Nancyís very own DVDÖ.by Shankster


"Over the last year and a half, the badly burned bodies of 4 young women have been discovered in remote locations scattered across the country. All 4 victims were found chained to poles, forensic results say the women were apparently burned alive. Authorities refuse to comment if this is the work of a serial killer, but several media sources have dubbed the killer "the witchfinder" because of the nature of the murders. The latest victim has been identified as 22 year old aspiring actress, Kayley..............." Tracy is distracted form the news report by the sound of someone on the front porch. Itís been about a week since the campus called to inform her that her 18 year old daughter Nancy never reported to begin her classes. Itís not like her to just disappear like that, she hasn't heard from her, and she worries that something is terribly wrong. Opening the door, she is disappointed to see it was only the mailman. She takes the mail from the box, as she walks through the house sorting through it, Tracy finds a large yellow bubble envelope with no return address. Curiously, she opens it to find an unmarked recordable DVD. A sudden sick, uneasy feeling comes over her as she takes the disk to the player and slowly inserts it, with a trembling hand, Tracy presses the "play" button.................... Nancy awoke some time ago, all she remembers is pulling into a rest stop to stretch her legs, she had been driving for several hours. She noticed only a black SUV as she parked in the space adjoining it. She got out, shook her long wavy brown hair, and started toward the building. Now, she finds herself spread between 2 wooden posts, her slender arms outstretched upward and secured to the posts with leather collars attached to short chains pulled very tightly. Her shapely tanned legs are also spread wide, her heels resting on small wooden blocks attached to the inside of the posts. Her delicate ankles bound tightly to the posts with leather straps, her small, sexy bare feet dangling about 2' off the concrete floor. She is completely naked, and in great discomfort, having been left in this position for what seems like hours. Every muscle in her luscious, nubile body aches. This, combined with the terror of not knowing what is happening to her has her sobbing and crying pitifully. She tried desperately to free herself but her bonds afford little movement, her full, firm "C" cup tits bounce and quiver with every jerk and twist of her body. She is held securely and cannot break free! Nancy also noticed a small video camera on a tripod several feet in front of her, but no sign of the person who put her here! She scans her surroundings, it seems to be a metal building, a shop or warehouse. Judging from the cobwebs, it hasn't been used in a long time. "Help me! please! can some body hear me? I need help! please!" she calls out, but she hears no response. She remains hung up in this position, sobbing uncontrollably as she awaits whatever will happen next. More time passes, suddenly, she is alerted by the sound of a car approaching! It stops outside the Building, she hears a door open and close. A shuddering wave of terror comes over her as footsteps approach the building! ..........................The door at the front opens, she can see the silhouette of a man carrying what looks like a large fuel can enter. Setting down the can, the killer approaches her. "My my, do you look good! Ready to play witch?" he taunts with a sinister grin as he studies his sexy, teenage victim from head to toe! Her pretty, tear streaked face framed in a full, wavy mane of dark brown hair flowing over her shoulders and halfway down her back. Her naked body is flawless! Nice, firm, rounded tits with small, brown fully erect nipples! Her flat belly and slender waist taper out to nicely rounded hips and ass, her young pussy neatly groomed and open just enough that he could see the tender pink flesh inside and her clit just peeking through the top of her slit! Her shapely, outstretched legs are soft, smooth and deeply tanned and her bare feet are lovely! Small, sexy rounded toes with bright red polish on her nails! Supported only by the blocks under her heels, her feet are suspended above the floor, her tender soles, arches and toes exposed! "Who are you? Why are you doing this?" Nancy pleads, but the killer says nothing as he walks behind her to the back of the room. She canít see him, but she can hear him shuffling and moving some thing, he walks back around to the front carrying an armload of bundled branches and begins stacking them directly under her. Nancy doesn't like the looks of this at all, "What are you doing? Please let me go!" she cries tearfully as the man continues to form a layer of faggots around the posts, up to within 6" of her feet. He then starts to stack more bundles in the middle, building up a tapered pile between her legs just past knee height! By now, itís obvious to Nancy what he's doing! "Oh god no! Donít do this! Please! I'll do anything you want!" she cries, frantically tugging at her bonds. She has seen the news reports, her mind is racing. "Is this the guy going around burning girls?" she thought. Her question is quickly answered when he walks over to the can of kerosene, picks it up, unscrews the lid and walks back toward her! "OH GOD NOOOO! PLEASE! DONT DO THIS! DONT BURN ME! She screams as the killer starts pouring the fuel all around the pyre. The idea of burning alive inspires Nancy to struggle violently! Yanking and pulling desperately to free herself, shrieking and whining as the killer empties the can, the wood completely soaked. He then turns to the camera, turning it on and checking the aim. "I should've been recording you witches all along, maybe I'll send a copy home to your folks! Think they'll enjoy the show as much as I will?" "Oh my god no! p,p,please you canít do this! I'll do anything you ask! Just donít burn me!" Nancy pleads for her life, right now, she would accept any other fate! Anything but burning! ďOh my dear, but I can do this! AND YOU WILL BURN!" The killer growls as he lights the end of a home made torch..................."NOOOOOOOO! OH GOD! NOOOOOOOO" Nancy screams as her executioner begins touching the flame around the edge of the pyre, starting at the ends at the base of the posts, then lighting the front as the camera records the scene! Nancy is now in complete panic as the fire slowly crackles to life around the pyre! She knows by the way he stacked the pyre, the way he lit the fire, that this will be a very slow, very painful burning! She will feel the flames first at her feet, before the fire slowly finds its way to the more intimate areas of her young, naked body! She knows she is not the first girl this guy has burned and he knows exactly what he's doing! Nancy looks out and is shocked to see the killer standing by the camera, his fly unzipped, his stiff cock pointing straight at her as he pleasures himself to the sight of this sexy young girl thrashing in her bonds as the fire slowly advances on her! Though she knows it will do no good to plead for mercy, she canít help shrieking in terror, yanking and tugging against her restraints as she watches the horrible fire encircle the pyre! She can feel the heat building intensity, her naked body soaked in sweat, glistening in the flickering, orange light! There is very little smoke, so no hope of suffocating before the fire touches her! "HELP MEEEEEEEE! OH MY GOD! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEE!" Nancy shrieks, thrashing and twisting wildly as she feels the heat of the flames getting unbearably intense on the tender soles of her feet! The killer watches in delight as Nancyís legs jerk and kick against the bonds, her lovely bare feet wiggling, toes outstretched in response to the terrible heat! The flames leap within inches of her soles as he zooms the camera in for a close up of Nancy's feet receiving the fire! "YEEEOOOWW! EEEEEEAAAOOOW! EEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Nancy yelps and screeches in pain as she feels the stinging touch of the flames on the bottoms of her feet! She is BURNING! The killer backs the zoom up to a full body view as lovely Nancy writhes and twists in agony, shaking her head side to side, hair flailing, tits bouncing as her feet and lower legs begin to burn! The fire is starting to climb the bundles stacked between her legs, steam rises off her sweat soaked thighs as the lower half of her legs are fully alight! Bright orange tongues of flame begin to wrap around Nancy's twitching thighs, leaving red and purple welts at every touch! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Nancy screams her pretty little head off as the flames reach mercilessly for her open, naked pussy! The killer zooms the camera in on her crotch, just in time to catch her neatly trimmed pubes erupting in a flurry of flame, vaporizing instantly, leaving her luscious pussy reddened and scorched! Her fluids ooze and sizzle from her blistering hole as flames lick playfully at her clit! He backs the camera up to show her from crotch up as her naked body bucks and writhes in reaction to the fire eating away at her pussy! Nancyís screams hit incredibly high pitch as the lower half of her body is ravaged and the flames caress her waist and climb her heaving belly, reaching eagerly for her big, full, jiggling tits! The camera captures it all, the killer zooms in a little closer, showing Nancy from chest up, the skin on the undersides of her tits begin to redden and blister, her pretty face locked in a wide eyed expression of pure agony as she continues to shriek and howl! He watches in delight as flames lap at the tips of Nancyís quivering erect nipples! Her hair, at first, melting and sticking to her shoulders, suddenly bursts into a ball of flame and the killer blasts his explosive orgasm into the roaring fire as Nancyís tits burn and she eventually disappears behind the wall of flame and falls silent! The entire burning is captured on video! The "Witchfinder" packs up and leaves his victim to be consumed in the fire, wondering how much a video of an actual burning at the stake would fetch on the snuff film market.