Angela’s Birthday Present
(A follow on story from ‘The Perfect Wedding Gift’)

 “Are you watching that ‘Joan of Arc’ DVD again” said Peter.  “You’ll wear it out!”  “No, I won’t” said Angela, “just the section where Ingrid is taken to the stake, chained to it, and burned alive.  I swear at the end of the clip, when she gasps, she’s having an orgasm.  I would also be having a massive one at that point.”  “Your burning at the stake fantasy is as strong as ever, I see” said Peter, “you’ll have to see what I have got you for your birthday next week”.  “You’ve burned three girls at the stake for me already.  You know I would agree to be burned at the stake if that was your desire, O Master” Angela replied.  “OK, I will arrange for you to be slowly burned at the stake on your birthday.  Is that agreed?  And I will have Gemma as my assistant.”  “Yes, oh yes, please burn me at the stake” said Angela earnestly.  Although Angela had a genuine desire to burn alive at the stake, she did not realize that Peter’s interest in burning girls at the stake far exceeded hers, and the greatest turn-on of all would be for him to chain his shapely young wife to the stake, light a fire in the wood beneath her, and watch as she slowly burned alive.  Additionally, Dawn’s sister Gemma, who had been having an affair with Peter since her sister had been burned at the stake, was also a big fan of burning at the stake (she had actually enjoyed seeing her sister being burned alive at the stake fully clothed, not least for the reason that it gave her a clear path to the affections of Peter).  Gemma, unknown to Angela, would be more than happy to assist Peter in burning Angela. 

The day arrived, and it was time for Angela to get ready for the big occasion.  Angela had decided on her outfit for her burning at the stake.  She would wear a white quarter cup bra that exposed her nipples perfectly.  Over that, she would wear her white see-through blouse, which would show her bra and breasts clearly.  A black loose-fitting mini skirt, whose hem started halfway up her thighs, would set off the blouse beautifully.  Beneath her skirt a black suspender belt held her natural coloured fully fashioned stockings in place, her feet nestling in a brand new pair of black patent leather shoes, the heels very slim and very high (at least 5 inches, she mused).  She wore no knickers – she wanted the flames to have direct access to her fanny lips and her arse.  Her short blonde hair was fashioned in a bob style, and held perfectly in place with a generous application of hairspray.  Her pretty face was made up to perfection: mascara made her eyes sparkle, and the red gloss lipstick more than hinted at her penchant for sucking dry a stiff cock.  Unknown to Peter, her lips in that very shade of red gloss lipstick had enjoyed the acquaintance of Gemma’s lips on many occasions: lipstick had definitely been exchanged as their tongues had entwined in each other’s mouths, and Angela had definitely left her lipstick on Gemma’s fanny as she drove her to a mind-blowing orgasm.  It was the least Angela could do to console the poor girl for the loss of her sister!  Angela had also got Peter to swear to her that as the fire reached her and she began to burn alive, he would start shagging Gemma from behind; she must be shagged senseless as they both watched Angela burning at the stake.  To Angela’s face, they hesitantly agreed; behind her back, they had already planned to fuck in full view of Angela as she burned anyway! 

At last she was ready, and went downstairs to Peter for them to start the journey to the stake.  The sumptuous grounds of their mansion provided the perfect setting for Angela’s burning: privacy, seclusion and no questions asked about a small fire seen from afar.  Soon they were at a small clearing on the edge of the woods, and ahead of her, Angela saw that all had been prepared to her satisfaction. 

Angela walked willingly to the stake and admired the way the wood had been carefully prepared.  From the kindling at the base of the stake, logs had been placed in position in an almost conical shape so that the mound tapered as it reached the small platform Angela would stand on.  Angela rested forward on the pyre and said to Peter: “Shag me one final time against these faggots, then burn me at your leisure.”  She raised the hem of her mini skirt and thrust her arse out invitingly.  Peter needed no second invitation and stepped forward.  Quickly releasing his stiff cock, he thrust it deep into Angela’s arse, which took her completely by surprise, but drove her into paroxysms of lust.  To tease her to the last, he did not continue for very long.  “Now is your time, witch!” he said, and motioned to Gemma to come to join them and assist in the proceedings.  Gemma came forward, and they both ushered Angela up the small ladder resting on the centre of the wood, as they climbed the ladders on either side.  Once at the top, they stood on the platform and positioned Angela facing outwards.  They each drew Angela’s arms behind the stake and Peter fastened a small chain tightly around her wrists, snapping a tiny padlock shut to hold it.  “That hurts my wrists” Angela thought, “but I love it.”  Next a larger chain was drawn under her breasts and pulled very tight by both of them.  It bit cruelly into her blouse and her arms, and Angela gasped as they pulled it even tighter.  “My God, I’m getting so aroused” Angela thought, “and the fire is nowhere near ready to be lit yet.”  The tightness of the chains made her pert breasts jut out magnificently, with her erect nipples clearly showing through her see-through blouse.  Gemma gently ran her fingers over Angela’s breasts, enjoying the feel of the soft fabric as she traced a tiny circle around each of the nipples.  “You have such beautiful breasts, Angela, I can’t wait to see them in the flames” said Gemma.  “I wish you were chained tightly against me so that we could embrace as flames took us both” thought Angela.  Meanwhile Peter had stooped down and began to lash another chain around the top of Angela’s thighs, again pulling so tight that Angela winced in pain (but secret pleasure) as the chain bit into her stocking tops, but not her mini skirt.  Finally, Gemma ran a small chain under the insteps of Angela’s shoes and then tightly around her slim ankles before pulling the chain tightly behind the stake and securing it with a small padlock.  Angela had always loved having her ankles chained, and when Gemma chained her ankles and shoes to the stake, Angela’s response, hidden from the two of them, was an involuntary dribble of love juice from her throbbing fanny.  “I’m totally chained to the stake now.  Please light the wood, light my fire immediately.” Angela thought. 

Peter and Gemma stepped down from the platform, tossed the padlock keys into the faggots, and then to Angela’s slight surprise they moved into each other’s arms and enjoyed a long, slow, kiss in front of her.  Then, turning to the stake, Peter said “Let’s burn this witch, this witch who claims she is an innocent young girl.”  They then each took a match from a box of matches and stepped up to the base of the stake at the front.  Crouching down, they struck the matches, allowed the single flame to develop, and then held the tiny flames in the straw and paper within the kindling wood.  After a few seconds they stood up and walked back a few paces.  A small fire had a hold in the wood.  Angela looked down and saw small wisps of smoke beginning to rise.  In the strong heat of a balmy summer’s day, only one course of action was inevitable.  That tiny fire was going to grow in all that tinder-dry material.  “Oh, Jesus, I can see flames” thought Angela, as the straw and paper really began to burn and set fire to the wood.  The fire was beginning to rise, as well as spread sideways.  Smoke began to drift around Angela’s captive body.  “I can hear the wood crackling as it burns.  Oh God, this is so good!” thought Angela as the kindling wood easily fed the burgeoning fire.  Angela looked down from the stake to see Peter standing behind Gemma and fondling her breasts. 

A couple of minutes passed as the fire settled on the bottom of the logs and started to take a strong hold on them.  Flames began to rise menacingly up the logs.  Angela was excited, sexually excited, as she saw her fire grow stronger with every second.  The fire, the heat, the loudly crackling flames, coupled with her total restraint, served to heighten Angela’s senses considerably.  “Waiting for the flames is so erotic.  I can’t wait for the flames to reach me” Angela thought. 

Peter and Gemma were forced to step back several paces as the fire now took a strong hold on the logs and climbed to within inches of Angela's feet.  Through the smoke and heat haze, Angela looked down at the flames that could not now be extinguished by the onlookers, and would soon claim her as their own.  "Oh, Jesus" she thought, "the fire is wonderful.  The heat is unbearable, but exquisite!  My nylons are sizzling and scorching.  When, oh when, are my shoes going to start burning?  They are so hot on my feet.  I can feel the hem of my skirt riding up my thighs slightly as I strain against these chains.  The fire is so close now, so close.  Oh please, please, take me, slowly!"  Angela’s wish was granted.  The shape of the pyre was such that the flames were being directed towards the small platform, and as they reached the top of the logs, some errant flames licked against her shoes.  Angela sensed it immediately.  A gasp escaped from her bright red lips as flames played all over her shoes and began to wrap themselves around her slim ankles.  In seconds, her shoes, feet and ankles were a seething mass of flames.  “I’m being set alight!  My shoes are burning!  My feet and ankles are in flames.  I’m burning at last!  I’m burning!” she thought, as Peter stood transfixed at what he was seeing.  Gemma stood by his side and shouted “Burn you witch, burn!”  Gemma then knelt down in front of Peter and beckoned him to shag her.  He needed no second bidding, and within seconds his stiff cock was buried in Gemma’s welcoming fanny as before them, flames now began to spiral up Angela’s shapely legs.  “Jesus, I’m well alight now.  I know how Joan must have felt.  Look at how beautifully the flames come off the wood, and how easily my legs feed the fire.”  For Angela, a heady mix of burning wood and her own burning body now permeated her senses.  For Peter and Gemma, the same applied, as well as the sight of flames taking Angela, and smoke drifting all around her through a slight heat haze. 

The fire was increasing in intensity as flames leapt above knee height.  Angela’s thighs were now taking wave after wave of flames.  Updraughts of hot air lifted the hem of her mini skirt onto her hips every few seconds.  Angela looked down through the smoke circling all around her.  “Go on, set my skirt alight” pounded in her head.  Seconds later, pure tongues of flame rose up her thighs, claimed her stocking tops, and brushed against her naked fanny.  The hem of her skirt drifted away from her hips and gently rested in the rising flames.  As flames easily enveloped first the hem, and then the rest of her skirt, they also wrapped themselves tightly around Angela’s hips.  Angela gave out an involuntary gasp, of pleasure not of pain.  “So many things are happening” she thought.  “My skirt is burning, my fanny and arse are ready to be taken, my blouse is already scorching and smoldering, and my nipples are so erect they hurt!”  Looking down through the flames, the smoke and the heat haze, Angela could see Peter still shagging Gemma hard doggy style.  Seconds later, Angela’s body gave several involuntary spasms as flames devoured her fanny and stroked the cheeks of her arse.  That was all she was able to do, as the chains did not loosen their grip on her in the slightest.  All the while she was enjoying the intoxicating sensation of the smells of the burning wood and her own burning body.  Her senses were pushed into overdrive.  “Oh God” she cried out, as an orgasm ripped through her, the like of which she had never before experienced in her life.  As she did so, her blouse, already scorching and smoldering, caught fire, and fingers of flame climbed slowly towards her breasts.  Angela looked down “Oh yes, burn my blouse and expose my wanton breasts.  Caress them slowly, let the flames curl all around them and on up to my hair.”  Her head was still bowed down as the flames took her crisp white blouse and consumed her quarter cup bra quite easily.  Her naked breasts stood out magnificently as the flames curled all over them.  “Yes, yes, fantastic” was all Angela could think of as her blonde hair began to singe.  The flames were reaching up towards her shoulders when stray flames nestled in her hair.  That was enough, and her hairspray ignited, sending a ball of flame through what was once her neatly coiffured hair.  All at once her head was engulfed.  From below the inferno, Gemma was now sucking on Peter’s cock, and the sight of his wife completely burning at the stake resulted in Peter emptying his load into Gemma’s willing mouth.  “Absolutely fantastic!” said Peter.  “Can’t wait until the next one” he said confidently.  “Er, yes” said Gemma nervously…