Elizabeth burns at the stake

      Elizabeth had always fantasised about being the helpless victim of ruthless witch hunters. She had seen enough films over the years with the flimsiest excuses for showing girls being burned at the stake. It was time for her to get her fantasy out into the open. She had always fantasised about being burned alive at the age of 19, Joan of Arc's age, at a medieval stake, but in modern 'clothing'. This was how she always dreamed it to be.

      Elizabeth knew instantly what was to happen to her the moment they reached the small clearing at the edge of the woods. There, before her, a stake had already been prepared. She was going to be burned alive at the stake. Wood was stacked up around the base of the stake, tapering to a small, strong platform, about 5 feet up. More wood was a few yards from the stake, for feeding in to the fire once she was burning. This was not going to be a large fire, and she realised that they were going to burn her alive slowly. Elizabeth was led to the stake and her captors made her mount the ladder in place. Once on the platform, she was secured by a strong chain around her waist and just under her breasts. Elizabeth was naked from the waist up, and she gasped with pleasure as the chain bit into her flesh to secure her firmly to her stake. Another chain was bound tightly around her legs and a final chain secured her ankles and black high­heeled shoes to the stake. Her wrists were drawn behind the stake and bound tightly. Elizabeth, now helplessly chained to the stake but looking so erotic, was ready for burning. A Monk then stepped forward and began praying for the witch, while the honour of burning Elizabeth fell to one of the girls of the town whose husband had recently been bewitched and died a horrible death. It had been discovered that Elizabeth had secretly been meeting this young girl's husband for secret trysts for several months, and once this was found out, Elizabeth had immediately been accused of being a seductress, a sorceress and a witch.  She could not deny being a seductress, and the other two charges simply fell into place with it.  For using all her bewitching charms, she was now going to suffer the ultimate fate: being slowly burned alive at the stake ­ in public.

      Elizabeth watched as the girl stepped forward with a burning piece of wood and simply held it in the straw and branches at the front of the stake, and then she moved around, setting fire to other parts of the wood. Elizabeth looked down and saw the flames igniting the faggots. In a matter of seconds the fire, her fire, took hold and flames started licking up through the wood towards her. Smoke now drifted up around her tightly held body and swirled around her pretty face and through her short hair. She gasped for the first time as she felt the pleasant warmth of the fire beneath her. The wood crackled louder as the fire began to take a strong hold.

      "Please don't burn me!" she cried out, as the flames rose ever closer to her, and the heat became unbearable on her shoes and feet. She was determined, however, not to shout and scream as the flames took a hold on her: she would meet her fate with dignity. Her pleas fell on deaf ears as her captors stood close and watched with mounting excitement. The fire grew in intensity and soon reached the point of no return; Elizabeth's fate was sealed. She belonged to the fire, and would soon be burning alive at the stake. Flames leapt high but Elizabeth still did not start burning, as only the outsides of the wood were still alight. With the incredible heat from the fire, Elizabeth felt that she had begun to slowly roast at her stake. But that did not last long. As if in slow motion, the first tongues of flames, almost hidden, reached up in the centre of the pyre through small gaps in the platform and licked around her black stiletto­heeled shoes, feet and ankles.

      Her audience watched in excitement as her captive, hot shoes accepted the fire and began to burn easily, flames licking up over them onto her feet and ankles. In the seconds following, Elizabeth began to burn alive at the stake. She looked down in anguish through the smoke but for now could only feel the flames curling all over her shoes, feet and ankles, and her only thought was "My God, I'm burning, I'm burning at the stake!". Elizabeth gasped once more as the helplessness of her situation became apparent, and the flames began to take a strong hold on her sweet young body. The fire slowly moved up her legs, and after several minutes of the flames consuming her thighs, the hem of her mini skirt caught fire. All the while Elizabeth strained helplessly against the chains. The light material of her skirt succumbed easily to the flames, and in the seconds  following, the fire burned her skirt away completely. Her captors placed fresh wood into the fire, and this fresh wood slowed the flames for a few seconds before bright red and orange flames flared up higher, the spiralling flames following the curves of her shapely legs. She was now well alight but not burning too fast.

      As flames curled over her hips, other flames licked almost rhythmically at her fanny and Elizabeth could only tense herself as the fire continued its work. Her senses were reeling, while at the same time crystal clear. She could feel the flames licking up her legs and stroking her crotch and the tight cheeks of her arse, sensing the fire was getting almost a sensual pleasure from burning her. Through the smoke rising around her body and face she could see a furnace rising from the faggots piled beneath her shoes, and her legs burning fiercely in the all­consuming flames. She could hear the fire crackling loudly beneath her as not only the wood, but also her young body, fed the flames continuously. And lastly, she had the heady mix of the smell of burning wood, her burning body and her strong perfume permeating her senses, all mixed together but at the same time quite separate and distinct. More wood was heaped into Elizabeth's fire as the flames once more rose higher, reaching up over her waist towards her full, rounded breasts. The heat generated by the fire continued to increase, and her watching captors had to take a couple of steps back. They watched as, one moment her breasts were standing out superbly in free air, the next the flames were licking beneath, around, between and over her breasts. Through the flames her young breasts could be seen still jutting out defiantly, her erect nipples clearly visible. Elizabeth gasped once again as the flames enjoyed even more of her exquisite body. The stake she was bound to also continued to burn well, sending flames lashing all around her to augment the fire licking ever upwards. As flames reached towards her shoulders her short blonde hair began to singe. Finally, the topmost flames lapped over her shoulders and touched her hair. It was enough and, fuelled by her hairspray, Elizabeth's hair was set alight and was immediately engulfed in flames. From her red­lipsticked lips there came one final gasp as she surrendered to the flames. Elizabeth was now completely enveloped in the flames, and the fire continued its work, consuming her and the stake to exhaustion. Her captors, their work completed, turned away in satisfaction.

      Elizabeth calmed herself again once her fingers relaxed and her overwhelming orgasm had subsided. "That is always so good", she thought to herself. "I wonder what it would really be like…"