Kayley is nextÖ..by Shankster


The killer we now know as "Witchfinder" has settled into the wooded hills near Malibu, hoping to score a young, fresh faced, California girl for his next burning. Hanging out at clubs, restaurants, beaches, anywhere hot, young, preppy girls could be found. He had also set up operations in a remote, abandoned equipment shed that was once used by the forestry service, having already built a stake and stocked up all the needed supplies, he can take his time and carefully choose his next "Witch". He was at a local store, picking up some of his supplies, when a beautiful, young thing with straight, silky medium length blonde hair caught his eye. He discreetly checked her out, she is a classic "California girl", about 5'6" very pretty, great body, nicely rounded in all the right places, just the way he likes them! She wore short denim cut-offs, a blue t-shirt and no bra, the nipples of her full, firm, 36d tits clearly showing through the cotton fabric. She is nicely tanned, her silky, sexy legs tapering down to her soft, petite, perfectly formed little feet in blue denim flip flops. He quickly checked out and went to his SUV and waited. It wasnít long before she came out and walked quickly to her convertible across the lot. He could feel his groin heating up as he watched her, she is perfect! He will see this girl BURN!!! Lovely, 22 year old Kayley had just finished some shopping and was going home to study a new script, she is hoping to land a part in a TV series that is adding new characters for the next season. She lives in the wooded hills outside of town with her producer boyfriend, who is away on a business trip for the next week, giving her lots of time for herself. She is very excited about the show and pays no attention to the black SUV following a short distance behind. Finally, she makes it home. Grabbing her things, she heads for the house, completely unaware that she is being watched, having no idea as to the horrible, fiery plans that are already in the works for her! The "Witchfinder" has found his next victim! ...... The next day finds the killer hiding in the edge of the woods surrounding the blondeís house, high power binoculars in hand. His intended victim is lounging by the pool reading, he is delighted to find her wearing a small, black bikini! A wave of excitement rushes over him as he zooms in close, she is HOT! He zooms in closer to get a good look at the beautiful body that will soon be twisting in the flames! He starts at her lovely bare feet, her small perfectly shaped toes, soft silky arches, he's so close he can see every little line in her tender soles! Slowly, he moves up her sexy tanned legs, her full, shapely thighs, he can see the delicate outline of her pussy in the crotch of her bikini bottom! He pans up her hard, flat belly and up to her nice, full tits bulging in the skimpy top! Her face is angelic! Smooth, clear complexion, seductive, poutting lips and clear blue eyes, all this framed beautifully by her silky blonde hair! Her entire oiled body shines in the sun light and the killer feels the pressure growing in the crotch of his jeans as he pictures this sexy young thing naked at the stake! She will make for a very memorable BURNING! ...... Kayley is lounging poolside, reading over some lines for her audition tomorrow. She is very excited and confident that she will land the part. She is familiar with the show, itís been running 2 seasons now, itís about these sisters who discover they have magical powers through a long family history of witchcraft. The character she hopes to play will be a cousin who moves in with them but is lured over to side with "darker" forces that plot to destroy the sisters. Reading the story reminded her of something she saw on the news, Badly burned bodies of young women, 3 so far, have turned up in wide spread remote locations around the country. One authority was quoted as saying the girls appeared to have been burned alive like medieval witches and their killer given the tag "Witchfinder". Kayley shuddered as a sudden chill came over her. "That has got to be a horrible way to die!" she whispered to herself as she closed the book, she got up and went into the house, trying to stay focused on her work. But a strange, uneasy feeling gnawed at her, she tried to shrug it off as she has a big day coming up!......The killer is back at the shed, making some final last minute adjustments to the stake. It is basically like the one that held Melissa, with a 4'x3' high platform using a pallet as a floor. Leather shackles to chain her wrists over her head, but now he has added a short chain to each side of the platform with small leather collars for her ankles, holding her legs spread wide apart. A big part of the killers fetish is to watch the flames lick at the bottoms the girls bare feet, to know precisely when she first feels the first sting of the fires touch, and this young, blonde witch has very pretty little feet! But this time he will get a great view as the fire leaps up between her spread legs and laps at her naked pussy! It should provide a fantastic show of struggles and lots of delightful screaming! He is insane with arousal as he anticipates burning the sexy blonde witch, he does enjoy his work!...... Kayley is ecstatic! The audition went off great and she landed the role! This is a great opportunity for the young, aspiring actress, landing a part in a major popular TV series! Shooting starts in 2 weeks and she can hardly wait! Once she is in the house, she kicks off her shoes and prepares for a quick dip in the pool. In the bedroom, she goes to her dresser and finds her bikini, she then starts to undress, sliding her jeans down with a wiggle of her full, rounded hips, she then pulls her t-shirt up over her head, tossing it aside she reaches back to unsnap her bra letting her full luscious tits bounce free, her smooth pink nipples pointed and erect. Stepping out of her jeans, she stands naked in the middle of the room, fumbling with her bikini bottom. Suddenly, she is startled as the bedroom door slams shut behind her, before she can turn, she feels someone grab her from behind! An arm wraps tightly around her waist! She instinctively struggles and manages one quick shriek before a rag cups her pretty face!......Kayley slowly regains consciousness and quickly realizes she is in trouble! She looks around, groggy as the chloroform slowly wears off. She appears to be in a barn of some sort, trying to move, she discovers her arms are shackled over her head, her ankles also bound, forcing her to stand very uncomfortably with her legs spread wide, she feels the roughness of the oak boards under her bare feet. She is naked, bound to a wooden post, looking down, she is horrified to see the platform she is standing on and the bundles of branches and kindling neatly stacked beneath it! Her mind flashes back to the news reports she saw about girls being burned alive by a serial killer the media has dubbed the "Witchfinder"! An urgent wave of sheer panic sweeps over her, she had just won a role playing a "witch" on a TV show! "OH GOD! HELP! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!" she screams desperately! Frantically, she yanks and tugs at her bonds as hard as she can, but she is going nowhere, the chains are very strong and she is held fast to the stake! Kayley trembles uncontrollably at the terrifying thought that she may be the serial killer's next victim that she is about to be BURNED ALIVE AT THE STAKE! She is jolted back to reality as she hears the door open and a man steps in with a can of kerosene, "Go ahead and scream all you want witch! There's no one around to hear you!" Kayley watches, horrified as he approaches her and starts to pour the highly flammable liquid around and onto the pyre stacked beneath her bare feet!......Shrieking and squealing, Kayley tugs and fights frantically to free herself, "Please! donít do this!" she pleads tearfully,"Oh my god! Please stop! Donít BURN MEEEEE!!!" As he empties the can, he pauses to look up at her, "YOU ARE A WITCH! AND YOU WILL BURN!" he shouts. The killer takes in the scene before him, this is well worth the effort! His young blonde witch is stunning at the stake! Sobbing and shrieking, her beautiful naked body twisting, gyrating, those big, full tits bouncing and jiggling, her shapely tanned legs spread wide, that tight, young, hairless pussy open and exposed, waiting for the fire, and her pretty little bare feet resting on the rough cut boards atop the platform! As he lights the torch, Kayley
launches into a mad, panicked frenzy! "NOOOOOO! OH GOD NOOOOOO! PUT IT OUT! MY GOD! I DONT WANNA BURN!!!!" she screams as the killer begins to touch the flame to the pyre, setting it all around, fire soon encircles the stake! Kayley yanks and pulls at her bonds with all her might! But there will be no escape! She can already feel the heat of the advancing flames building beneath her feet! "NOOOOOOOOO! OH GOD! NOOOOOOOO!" Kayley is at her wits end! The fire is steadily working up through the pyre, higher, closer to the writhing, screaming, naked girl at the stake! The killer is enjoying the show! He watches as she tries to lift her legs, he knows the heat on the tender soles of her feet is growing more and more intense! Kayley shrieks and yelps, still tugging frantically at the shackles on her wrists! She tries to kick her legs, jerking and pulling at her ankle chains, desperately trying to free her herself before the fire reaches her lovely bare feet!...... "Whatís the matter? Not so much fun being a WITCH?" the killer taunts as he takes tremendous pleasure in her suffering. "EEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Kayley screams out in pain as the first wisps of flame become visible through the slats of the platform and she feels the fires searing bite on the bottoms of her feet! Her body tenses, she raises up on her tip toes in a futile attempt to escape the torture, the killer watches in delight as flames flicker between her dainty toes, burning her tender soles, curling around her sexy aches and wrap around her ankles! Kayley is going completely wild! Writhing and twisting, shaking her head side to side, her blonde hair flailing, her sexy legs kick and jerk against the ankle chains as the fire burns her feet and leaps up around her scorched, reddened calves! "OH GOD! HELP MEEEEE! I'M BURNING! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Kayley's piercing screeches of agony and the smell of her roasting flesh fill the barn! The flames are working up her twitching legs, caressing her silky, tanned thighs, leaving bright red blistering streaks everywhere they touch, reaching eagerly for the most intimate, sensitive area of her young, naked body! Her hips thrust and gyrate seductively as orange tongues of flame lap playfully at her tight, hairless pussy! Kayleys screams reach amazing pitch, her naked body spasms uncontrollably, those big beautiful tits bouncing and swinging with every wild, violent struggle as her pussy lips begin to redden and blister! In the intense heat, her fluids ooze and sizzle from her fuck hole as flames bite at her swollen clit! Kayley is burning beautifully! Waist high in fire, she is still struggling and screaming like mad as the fire mercilessly eats at her pussy and climbs up her flat, heaving belly, reaching up toward her beautiful tits! Kayleys body spasms and twitches in unspeakable agony, her shrill screams still strong and clear as she involuntarily fights against the fire! The lower half of her body is completely alight, her flesh spits and sizzles in the inferno! The under sides of Kayleys bobbing tits start to turn bright red and begin to blister as flames lick and tease at her fully erect nipples! The sight of Kayley's burning tits sent the killer over the edge as he released an explosive orgasm into the raging fire as it consumed his victim! Kayley managed to work up one last lingering scream as her blonde mane bursts into flame and her tortured face disappears behind the roaring wall of fire! The "Witchfinders" 4th victim is now a twitching shadow in the raging pillar of flames! This is his life now! His only desire is to continue feeding his lust for burning young girls at the stake! No doubt, there will be more!