Sarah's wish


Sarah was very exited. She had just received notification of the availability of several new facilities at the BDSM club that she and her partner John attended. She rushed upstairs, her hands shaking with delight and a giddy smile on her face,


 "look John" she said fanatically "they've updated our club - and it sounds amazing".


 John had not long since opened his eyes and was finding the letter that had been stuffed under his nose very difficult to read.

 "Look there, Medieval torture facilities" gasped Sarah.


Still unable to focus properly on the letter Sarah impatiently snapped it back off him and began to read.

 "Visit our new medieval attraction featuring hard cold stretch racks, hanging metal cages for sustained imprisonment, and" she stuttered for a moment before finding the right emotion to finish,  "and realistic witch burning facilities!"


At this point John sat up "witch burning ? how on earth can they do that?" he said


Sarah continued down the page till she reached the appropriate section highlighting the new attraction. "Use our brand new state of the art stake burning simulator with three different options available for purchase. Take your partner and chain him/her to our authentic re-creation of a stake surrounded by special replicated timber and firewood. Once in place you can cruelly light the fire and begin your partners torment! The fire is controlled using a special series of gas rods which will ignite as the 'fire' grows nearer giving the impression of a real stake burning."


Pausing for a moment, Sarah reached over for John's pack of cigarettes and fumbled one out of the pack. Hastily she clicked the lighter several times before finally managing to get it to work. She dragged several times on the glowing cigarette

"John - this is just so exciting" she said blowing clouds of smoke from her mouth as she spoke.

 She continued to read the rest of the letter to herself. John knew that Sarah was indeed extremely excited by this. For a start, she didn't really smoke that often and when she did it could be said she didn't always inhale so deeply, and secondly she had a wild look in her eyes like a child opening their presents on Christmas day.

"So I presume you'd like me to book up for a weekend visit sometime then?" Sarah said nothing, as if she hadn't heard what her partner had even said and continued chain smoking her cigarette and reading.


When she had finished reading she reached over and stubbed the cigarette out in the ashtray. John could see that it had seemed to have clamed her down slightly and was ready to repeat what he had said earlier when he was interrupted by Sarah

"Weekend visit sometime !" she screamed, "you'll get on the phone and arrange this for us as soon as they open today! - It says here to book early to avoid disappointment and that's exactly what we're going to do!"

 almost snarling at John she reached over to light another cigarette. John grabbed Sarah's hand as she did and held it tightly, he looked at her without saying a word and Sarah read the look in his eyes. He gently let his grip go and Sarah put the cigarettes down. There was a slight pause before Sarah spoke

"Oh god..I'm sorry honey.", she said softly.

He reached over a took a cigarette each out for both of them, placing it between her lips and softly clicking the lighter. This time Sarah took a moderate drag and smiled. "You know I really want to go don't you? I've dreamt of this for such a long time, I just couldn't believe that it would ever happen".

 John smiled back "I know you have sweetheart, and I will phone up to book us in as soon as we both arrange time off work.". With that Sarah climbed back into bed still clutching the letter that had caused all her excitement and began calmly reading it through again. When she had finished John took the letter from her hand and placed it on the bedside table. "I promise I'll book up a visit for you today, later, but for now I'm tired and I'd really like to try and have my lye in.", Sarah smiled and gently cuddled into him "I know, and I'm really sorry about before, I love you" she whispered. "I love you too" smiled John. While John drifted off Sarah's mind was too preoccupied to go back to sleep and she began thinking about the re-enactment and what exactly would it be like to be fastened to that stake, watching the flames rise around her, feeling their heat.


She had met John in a Nightclub. She knew that John was into the fetish scene as this particular night was a theme night, and everyone who was there was dressed accordingly and Sarah was no exception. She had worn her black PVC thigh boots and gloves and had squeezed herself into a gorgeous black lace corset, and although she was only petite the outfit helped excensuate her features, bringing out the best in her. The high heeled stillettoe boots also added another six inches to her height for which she was quite grateful. John had been standing at the bar drinking with another pal and Sarah had been eyeing him up for some time - to no avail. Then she watched as his friend parted company with a shake of the hand.

"Go on Sarah - we know you want him" said one of Sarah's friends giggling.

 "Is it that obvious" said Sarah raising an eyebrow and trying to look slightly surprised, "Yes!" replied her group, still sniggering.

 Sarah took a deep breath and started making her way towards her target. "Go get'im tiger !" and as she turned to look back at her friends they all did a collected 'growling' sound coupled with an imitated clawing action .

Undaunted she proceeded to head towards him, "god I don't even know what I'm going to say" she thought, but she was committed now and what was more he had noticed her striding towards him. As she grew close she noticed he was smoking a cigarette and she hatched a chat up line that even surprised her.

 "Hi - my name's Sarah, would you like an ashtray?" and with that Sarah knelt before him, tossed her head back and opened her mouth. Sarah's friends were in a state of shock and John was taken aback more so. For a couple of seconds Sarah waited kneeling on the floor with her eyes closed, "oh no" she thought "I've gone and made a complete arse of myself". Just then a reply came "as long as you're sure", and John flicked the warm ash from his cigarette in Sarah's mouth.

 Although it tasted foul in didn't hurt too much and she swallowed it and opened her eyes. John was looking down at her smiling and he held out a hand, which Sarah gladly accepted. He pulled Sarah up back onto her high heels but she was still quite small compared to John who must have been about six-foot.

 "Well Sarah - you certainly know how to make an entrance. I don't know who's more surprised, your friends or me!" Sarah quickly turned to look at her friends most of who where still standing with their mouths open completely lost for words.

 "Well I like to make an impact" she paused, and waited. "My name's John". They both just smiled before John offered Sarah a drink and they sat down at a nearby table.

 That night they found they had so much in common and talked about all sorts of things, including arranging to meet up again for a future date.

 "Don't worry I won't embarrass you again" Sarah said with a grin. "Who was embarrassed - it was my privilege, but I'll just stick to using regular ashtrays in the future, well, most of the time" smiled John.


That was five years ago and since then their relationship had grown stronger, but Sarah had never told John of her ultimate fantasy. Sure they'd role-play lots of other fantasies involving bondage and dominance, with Sarah taking the submissive role most times. They'd both joined a BDSM club and regularly attended staying overnight to use the clubs many facilities. But it was always lingering in the back of her mind of how she could tell John about the one fantasy that she dreamed about the most.


One night Sarah decided to go for broke. They had both been drinking wine and had gone upstairs feeling rather in the mood for some kinky fun. John made her undress and then pinned Sarah against the wall and cuffed her hands and ankles to their home made 'X' frame. He then proceeded to a cupboard and brought out some items. He lay them on the bed near to where she was secured and asked her to choose her method of punishment. Sarah looked at the items. There was a black leather paddle, a beautiful hand crafted whip, and a cat o'nine tails.

 While she decided John gently rubbed his hands along her now firm breasts, occasionally touching her erect nipple sending shivers down her spine. As she felt rather tipsy and brave Sarah picked the crafted whip, as this was the one which inflicted the most pain. John took a well-practised step back as he worked the whip towards her naked flesh. At first John was gentle and the sting of the whip and the marks soon faded, but this was just a warm up. After a few 'warm up' blows, the real punishment started.

'CRACK!' The whip lashed against Sarah's helpless and beautiful naked body leaving a nice red welt on her left-hand breast. Sarah tried not to cry out, as she knew there would be further punishment for any outcry. Once again he coiled the whip back and sent it lashing towards her other breast.

'CRACK', another red mark appeared and Sarah began to moan with pleasure. The more she was punished the hotter she became, at one point she even deliberately cried out so as to receive more punishment, which John duly inflicted. After about twenty minutes tied to the frame, she was untied and ordered to give her torturer some pleasure, and she did as she was told. As they made love John gently rubbed his hand up and down Sarah's whip reddened body, and when they were finished they both lay flat out on the bed sheets.

 "Wow, that was hot!" Sarah panted. "You were sure up for some real punishment tonight - it must have been the wine" said John with a wry smile on his face.

 Sarah took another sip of wine and passed John his cigarettes and lighter. John smiled knowing the familiar routine that was now carved into their relationship. As John lit the cigarette, Sarah got up off the bed and walked to the other side, where she knelt down before him. She tossed her head back like she had done so many times, closed her eyes and waited for the ash on the cigarette to build up. When it had she heard the hiss from the still hot ash as it landed on her tongue, and a wide smile crossed her face, knowing that every time this happened they would both be thinking about the wonderful time they had met. Sarah got up and climbed over the cuddle her partner, and that's when she started. "John - would you promise not to be hurt by what I'm about to say". John sat up sharply with a worried look on his face.

"What is it Sweetheart? Is it me? have I done something wrong?" at that point Sarah put her hands around him

 "It's not you. It's me. You see, all this time we've been seeing each other there is a fantasy that I haven't told you about", Sarah paused

 "But I thought we'd talked about all our deepest fantasies, and played them out" said John, the worry still evident in his speech.

 "Not this one" said Sarah looking down at the bed sheets "you see it's a very dark deep fantasy and I've always been scared you'll think bad of me. I've had this fantasy in me from when I was quite young" Sarah paused again to look up at John, but he said nothing although his expression gave a look of curiosity.

 "You know how much I enjoy being tied up and punished and all..Well, what I'd really wish for, to be tied tightly to a stake in the middle of a forest, and have you surround me with brushwood, and then watch you light it" she looked up at John with fear in her eyes.

"You mean you'd like to be burnt at the stake ? Like a witch?"

"Yes, oh yes, more than anything I'd love to be burnt at the stake!" and with that Sarah broke down in tears. She was crying part out of fear she'd just lost her partner and part because she felt a great burden had been lifted from her. For a couple of seconds she just knelt on the bed crying uncontrollably until she felt Johns warm hand wipe away a tear from her cheek and place it under her chin to lift her head.

 "Look at me" John said firmly. Still crying Sarah did so, she didn't know what to expect until John softly spoke "and how long have you have this fantasy?" Again wiping her nose she tried to quietly answer, but her sobbing made this impossible,

 "since I was a teenager" she sniffed. There was an uncomfortable pause,

 "Well, you were right, you have hurt me" said John "but only because you feel you could not tell me until now".

 Sarah took a deep breath, trying desperately to control her tears. "What did you  say?" she said. "I said I don't mind your fantasy. In fact it does something to me as well, but how could you not trust me enough after all these years to tell me before now? We have shared every thing together",

 "I wasn't sure how you'd react to this", Sarah continued "it's not like an every day common fantasy - it's really dark, please forgive me John, I'm just so relieved to tell you - and I have no more secret fantasies locked away up here".

John got up off the bed and went downstairs for a glass of water. When he returned Sarah was waiting for him with a packet of cigarettes in her out-stretched hand. "I thought you might want another one of these" she said,

 with tears still visible in her eyes. "No thanks, I think I'll just go to sleep" he replied and with that he turned his bedside lamp off. There was an uneasy silence in the room and Sarah began to think whether it had been worth telling John after all. She placed the cigarette in her mouth, clicked the lighter and took a long inhale, all she could hope for was that John would forgive her over the next couple of days. She sat there in the relative darkness with only the glow of her cigarette for company, her mind racing with what she had just said and done. She took one last long drag on the cigarette before extinguishing it and turning in for the night, hoping that things would go back to the way they were before she had told him.


And throughout the next couple of weeks John did forgive Sarah, and they talked a lot about it - about how her fantasy had began and if there was anything they could do to try and bring it to life. John even put up a large pole in one of the spare bedrooms, re-enacting tying Sarah to it and surrounding her with wood from the yard. He was very good to her and although this role-playing delighted her at first it became obvious to her that it was not the real thing. That one most important ingredient was missing - flames.

Learning her lesson in honesty and trust she told John it was not the same without fire, heat, pain and danger - none of which could safely be recreated and they both resigned themselves to the fact that it was unlikely they could ever fulfil the fantasy as accurately as Sarah needed it to be.


They still talked a lot about it and Sarah even confided in a few close friends at the BDSM club about her fantasy, most of who where happy to listen and sympathetic - but could suggest nothing to quell her 'burning desire'. That was until Sarah opened the letter from the club that day, and from that day forward, she new things were going to be different.



It was a damp Friday morning and Sarah was busy getting ready. John had been in touch with the club and not only booked them in for the weekend but also secured the first place for Sarah at the stake (which delighted her). Sarah packed a long white gown for the occasion and they drove down after lunch. All the way Sarah's heart was pounding, if this was what she was like in the car, how would she feel when she was tied to the stake she wondered. They finally reached the club at about 3'o'clock and the receptionist advised them that their session would begin about 5'o'clock - just as it was getting slightly dark.

 "You'll need to choose which option you'd prefer" said the woman at the desk who knew Sarah well, "there are three to choose from, I'll let you have a read and think about which one you'd like".

They both took their cases to their room and Sarah began reading the form. There was quite a bit of information regarding safety because as the form stated "this is quite a dangerous subject to simulate". Sarah read the three choices. The first option was a no go from the off, with the victim tied to the stake and the vents of flame surrounding her would not even get close enough to warm her.

 The second option was more appealing, with the victim tied to a stake in a slow burning fire that would climax at her feeling quite hot with the flames in quite close vacinity to her, but safe enough to allow her to be clothed.

 The last option made Sarah think long and hard. For a start she had to be naked, again the flames would rise slowly and climax in her being surrounded. But the main difference was that smaller vents nearer the stake would allow flames to occasionally come very close to her and even touch, and the form warned her that she would be burnt slightly around the feet and calf region. She'd have to agree to sign a waiver to allow this option (designed especially for for machochistic couples) if she decided to go with that. All burnings would last approximately 15 minutes and then the vents would be closed and the flames subside.

During the proceedings the victim would be able to control the re-enactment at her own pace. If the flames became too hot then she would shout a previously agreed on 'safe word' and the ferocity of the fire would die down. Sarah thought. "If it gets too intense I'll shout..." and she paused - "Trust!" she decided

and John smiled. He had been watching her read the form through,"Well, what do you think honey?"

"I'm not sure, I think I'd like to see the stake first" she confided

John and Sarah headed to the receptionist and he told her of Sarah's wishes. They were led down a long corridor and into a yard. And there it was - as beautiful as Sarah had imagined it would be and extremely realistic. She moved closer to it and noticed a small set of steps which she presumed would be to allow her to be led to a small step built onto the stake which she could stand on.

"It's gorgeous" she gasped with what looked like a tear in her eye. She turned sharply to John "Option three!" she said firmly and the receptionist looked surprised.

"Are you sure Sarah?" said John, but Sarah was sure.

 "I've waited so long for this - I want to feel the flames"

 The receptionist went to inform those in charge to make preparations for a level three burning telling John to meet with her and Sarah in an hour's time. They both went upstairs back to their rooms and Sarah lit the first of many cigarettes.


The time seemed to drag by but eventually they were ready and proceeded downstairs to the end of the corridor. Sarah was quite shocked to find so many people there, although a few were safety officers many just wanted to see the re-enactment. The manager of the club approached Sarah.

 "If you'd prefer we can make this a more private affair" he offered. Sarah looked around at everyone, their eyes seemed to be undressing her, or was it just her vivid imagination taking her on an emotional white knuckle ride. Whatever it was she found it intensely exciting, and to the relief of the manager she said that she didn't mind the crowd being there.

 There were lit torches all around the stake so it was not too dark to see what was going on. A man dressed in a monk's habit approached and told John to remove the victims' garment. Sarah paused before letting John slip the gown from her and as he did she felt the thrill of her nakedness and the cold of the evening air .

 She was then led to the stake - now realising what a thrill it was that she was actually doing this, acutely aware that all eyes were focused on her every step nearer the stake. She was led up the steps onto the small ledge above the pyre and gently eased against the back of the tall  dark pole. She looked down and realised that the pyre was quite large and she estimated she must have been at least six foot from the base of it.  Another monk appeared and started securing chains to her wrists behind her back and around her breasts. Sarah shivered as the chains were very cold and she had already started to get turned on judging by her erect nipples. More chains were shackled around her legs and ankles and one final clamp around her neck was locked into place, but no so tight as to hurt - just restrict her movement.

 She was now totally fastened to the stake and the monks came down from the pyre and disappeared behind her. She could hear the gentle whispers of excitement from those gathered, not exact words, but an atmospheric buzz in the air. One of the monks then appeared from around the back of the pyre holding one of the torches. For the first time Sarah began to feel scared and what's more, she loved it.

 The monk handed the torch to John who had remained in sight at all times. "You have been found guilty of heretic acts and witchcraft by this court. You are to be burnt at the stake for these crimes and sentence shall pass immediately". The monk turned to John who approached with the torch. John stood right in front of her, taking an admiring look at his helpless partner shackled firmly to the stake, the joy in her eyes was something he had waited to see.

He then looked down at the pyre and slowly placed the torch to it. A very small flame was ignited at the base of the pyre. John stood back and looked up again

"Burn witch!" he yelled, and smiled.

 The people watching the event clapped and cheered as the bright yellow flickering flames began to 'catch'. Sarah was feeling so aroused at this amazing level of realism, for even she could not have expected the occasion to feel 'so right'. John, Sarah and the crowd watched as slowly the first flames began to grow and spread and Sarah did her bit by attempting to struggle against her bonds and cry out,

 "Help me somebody!" she screamed out.

 "Burn the witch - BURN HER!" came a female cry from the crowds assembled (of which a few others took up a similar chant), and Sarah was surprised to see it was the receptionist who most seemed to want her burnt! The flames had begun to form almost an entire circle around here and now they seemed to be growing at quite a rate although Sarah could not yet feel too much heat from them. She continued to struggle against the chains occasionally crying out for some one to save her, but she got the feeling no one wanted to save her - just watch her burn. Sarah twisted her body as much as the restraints would allow, the whole situation felt wonderful as the chains were indeed very tightly fastened around her naked body and the whole helpless feeling was certainly adding to her experience.

 A few camera flashes sporadically lit up the area and Sarah soon became aware that the flames had now completely surrounded her. Smoke starting to rise from the burning pyre and Sarah guessed these were from a smoke machine set into the pyre just below her.  The flames were now dancing realistically about her and finally she felt some real heat from them - at first just warm then quite hot as she began sweating and squirming at the stake. She noticed John through the smoke and he clearly looked to be enjoying the proceedings judging by the bulge in his trousers although perhaps not quite as much as the receptionist who had joined right into the spirit of the event!

"Burn Witch! Burn" she laughed waving a torch about.

 It was right about then that Sarah felt the heat from the flames increase and she starting struggling at her bonds quite realistically because the flames were indeed a lot hotter than she had anticipated and a worried expression crossed her face. Suddenly a lick of flame shot up between her toes. Her instinctive reaction was similar to when she felt the sharp unforgiving kiss of a whip - pain initially, then huge excitement. Then another longer lick up the back of her calf. She screamed and looked around to find everyone watching her response.

 "God" she thought "this is it, I'm actually being burnt here!"

 The kiss of the flames stopped for now but the flames surrounding her were at their highest and she could only see those people who had come nearest the fiery pyre. The heat was incredible, but Sarah was used to pain, or at least she thought she was. Several licks of long flame shot up her through her toes and up her long legs and she could actually feel the damage they were doing as they seemed to so savagely burn her. She began to pant frantically her heartbeat had increased dramatically, more flames licking her feet and backs of her legs. Her struggle was quite real now, with the chains biting into her skin as her built in defences automatically tried to evade the small but quite ferocious flames.

 Beads of sweat from the intense heat began to fall from her brow - still more and more flames were dancing around her lower body, her eyes glared wide with pain.

"I'm a witch!" thought Sarah, "and I'm being burnt at the stake".


 And that was that - she had resisted long enough. The crowds heard a long scream and Sarah's head and body were shaking as much as the chain restraints allow.

 "Aaarrgh." She screamed again, and a couple of faces from the safety team approached John. "Should we turn it off sir? I don't think she's up to it, she sounds in real pain," one asked.

 John smiled and shook his head slowly. "That was no scream of pain - I'd recognise that scream anywhere".

And he was right, for the scream was one of sheer pleasure, an almighty orgasm filled Sarah's whole body, she was still burning but her body had better things to care about. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever felt, and the only things that had touched her were the flames. Another couple of licks from the vents shot around her feet and ankles - this was insane pleasure and pain at the same time

 "it's more than I ever dreamed of" Sarah thought.

 With one last kiss goodbye of her long legs the flames started to quickly die down and her experience was over. Quickly the team of safety officers wheeled a large platform in order to reach her

"are you okay?" one of them asked whilst the other unshackled her.

 She didn't respond to his question, instead she asked to see John, and he quickly climbed onto the platform. "Are you okay Sarah?". As the last chain was unfastened she collapsed in his arms

"God - I love you John, I love you so much!". John turned his head to give a re-assuring nod the safetymen. "What was it like Sarah?" he asked and she paused. "It was so realistic, so much like my dreams - it was awesome!".

 Sarah limped down the platform with the help of John and strangely enough, the receptionist. "Oh Sarah!" she gasped "You looked wonderful, "was it as good to be on that stake as it was to watch?" she hesitantly inquired.

 "You'll never know - unless you try" whispered Sarah.

 As she made her way back towards the inside of the building the manager of the club also asked how it was but Sarah was quite drained and John could clearly see that she was not up to answering a survey just now.

"We'll tell you later" when Sarah's had a chance to recover, "she's just been burnt at the stake you know!" and Sarah laughed.

 They got back to their room and there were some bandages and cream lying on the bed supplied by the management. "Do you want me to rub some of this in for you?" John asked. Sarah climbed onto the bed to examine her wounds. Her feet and toes had a slightly red tinge to them, and there looked to be some small blisters appearing. Her legs and calves although not coloured in the same way felt burnt, in the same way lying too long in the sun might feel.

 "No thanks John - this is all part of the experience for me." He lay down on the bed beside Sarah and she cuddled into him. "Thank you" she said warmly "thank you for making my dream become reality - I love you" and she closed her eyes thinking about what had just happened. "I love you too" smiled John.


Over the next couple of months John and Sarah visited the club quite a bit and the attraction became a huge success with Sarah meeting lots of like-minded couples who were keen to re-enact their stake burning fantasies. Most of them were couples who had had the same difficulty satisfying their partners' ultimate fantasy, and they all agreed that the new facility was incredibly close to the real thing as was possible.

 One time Sarah even persuaded the manager to let her have 'two for the price of one'. He agreed and then asked "who will be joining you at the stake then?", a soft female voice came from behind him.

 "I'll be joining Sarah at the stake today"

he slowly turned, recognising the soft feminine voice and was shocked to find it was the receptionist!