Teriís turnÖ.by Shankster


SPLASH! 26 year old Teri is jolted from her alcohol induced slumber by the icy rush of water all over her body! "What the fuck!" Her mind is reeling, she is completely submerged in water! She tries to move but she seems to be tied "spread eagle" to something by her wrists and ankles! She tries to hold her breath but she has already swallowed a lot of water! Her lungs are burning, her chest feels like itís about to explode! "What the fuck is happening to me!" her mind screams. She is about to slip into unconsciousness, when suddenly, her head breaks the surface. She is choking and gasping for air, spitting up huge amounts of water. From what little she can see, she is floating in a lake, her head bobs in and out of the water. Now, she can feel herself being lifted and dragged to the waters edge, she looks down and is shocked to see she is completely naked! She is bound to what appears to be a ladder and she is being dragged out of the water onto the bank. Her head is lowered to the ground and she can see a figure kneeling over her. Her eyes slowly begin to focus, she still is having difficulty breathing, coughing up water, and her well endowed chest heaving as she gasps for air. She can see his face slowly coming into focus now as he leans forward grinning. "Well well WITCH, it seems you float when ducked in water, you know what that means!" "Oh my god, YOU!" she gasps as she recognizes his face as the guy she met at the bar. She had been chatting and drinking with him, he seemed friendly, good looking and he kept the drinks coming! She was seriously considering taking him home for a romp in the sack! She must have passed out at some point or, more likely, the bastard slipped her something! "What the fuck are you doing?!" Teri gasped. "Oh, you'll know soon enough!" he replied as he lifted the head end of the ladder and resumed dragging Teri up into a patch of trees near the lake........It seems the "Witchfinder has grabbed a third sexy, young victim to act out his sadistic fantasies with. Teri is hot! She looked mid 20's about 5' 5' 114 lbs with dark red hair framing her pretty face, falling just past shoulder length. Her body is fantastic, round and curvy, big full tits, nice hips and thighs. when he saw her in the bar wearing those tight jeans and a red tank top, he immediately started to move in on her, chatting her up, buying her drinks. He knows an easy bar slut when he sees one, when he looked down at her small, perfectly shaped feet in those red flip flops that sealed her fate! Soon, Teri will BURN! He had been hanging around this small, southwest town for about a week, checking out the local girls for his next burning. He had also found remote isolated woods by a lake to carry out his plans, no one around for miles! He won't have to gag her, he can enjoy her agonized screams as she burns! Teri is terrified at the thought of what this guy might do to her! But never in her wildest nightmares could she imagine the horrible ordeal she is about to face! The killer drags the ladder to a straight, sturdy oak tree that he had already picked out and lifts, leaning the ladder with its sexy, young contents, against its trunk. He then lashed the top rung to the tree with heavy rope, the ladder is almost vertical, with Teri's lovely bare feet about 2' off the ground. He steps back to admire his work, Teri makes a beautiful witch at the stake! "What are you going to do to me? please! You donít have to rape me! I was planning to fuck you anyway!" she cried. "Oh I have bigger and better plans for you WITCH!" he snarled. "Witch? What do you mean witch?" Teri stammered as he walked over to a pile of bundled branches he had prepared earlier, picking up an armful, he returned and began to stack them neatly around the base of the ladder. Teri did not like the looks of this, she began to tug at her bonds but she is held fast to the ladder and can only watch helplessly as her "date" stacks more of the bundles up around the ladder to within a few inches of her feet. "Look man, if this is some kinky game of yours, I'll play along, just donít hurt me please!" she pleaded. "Oh this is no game witch! You are gonna BURN!" the killer growled as he stacked a bundle vertically between her spread legs, not quite up to her crotch. "Oh god no! You canít mean that! Donít do this please! I'll do anything, anything you want! Just donít BURN ME!" she stammered in sheer panic. "Thatís what they all say!" he taunted as he picked up a 5 gallon can of kerosene and began to pour it around and onto the pyre beneath Teri's bare feet "OH GOD NOOOO! Somebody please HELP ME! OH GOD HELP ME PLEASE!" she shrieked. When he had emptied the can onto the pyre, he picked up a torch with an oil soaked rag tied to the end and lit it! Teri's big brown eye's are wide with sheer terror as she watches him approach her with the flaming torch, she struggles frantically trying desperately to free herself as he pauses in front of her. He slowly puts the torch flame between Teri's silky tanned thighs, letting it just touch her naked pussy! Her neatly groomed pubic hair goes up instantly in a flash of flame!"EEEEEAAAAHHHH!" Teri shrieks as the killer withdraws the torch, leaving her most sensitive area slightly reddened and scorched! "Just a small taste of whatís coming up!" He then lowers the torch to the edge of the pyre, setting the flame all around the ladder and the beautiful young girl tied to it! "NOOOOO! PLEASE DONT! OH GOD NOOOO! DONT BURN MEEEEE!" Teri is now wild with panic as the fire slowly takes hold and encircles her! She yanks and tugs as hard as she can at her bonds but there will be no escape from the advancing flames! Sobbing and shrieking pitifully as she can already feel the heat gaining intensity on her wiggling, naked body, her big tits bounce and jiggle with every movement, dark brown nipples fully erect! Through the shimmering waves of heat, she sees her executioner standing in front of her, cock in hand, pleasuring himself to the scene before him! "OH MY GOD NOOOO! PLEASE! SOMEBODY HELP ME! I DONT WANT TO DIE LIKE THIS! OH GOD! DONT LET ME BURN!" Teri is now thrashing and struggling wildly as the fire leaps closer to her! The flames are now just below her lovely bare feet! Squealing and yelping, she involuntarily kicks her legs against her ankle bonds, wiggling her feet, her small dainty toes outstreched!"EEEEEAAAAHHH! OOOOWWWW! AAAAAAAHHHHHH! Teri shrieks in pain as she feels the searing sting of the flames playing at the bottoms of her bare feet! Her soft tender soles redden and blister as the flames curl up around her arches, caressing her ankles! "EEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! YOUR'E BURNING MY FEEEEEET! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! Teri screams out in agony as she begins to burn! Her feet are now in flames, the cruel fire begins working up the bundles stacked between her spread spasming legs! Sweat pours from her naked, writhing body, evaporating into steam in the unbearable heat! The killer
watches in delight as Teri fights and struggles in the flames, her naked body twisting and bucking, jerking violently at every touch of the fire! Her lovely legs are scorched and blistered, sizzling in the intense heat! The flames are now leaping between her thighs, lapping playfully at her ass cheeks, reaching eagerly for Teri's hot, steaming little pussy! She arches her back, shaking her head side to side, thrusting her hips out as she screams wildly in pure agony, feeling the touch of the fire on the lips of her pussy! Teri is burning beautifully! Reacting to the burning torture on her swollen clit, she appears to be in the throws of orgasm as the fire devours her pussy and climbs up her heaving blistering belly, leaping toward her massive bouncing; quivering tits! The killer is in a trance of ecstasy as he watches Teri burn, the flames just starting reach her swinging tits, scorching, blistering her huge jugs! He yells out as he lets loose an explosive orgasm, watching the flames lap sensuously at the tips of Teri's trembling, fully erect nipples! Teri is now nearly engulfed in flames, her screams reduced to hoarse, gasping howls, her pretty face upturned, locked in a wide eyed grimace of pure anguish as her silky red hair erupts in a ball of flame! The serial killer known as the "witchfinder" has burned his third pretty, young victim! And there will be more!