Catherine made no effort to resist as she was taken to the stake.  She meekly did as she was told when they motioned to her to climb the ladder up to the small platform in place above the wood.  What they did not know was that she had always harboured a fantasy of being burned alive at the stake.  She longed to feel cold chains pulled tightly around her sensual young body; to look down and see a fire being lit beneath her in the wood; to feel the heat from the fire change from warmth to unbearable pain; to see searing flames climb up the wood towards her, and finally ravishing her, raging flames taking her in a fierce embrace while she was helplessly restrained.  She couldn’t explain these feelings, but now, as she was pressed against the stake and the chains were being tightened around her, she felt a surge of sexual excitement like she had never experienced before. 

“Don’t you just love flesh-coloured shiny stockings” said the executioner.  “And on a pretty witch like this they are simply irresistible”.  With that he began to caress Catherine’s legs, slowly running his hand up her thighs under her mini skirt.  His hand slid over her stocking tops and he soon reached her crotch.  “This witch isn’t wearing any knickers, shameless slut!” he exclaimed, as his fingers began to stroke her fanny lips.  Soon his fingers were exploring inside her fanny, and Catherine was becoming helplessly aroused.  She had had her fair share of sex, but had never experienced being turned-on while completely bound.  The tight, cold chains restraining her body brought feelings of arousal from within her that were driving her crazy.  Her fanny juices flowed freely over his fingers, her face became flushed and she moaned and groaned with abandon as the executioner expertly alternated between fingering her fanny, stroking her clit, and fingering her tight arse.  Soon, she could hold back no longer and her orgasm was greeted with a long moan and many seconds of heavy breathing.  God, she wished now that she had always been chained tightly in the past whenever she had been shagged senseless or had one of her girlfriends bring her to orgasm with their tongue.  The executioner brought her back to reality by wrapping a final chain around her thighs, under her mini skirt, and pulling it tightly at the back of the stake as he fastened it into position.  Catherine was now ready to be burned alive at the stake. 

Catherine looked down and took in the scene for a few seconds.  For the first time she realised that the bundles of wood beneath her feet had in fact been carefully laid out.  Tapering over the platform as they rose, they would carry the flames inexorably to her.  A few yards away the executioner was lighting a piece of wood.  Nothing was rushed as he allowed the flames to grow on one end of the torch.  When it was burning well, executioner Barry stepped forward and stood directly in front of Catherine.  Catherine began to gently weep, and pleaded with the executioner not to burn her.  “Don’t burn me, please don’t burn me alive.  I’ll do anything you want, anything, but don’t burn me!”  “What I want more than anything is to see a pretty young witch burning alive at the stake, and you are that pretty young witch that I want to see burning” said Barry.  Barry plunged the burning torch deep into the wood directly in front of Catherine and held it there for several seconds.  “Oh no, God, no!” Catherine cried as she watched mesmerised as she saw the first tongues of flames and the first wisps of smoke in the kindling wood.  Satisfied that the wood was lit, Barry moved on to other parts of the pyre and carefully lit the wood in several places. 

Flames sprang to life all around the wood, and began to move steadily towards Catherine.  Smoke drifted up over her body, and she shook her head in vain as it drifted around her face.  She could definitely feel the heat of the fire now, the distinctive smell of burning wood, and the fire crackling ever louder as it devoured more of the wood.  As the fire grew in intensity and height, she began to weep gently as the pain became unbearable. 

Catherine continued to weep as flames from deep within the bundles of wood moved closer to her with every second.  What the cult members saw were flames rising from the centre of the wood and reaching beyond the top of the stacked wood.  Within the wood, the fire had reached her and was now licking around her shoes and ankles, fastening on to her and beginning the process of setting this delicious young girl alight.  Her shoes had taken the fire willingly and her nylons sizzled and scorched on her feet and ankles in the heat and flames as wisps of light coloured smoke drifted all around her.  Catherine. gasped several times, then let out a piercing scream and begged to be saved from the flames.  As the seconds passed, Catherine was alight, oh yes, she had definitely been set on fire.  No longer were the flames simply playing over her, she was now burning steadily in the grip of a fire that was increasing in intensity with every second.  And Catherine was starting to burn with an ever increasing intensity and fierceness.  Catherine’s senses were heightened, and it was as though she could feel the caress of every single flame around her feet and upon her legs.  She could separate the crackling sound of the wood burning from the sound of her own body being burned.  As if in slow motion, she felt she could actually feel the flames licking up the seams of her nylons.  She was shocked at how much this thought aroused her as she burned alive.  The fire was taking its time with her, she was captive and there to be enjoyed by the flames at their leisure.  In what seemed no time at all she was as much a part of the fire as the wood stacked around her.  The onlookers could now see that Catherine was burning alive; her young body was easily feeding the wild flames that licked against her legs and the stake she was chained to.  A heady mixture of burning flesh, sensuous perfume and burning wood now filled the air.  As the young girl watched with curiosity, the elder female incanted “Oh Great One, take this sacrifice joyously.  Let the fire burn this young witch slowly, let her cries mingle with the roar of the flames, may she feel each lick of the flames as retribution for her wicked deeds.”  As Catherine burned, the fire continued to spread in the wood until flames could be seen everywhere in the pyre.  They watched with fascination as the fire grew stronger and raged higher, and flames slowly climbed her captive shapely legs, her nylons sizzling and dissolving in the heat ever before the kiss of flames.  All the while smoke drifted erotically all around her, adding to the atmosphere of her burning.  As flames began to lick sensuously up her thighs, the hem of her mini skirt began to flutter and rise in the updraught of hot air, as though beckoning the flames on to the exquisite delights at the top of her thighs above her nylon stocking tops.  The heat, if not yet the flames, was now enveloping her hips and Catherine. knew she could only stand chained and helpless while she burned alive for the pleasure and erotic enjoyment of those watching.  More wood was carefully place in the fire in front of Catherine, causing the fire to pause for a few seconds, and send showers of sparks racing up into the air to settle on her skirt, but not set it alight. 

Eventually some flames settled on the hem at the front of Catherine’s hot mini skirt, but to the executioner’s surprise, the skirt was not immediately engulfed in flames.  More flames fastened on to the hem of the mini skirt to Catherine’s left.  Flames spread slowly along the hem, and then began to burn upwards at a relatively even rate.  “What’s with the way that skirt’s burning?”  said one.  “Easy” said Barry.  “Obviously the skirt has been treated with a modern flame-retardant chemical, resulting in it burning far, far slower than normal.  Absolutely superb to see!”  And it was.  As flames rode up Catherine’s thighs from all directions, her mini skirt burned slowly.  Beneath her burning mini skirt, flames climbed over her stocking tops and her suspender belt simply burned away on her hot thighs as the soft, downy hair around her fanny scorched and ignited for a couple of seconds.  When the flames first licked at the taut cheeks of her arse, Catherine involuntarily thrust her hips forward several times, as though rhythmically riding a stiff cock.  The effect of this was that the hem of skirt at the front, burning steadily, wafted forward slightly, fanning the flames on the material.  As a result, smoke drifted heavier off her skirt, rising like incense to swirl through her long hair.  Quite erotically, the skirt gradually succumbed to the flames, until her fanny was finally exposed.  By this time the flames had been inside her skirt for some time, and as her skirt disappeared, flames could be seen licking hungrily at her fanny as the fire, curling around from behind her, gripped her hips and her tight young arse with wave after wave of flames driving all around her.  Catherine continued to sob and cry out in anguish, as the hem of her pink sweater, already scorching for a minute or more, began to burn.  Her cries were nearly drowned out by the loud crackling of the wood as it burned even more fiercely.  More than half of Catherine’s shapely young body was now well alight; the fire was hugging her and the stake tightly, and she was an incandescent inferno from her feet to her hips.  And the fire had not finished with her yet.

Her tight fitting sweater began to scorch and dissolve in the heat and flames and her pert breasts, straining even harder against her tight-fitting sweater, were now inches away from the flames.  As she shook her head in anguish, the end of her hair settled for a few seconds on flames licking around the stake behind her.  Needing no second invitation, flames fastened onto her hair and gradually rose in plumes, the red flames in superb contrast to her perfect blonde hair.  As her long hair burned brightly, other flames had passed over her waist begun to lick closer to her breasts.  Barry watched, getting more turned on with each second, as flames reached up to her sweater and bra and they quickly burned away in hungry flames.  Her proud, outstanding breasts and erect nipples were feeding the flames now enveloping them, beautifully silhouetted blackened breasts in an inferno of red and yellow flames.  Flames from her breasts were leaping from the tips of her nipples to join the fire that was once her blonde hair.  A last, piercing scream was heard as her face was shrouded in smoke and flames and she was finally, totally given up to the fire.  The flames raged fiercely around Catherine and the stake she remained firmly chained to. 

When they returned to the mansion, the executioners settled down to watch the video of Catherine’s burning.  It looked fantastic from the start, until the camera was panned to her face as flames rose over her breasts and her hair began to burn furiously.  To their utter surprise, Catherine’s face was not a picture of pain and anguish, but rather she was smiling as flames lapped around her shoulders.  Words came from her mouth which they could not at first make out.  “Play that back slowly, what is she saying?” said one.  The tape was rewound and set to play slowly.  Watching again, they were able to hear her saying “My Lord and Master Satan has saved me.  I will be back to deliver retribution on those who have cruelly burned me this day.”  “Jeez, that 18 year-old innocent looking girl was actually a disciple of Satan, a witch.  She had probably been a witch for a number of years.  We were right to burn her alive.”  “Yeah, but from now on, aren’t we the hunted rather than the hunter…?”