Melissa – the second victim….by Shankster


It's the 1st day of her new "perfect" summer job. Sun, surf, guys, and she gets to come to work in a bikini! Beautiful 18 year old Melissa begins her 1st day as a lifeguard at the local public beach. Just out of high school, she wants to save up some money before she begins fall semester at college. The lifesaving course she took as a kid finally pays off! Already, she is attracting the attention from the guys. She is beautiful! About 5' 6", 120 pounds, light auburn hair that flows just past her shoulders. Her curvy, voluptuous body is rounded in all the right places and fills out the lime green bikini she chose for today very nicely! Her full 38d tits are barely contained by her top, showing lots of sexy cleavage. Green flip flops on her dainty little feet complete the package. As she stands at the base of the guard tower getting her last minute instructions, she notices a lot of cute guys checking her out. This will be a great summer vacation! But, unknown to her, she has attracted some unwanted attention!

It’s been about a month since he burned Andrea, he has been travelling around, looking for the next unlucky "witch". All his life, from a very young age, he has been fascinated with witch burning. Most of the pretty girls he knew growing up at some point, became the object of his fantasies. But he never thought he would ever really get to see a sexy girl burn at the stake, at least until now! Since he got his huge inheritance, he has plenty of money, and too much spare time. Now he sits on the parking lot in his SUV, scanning with binoculars for his next victim. He headed south, several hundred miles from his first burning, and settled on this public beach. A perfect hunting ground, lots of sexy young girls in bikinis and bare feet! He eyes a number of girls that would look great dancing naked at the stake, then, he spots the green bikini on the life guard tower. He zooms in, "OH MAN, SHE'S PERFECT!" He studies her closely from head to toe. Young, hot, beautiful body, nice legs and pretty feet. She's the one!

The shift is nearly over. Melissa has had a great day! Good money, lots of fun in the sun, and she's got to meet lots of guys. The sexy little bikini did the trick! Though the guys really want to know what’s under it! That’s ok, she's free and single and teasing them is so much fun! She can’t wait to come back tomorrow! Picking up her stuff, she heads for the guard house to shower and change. Soon, she emerges wearing tight blue jogging shorts, a light blue t-shirt and flip flops. Her ample tits bounce and her silky hair blows in the breeze as she walks briskly to her car. As she pulls out of the lot, she doesn't notice the black SUV following several car lengths behind her. She stops by her favourite fast food place to grab a bite and heads home. Still unaware she is being followed. She finally arrives home, grabs her stuff and heads for the house. Right now, lovely Melissa's world is perfect! She has no idea the gruesome plans that are being made for her. The man in the SUV watches her go inside. "SOON WITCH!"

He has found his next "witch", and he couldn’t be more pleased with his choice! He's very excited, the hot red haired lifeguard will burn beautifully! Now, he must find a place to carry out his plans. He drives around the country side, checking old buildings, secluded wooded areas, any place where he can prepare the stake, camp out, and finally, burn this chick! After hours of driving, he spots an old, obviously abandoned pole barn. No people around for miles. He stops to check it out, he could set up here and go about his work unnoticed. He can’t wait to get started! He is getting very aroused at the thought of burning his busty young witch! Meanwhile, back in town, Melissa is getting ready for bed. She sits at her desk, brushing her hair. Preparing for tomorrow, she has just finished painting her pretty little rounded toes. She props her legs up on the desk, letting the fan blow on her feet to dry the orange nail polish. She kicks back listening to music. She has a full day ahead! She may even get laid!

A week has passed, the killer has been stalking his target diligently. He has also been making preparations for his next "witch burning". The stake is built, a very cruel device designed to inflict the most intense and prolonged pain and torture possible on the poor, unfortunate girl bound to it! It consists of a 4x4 support post in the centre of the barn, a platform, 45"x45"x36" high is built at the base. A heavy oak pallet forms the floor the girl will stand on, the slats separated by 1" gaps allowing the flames access to her feet. The pyre of bundled branches is neatly stacked under the platform. He has fashioned manacles near the top of the stake with small leather dog collars attached by adjustable lengths of chain to bind her wrists over her head. As he looks over his creation, he feels that old familiar rush of blood to his groin as he visualizes the big tittied redhead writhing naked at the stake! "Oh yes! I'm gonna have fun with this one!" He mumbles to himself. Its time to check up on the "witch"!

Melissa is spending some time after her shift playing volley ball on the beach. Its guys vs girls, and they have attracted quite an audience! Mostly guys ogling the girls team, they are all beautiful, bikini clad preppy chicks, running, jumping and bouncing around on the hot sand. It is Melissa though that stands out, today she is wearing a very small black string bikini that leaves very little to the imagination as she bounces and jiggles around the net. She has heard some of the guys comments about her tits and how totally hot she is! Some of the other girls are jealous of the attention she is getting. But young Melissa is enjoying herself, completely clueless to the horrible, fiery fate that will soon befall her! As the game ends, she excuses her self, explaining that she has to finish some paperwork and close up the guardhouse. She gathers her stuff, slips her feet back into her flips and leaves. She enters the guardhouse, "anybody here?" she calls out. No reply, "Oh well, I'll lock up when I'm done".

Melissa doesn’t know what hit her! The last thing she remembers is going in the guardhouse. Now, she has awakened in what looks like a barn, still groggy she realizes she is completely naked, standing against a wooden post, her wrists shackled over her head! Her mind is reeling! "What the hell is going on?" she cries out. "Wakey wakey WITCH!" She is startled as a man steps out from behind her. "The party is just getting started!" He sneers, "Things are gonna really heat up soon!" "What do you mean? What are you gonna do to me?" she pleads fearfully. He says nothing as he picks up his kerosene can and approaches her. The sight of this sends lovely Melissa into a panic "Oh no, no! What are you doing? Stop! PLEASE!" She cries as he starts to pour the fuel onto the pyre stacked beneath her bare feet! Melissa tugs and yanks at her bonds as the killer soaks the pyre. He left her ankles unbound so she can kick and move her feet, this should make for a very titillating dance when the flames get close!

With the pyre and platform completely soaked with kerosene, the killer steps back to admire his work. Melissa, finally at the stake, naked! Soon to be slowly burned alive! She's beautiful! Trembling uncontrollably, her big green eyes wide with terror, tears streaming down her pretty face! Her chest heaving, those big luscious tits quivering, rosy nipples fully erect! When he tore off her bikini, he was delighted to find her pussy shaved clean! Her body is flawless, tight, flat belly, slender waist tapering out to her full, round hips! Her silky, shapely tanned thighs and legs, and her feet! Melissa has the prettiest little feet, small, dainty rounded toes and bright orange polish on her nails! "What have I done? Why are you doing this to me?" she tearfully pleads. "Nothing!" the killer replies, "I just want to watch you BURN!" A wave of horror shot through her! "OH MY GOD, NOOOOOO! DONT DO THIS! PLEASE! I'LL DO ANYTHING! YOU CAN DO ANTHING YOU WANT TO ME! PLEASE DONT BURN MEEEEEE!!!! She pleads desperately!

"OH, BUT YOU WILL BURN WITCH! He picks up a torch, lights the end and slowly approaches the stake! Melissa yanks and tugs frantically at the shackles. "NOOOO! OH GOD NOOOO! PLEASE! DONT!" She shrieks. The killer stops, waving the torch slowly in front of her pussy! "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA THE PAIN YOU'RE GONNA FEEL?" He lets the flame almost touch her pussy! She squeals and gets up on her tip toes, shrinking back against the stake as she feels the heat on her most intimate place! The killer steps back and starts touching the torch around the base of the pyre! "OH MY GOD! HELP ME! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP MEEEEEE!!!!! Melissa screams as flames slowly encircle the pyre! "THATS IT WITCH! SCREAM! PUT ON A GOOD SHOW FOR ME!" The killer taunts. He is going see this sexy 18 year old redhead BURN AT THE STAKE! He is very aroused now, the fire is taking hold nicely, Melissa is in complete panic! She tries to pull her wrists free but she is going nowhere! She can already feel the heat building beneath her, gaining intensity!

The killer is pleasuring himself now as he watches Melissa wiggling naked at the stake! Writhing, twisting her big tits swing and jiggle, crying and shrieking pitifully as the fire starts to work its way up toward her! She is starting to feel the heat reaching almost unbearable intensity on the tender soles of her lovely bare feet! Her shrieks and struggles become more and more frantic! "YOUR FEET GETTING HOT WITCH?" The killer teases as he sees her begin to kick and shuffle her feet! She lifts one leg, then the other trying to find relief from the unbearable heat! "OH MY GOD! PLEASE STOP THIS! YOU'RE BURNING MY FEET! I DONT WANT TO BURN! PLEEEEAAASE!" She cries as the soles of her feet start to redden and scorch! Yelping and shrieking, on her tip toes, hopping, jumping, the flames leap up within inches of her feet! "YAAAAHHH! OOOOWWW! EEEAAAHHH! She screams as she lifts both legs, hanging by her wrists, a desperate attempt to keep her feet out of the fire! "GOD! OH GOD! KILL ME NOW! She screams!

The flames are now up through the platform, Melissa cant hold her legs up any longer, "OH MY GOD!" She screams, her feet fall back into the fire! Melissa is ballistic! "EEEEAAAAHHHH!" Her wild, piercing screams fill the air, there is no escape now! The beautiful teenage girl, who only hours ago, was frolicking on the beach in a bikini, is now writhing and screaming, naked, BURNING AT THE STAKE! Her executioner is getting great pleasure watching Melissa thrashing wildly, shaking her head side to side, kicking, stamping her feet, she is burning beautifully! The fire is leaping knee high now, Melissa's feet and calves are burning and the flames are working steadily up her twitching spasming legs. Melissa is now in unspeakable agony! Screeching and howling, her sweat soaked naked body steaming in the intense heat! She is still yanking at the shackles, twisting and bucking as the fire wraps around her silky young thighs. Flames lick teasingly at the cheeks of her tight little ass, she reacts by arching her back,

She pushes her hips forward, an involuntary response to the stinging touch of the fire on her young ass! Her thighs are now bright red and scorched as her tender flesh sizzles. Juices begin to ooze from Melissa's luscious, hairless pussy, her sensitive lips start to redden, her swollen, distended clit clearly visible! Though the nerves in her feet and legs are now dead, Melissa's pussy is feeling the fire in all its fury! Her shrill, high pitched screams ring out above the fire's roar, her hips bucking and gyrating as if she were riding a stiff cock as the hungry flames eat away at her pussy! The killer watches in delight as Melissa continues to scream and dance in the fire, flames are caressing her heaving belly, leaping higher and higher, reaching for her big, beautiful, bouncing tits! Those huge, luscious tits that all the guys at the beach would have given anything to get there hands on, belong to the fire now! Melissa's screams become raspy, gasping yelps as her tits bob and jiggle over the fire!

The killer watches intently as the flesh on the undersides of her tits redden and begin to blister. The sight of Melissa's bouncing, swinging tits in the fire, flames playing at the pointed tips of her fully erect nipples, finally push him over the edge! He releases the most explosive orgasm of his life as he watches Melissa's beautiful tits BURN! Melissa lets out her final scream as she is engulfed in the fire, her hair blazing! The "Witchfinder" has claimed his 2nd sexy, young victim! Who will be the next to perish in his cruel, burning fire? No girl is safe! If she is young and pretty, she could be next!