Burnt as the sun begins to set
(Part 2 of the tale ‘Exotic Burner’)

As the flames totally engulfed Clare, Louise was led away to another part of the grounds. To her surprise, and horror, she was eventually taken to where another stake had been erected. A small platform was in place about four feet high, and there was more than enough wood to burn a slim petite girl like her. Having just burned Clare alive at the stake, Louise realised her fate was sealed. She was quickly and easily stripped of her mini skirt and her blouse, to reveal a matching bra, knickers and suspender belt in a deep shade of purple. The suspender belt held her tan coloured stockings perfectly in place. “We’ll make things a bit more medieval for you” said one of the men, taking off his top and putting on an executioner’s mask. To complete the scene, one of the other girls put on a long skirt and headscarf that she had brought along. “Another stiletto-heeled witch to burn. Can’t wait to see her stockings sizzling in the heat and then flames licking all around those long shapely legs.” observed one of the crowd, as he took in Louise’s shapely legs and her shoes with very high, slim heels. She had worn them tonight as she loved being shagged senseless in those six-inch heels, and she hadn’t been disappointed earlier in the night. But she could never have imagined that she would also be burned alive at the stake in them, that they would probably be the first part of her to catch fire, and in turn set her alight. Almost in a daze, she was propelled towards the stake and lifted up onto the platform. Once there she was fastened to the stake with a heavy chain that criss-crossed her full, curvaceous breasts, biting into her bra as it was tightened. Another chain secured her ankles to the stake, and then logs of wood were piled up vertically beneath her, high enough just to obscure her chained ankles and shoes. Her mini skirt and blouse were placed in the kindling wood at the base of the stake. Louise was ready for burning, and the moment had arrived for the fire to be lit beneath her. Louise could hear in the distance the ravenous fire still crackling loudly as it continued to consume all of the faggots and Clare’s body, and she knew that she was going to suffer a similar fate.

Louise couldn’t bear to look as the executioner stepped forward with a burning torch and simply held it in the wood piled beneath her. He made a point of placing the flame on her blouse and skirt that had been placed in the wood, and they of course caught fire instantly. Her head was thrust back and her eyes closed as the kindling wood beneath the logs caught fire easily. “Oh no!” she gasped as she heard the ominous crackling of flames burning wood. Within seconds the executioner had lit the wood in several places, and when Louise opened her eyes again she could see smoke drifting up around her. She saw a sea of faces looking on in eager anticipation, willing the fire to rise, willing the flames to burn her sweet young body slowly. They were not to be disappointed. The warm, still, summer evening air provided the perfect conditions for a fire, and soon flames were fastening onto the logs set in place around her, and she could feel the distinctly pleasurable warmth of the fire sweeping over her legs. However that did not last long. All too soon she felt unbearable heat on her shoes, feet and ankles, and waves of heat almost caressing her body as the flames fanned rapidly upwards in pursuit of her. The only sound pounding in her head was the wood crackling ever louder as the fire took a strong hold. A mix of emotions fought for her attention: sheer terror at the thought of burning alive at the stake agonisingly slow; sexual arousal as the warmth of the fire playing games with her fanny lips and clitoris coupled with her tightly-chained bondage situation drove her to what would be a surprisingly intense orgasm a few moments later, and finally a feeling of resignation, to submit willingly to impending fate, given that she had always fantasised about being the victim of witchseekers, the sweet innocent girl bound tightly to a rough wooden stake with flames rising to lick every part of her. That was why she so avidly volunteered to light the fire for Clare – she wanted to have a real part in burning a pretty girl at the stake. Now 18 year-old Louise would experience the process to the full herself.

As the flames reached the top of the logs the crowd saw Louise strain against the chains and cry out “Oh God!” They believed she was lamenting her inevitable fate; in fact Louise had felt the flames curling over her shoes and ankles, hidden by the wood, and at that instant had had her last, and most mind-blowing orgasm ever. As it subsided, flames started to lap over the top of the logs. Her stockings were already scorching and burning out of sight. Now they smouldered on her legs with the heat, until flames leapt up from her shoes as more flames from the outside of the logs licked all around her lower legs and they ignited with ease. Louise was well alight, and the watching crowd cheered as she began to burn. Through the smoke and heat haze she saw her fire enveloping her legs, and her thoughts raced: “I’m younger than Joan, I’m younger than Joan of Arc and I’m burning at the stake far better than she did. Those bastards watching are getting off on seeing me chained and burning so erotically. I bet their cocks are stiff and fanny’s are overflowing with juices”. And it was most erotic to see the flames climb up her thighs slowly, lick over her stocking tops and suspenders, and devour her hips and crotch. Louise shook her head from side to side, crying out in anguish at the agony and ecstasy she was experiencing, her blonde hair moving gently as she did so.
The fire was not yet at its peak as her bra began to scorch and her breasts became the next focus of attention. Some of the crowd moved to the side to get a better, side-on, view of the moment the flames reach her breasts. They were justified in their judgement, as the fire raged on upwards over Louise and her scorching bra caught fire with the sheer heat generated, ever before the flames reached her breasts. Her bra burned briefly but fiercely. Then, for a few seconds Louise’s naked breasts jutted out defiantly before flames swept over them in a breathtaking scene that all appreciated. Almost in silhouette, flames licked all around and over her breasts. The final act was Louise’s hair singeing and the ends slowly catching fire, before hungry flames rose triumphantly through it. Flames licking furiously over her shoulders provided the final act, as Louise and her stake were totally taken by the flames.

“Wonderful, two in one night!” exclaimed one of the male onlookers, “can’t wait for the next party”. “I won’t be at the next one” said one of the young females, clinging to her man defensively as the crowd began to drift away…