shoes back on her feet and tied the laces for her.  “White squaw has trespassed Indian territory and must die.”  “What are you going to do to me” asked Holly.  “White squaw will burn at the stake” replied Larry.  “Now wait just a minute.  You’re going to burn me at the stake?” Asked Holly.  “ That’s right Larry replied. And with that they began to untie her from the chase lounge chair.  Holding her hands behind her back and wrapping a rope around her waist they escorted her to the stake.  Holly was shocked by the detail to which they had gone.   Helping her to the top Darren turned her around and backed her against the stake.  He took the rope tied to the post and started tying her to the stake.  He crossed the rope around her breasts in front of her then went around her stomach twice and tied it in a knot behind the stake.  He took her hands and tied them behind her back.  Then bending down began to untie the Keds.  “What are you doing?” Holly asked.  “I’m taking your shoes off” Darren replied.  “Do you have to” asked Holly.  “Yes, so your feet will feel the fire and you can not escape the flames” Darren replied.  Then he went back to his work and slipped the sneakers off  her feet.  She was now standing in her white nylon anklet sock feet tied to the stake surrounded by wood beneath her feet and ready for the fire.  Larry stopped for a minute and just gazed at her.  She was beautiful.  Her soft blond hair careened down her neck to her shoulders her soft blue eyes and shapely bare legs down to her dainty little socking feet, she was helplessly tied to the stake ready to burn.  The boys danced around  the pyre and it’s victim.  Holly called for help.  Needless to say no one came to her rescue.  Then taking a torch in his hand Larry smiled  and asked Holly if she had any last words.  “H E L P” she shouted.  As Larry began lighting the wood on fire.  Holly remembered her scary dream from the night before and began squirming around and screaming as if in horrible pain, giving the boys a good show.  She died a slow death at the stake that day.  Never again has she had her horrible nightmares.  However, at least once in a while Holly and the boys play their favorite game of cowboys and Indians.  They love to burn their sister at the stake and she loves being their victim.