A Hot Halloween Night



Her name was Brandy.  She was young, beautiful and very energetic.  She wore her shoulder length brown hair mostly in a pony tail that bounced every time she walked.  At times she would put it up in two pig tails or two pony tails.  Although very cute, she was simple minded and not much on fashion.  Her favorite outfit was either blue jeans and a simple blouse or shirt top, a jumper of some sort with a long sleeve top under it. 


It just so happened on this particular Halloween eve that a small group of her friends decided  to have fun dressing up like Puritans, and have an old fashioned witch hunt.  Everyone would come in costume and meet in the woods around nine on Halloween night.  Brandy couldn’t decide if she would go or not.  Mary and Jane talked her in to it though.  They thought it would be fun to run through the forest late at night trying to hide from Dick, Steve, and John. 


Everyone showed up at nine just as planed in the forest.  Mary and Jane were each dressed in the traditional Puritan black dress, white apron, and white bonnet.  Both were wearing white nylon tights and black shoes.  Brandy showed up in a light blue dress, white apron and bonnet and was also wearing white nylon tights with black shoes.  Dick, Steve and John wore the traditional Puritan men’s clothes.  Black pants to their knees, white tights, black shoes and of course the wide brimmed Puritan hat.


It wasn’t long before the game began.  It was a beautiful clear evening.  The moon was full and shining brightly lighting up the whole forest.  The girls set out in different directions while the boys made ready their plans.  They would go after only one girl at a time bring them back, make them stand on a two foot high stump at the base of three trees, tie each of them to the tree one at a time and then go back after the others until all three girls were their prisoners.  Steve was curious and asked John what they would do when all three girls were caught.  “They’re witches right?” said John.  Ya” Steve replied. “We burn them.  We burn them to ashes like they did to witches during the 1600’s when they had real witch hunts.  Captured witches were burned at the stake!”  So we’re goina burn our witches at the stake.”  The boys got excited at the thought of burning such beautiful young girls. 


The boys raced through the forest in search of their witches.  Mary was the first to be seen so the chase was on.  She ran as fast as her legs would carry her until she tripped over her dress and fell into the dirt.  She was barely up when the boys were on her.  They quickly tied her hands behind her and lead her off to where they had prepared the trees.  They untied her hands and helped her stand on the stump.  John took her hands and tied them securely behind her back and around the tree.  Dick took a coil of rope and began securing Mary to the tree.  She squirmed and screamed at them, “Hay what you are doing?  Let me go!!”  Dick kept tying her to the tree.  After Mary was tied to the tree the boys set out looking for their next witch. 


In a few minutes they found Jane.  She screamed and took off running.  The boys were too fast for her and caught up with her in no time.  They grabbed her arms and tied her hands behind her back, then lead her to where they tied Mary.  When they arrived they found Brandy hard at work attempting to untie Mary and set her free!  John quickly began chasing Brandy leaving Dick and Steve to deal with Jane.  They brought her to the second tree and stump helped her up and tied her hands behind her back around the stump.  Leaving her there they took off in an effort to help John capture that witch Brandy!


It seems however, that Brandy had out smarted the boys.  While they were off chasing her in the woods she doubled back.  Arriving at the place where Mary and Jane were tied she quickly untied Jane’s hands and helped her down.  Quickly both girls untied Mary and helped her down.  They took off into the woods to hide. 


Again they split up and each of the girls went their own way.  Brandy ran off into the dark woods and ran right into John.  “I got her!” he shouted and it was only a matter of seconds before Dick and Steve arrived.  They tied her hands.  “Better take her to the truck and prepare her now before she gets rescued by the others.” Said Steve. They took her to John’s truck which had an old camper on the back.  Steve went to the cab and took a bag containing a new long sleeved white linen gown, a new pair of white nylon anklet socks and black slippers.  “Here” he said, “prepare her now for the fire!”  “Fire? What do you mean fire?” Brandy asked.  “Shut up, get in here and put these on!” barked Dick as he opened the door to the camper and helped her inside.  She opened the bag and laughed as she pulled out the long sleeve white gown with the new white nylon socks and slippers.  “What is this stuff?” she asked.  “Just put it on” Dick replied.  Brandy slipped off her apron, then her dress, pulled off her tights, picked up the gown and slipped it over her head letting it fall to the floor of the camper.  She opened the package of white nylon anklet socks and slipped them over her dainty little feet, curling down to top around her ankles.  Then put on the black slippers.  “Ready”! she called out to Dick who was standing guard.  Dick motioned to Steve and John who came over to the camper.  Dick opened the door and they couldn’t believe their eyes.  Brandy stood there looking gorgeous.  Her long brown hair draped down her neck to the brim of the white gown and those big brown eyes were as wide and big as ever.  The gown seemed to flow down to her feet.  Quickly they helped her out of the camper to the ground where they tied her hands behind her back and lead her back into the forest. 


Upon arrival, Brandy was certain Mary and Jane were somewhere near by and they would be there to rescue her.  Dick and John helped her to the top of the stump right next to the tree.  Dick began the process of tying her to the tree.  He crossed the rope in front of her breasts then around her chest crossing in back of the tree he tied the rope around her waist and thighs.  Steve went back into the forest gathering up sticks and small branches that had fallen from the trees.  Brandy watched curiously as Dick and John began piling dried leaves around the stump beneath her feet.   “What are you doing that for? She asked.  Dick stopped momentarily and looking up at her said, “you’re a witch, you have been sentenced to burn at the stake!”  “Burn me! You’re goina burn me?  She asked teasingly thinking they were playing around.  Ya you’re going to burn Brandy!” came Dick’s reply as he continued piling leaves around her feet.  Before long Steve was back with his arms full of twigs and branches.  He dropped his load then took off for more with John  Dick began placing the wood on top of the leaves around Brandy’s feet.  She kicked at the pile with her foot and knocked some of the wood off the leaves.  Dick smiled and kept on putting the wood around the stump.  Steve and John came back with more wood and Dick continued placing it around Brandy’s feet.  Then he stopped and looking at Brandy’s feet reached out taking her foot and took the slipper off.  Then he took the other one off.  Then taking a small coil of rope he tied her ankles to the tree.  He stepped back and gazed at her.  She was dressed totally in white from her shoulders to her tiny little white sock covered feet.  “That should keep you from kicking any more wood” he sneered.  “Why did you take off my slippers” she asked.  “Why so you can feel the heat from the fire around your sock feet  he replied.  “Alright guys it’s time to stop.  Untie me and let me down from here.  You’re not really going to burn me at the stake!”  “You’re a witch!” John exclaimed,  and a pretty one too!” said Dick.  “So we are going to burn you!  Death by fire for the witch!” shouted John as he lit a torch.  Nooo! Screamed Brandy,  Pleaseeee don’t burn me for real!  I am afraid of fire! Put that thing down and let me down.  You have scared me enough!”  she exclaimed.   “Burn this witch! shouted Steve.  Taking the torch John began holding it to the leaves and wood beneath Brandy’s feet.  She watched in horror as the small flames began to catch.  In seconds there was fire all around her feet.  He felt the intense heat as the flames rapidly approached her socking feet.  In minutes her feet were taking the fire.  The boys seemed to have pleasure watching as Brandy suffered.  She shrieked in extreme pain as the nylon socks melted into her flesh.  The fire worked it’s way up her legs licking her white gown tied to the stake.  She pressed herself against the tree in an effort to try and escape the pain but there was no escaping her doom.  Dick and John kept adding sticks and small branches to the fire as it devoured its victim.  Brandy screamed one last time then she was dead. 


After about an hour Mary and Jane walked back into the clearing.  They saw the huge fire around the tree and asked the boys what was up.  “We’re burning a witch!” Dick told them.  To which they asked if there were any marshmallows to go along with the witch roast.  The boys laughed.  Steve came behind Mary and grabbed her hands while Dick grabbed Jane’s hands.  They pulled rope from their pocked and tied the girls hands behind them.  John went into the forest for some fresh wood.  Dick and Steve helped the girls each to their stumps and set about tying them to the trees.   The girls played along thinking it was some kind of game.  “Are we the next to burn?” asked Jane.  The boys gave no response.


John came back and began piling dried leaves and the wood he gathered around Jane’s feet.  He stopped in front of her and taking her left foot he slipped off her shoe, placing her stocking foot back on the stump.  He took her right foot and did the same thing.  Jane thought it was funny and wiggled her white tighted toes at him as he tied her ankles to the tree.  Dick began doing the same thing to Mary.  He took off her shoes and tied her ankles to the tree.  They were securely tied to their stakes.  “Why did you take off our shoes?”  asked Jane.  “So your feet could feel the pain of the fire as flames lick at them!” replied John.  Alright, the fun is over! Let us go.  Ya untie us now guys.  It was great fun but it is approaching midnight and we need to get home!”  Dick announced, “You have been found guilty of witchcraft and are sentenced to burn at the stake!”  Steve reached down and took a burning stick from the fire that burned Brandy.  “Burn the witches!” said John as Steve began touching the torch to the sticks around Jane’s feet.  Stop! She shouted Stop! Put that thing down and let me down!” said Jane.  She was starting to cry as fear gripped her heart.  Please let me down!  I don’t want to die this way! She sobbed as Steve kept on lighting the sticks on fire.  “No escaping this time witch!” he sneered.   Then he walked over to the tree where Mary was tied.   Mary screamed in terror as she watched Jane begin to burn! 


Jane screamed in pain as the flames licked at her feet.  Her nylon tights began to melt into her flesh and the fire started working it’s way up her legs and dress.  She tried to escape her bonds but there was no escaping the intense heat as the fire claimed her body.  Noooo Please kill me now don’t let me burn she screamed!  Her flesh was melting away as she was totally engulfed in fire.  Ahhhhhhh She screamed in pain then the screaming stopped as she yielded her life to the fire.


Steve handed to burning stick to Dick.  Mary watched in horror as Dick touched the torch to the sticks around her stocking feet.  “Please stop don’t do this, please let me go let me down!  Stop!” pleaded Mary.  Dick just kept on lighting the wood on fire.  Mary watched as the flames came closer to her stocking feet.  She tired to move her feet from the path of the approaching fire but couldn’t move at all.  The boys enjoyed the show as the fire was now encircling Mary’s feet.  She could feel the intense heat and looking down watched as the flames began licking at her feet.  She struggled against her bonds to no avail.  She screamed in pain as the fire began burning her feet making its way up her nylon tight covered legs.  The pain was intense as the flames devoured the nylon tights and they melted into the flesh of her legs.  Sobbing she begged the boys to put out the fire and let her go.  Her pleas fell on deaf ears.  The fire had grown more intense and Mary was engulfed in flames.  She no longer felt  pain and gave up the struggle to escape as her life slowly drained away.


The boys got out of their costumes and into their jeans one at a time taking turns as the others watched the fires.  They kept the fires going through the night piling sticks, leaves and branches on each fire until morning light.  Then they let the fires die down.  By late afternoon the ashes were cool enough to where they could search for any evidence that had not burned in the fire.  There was none.  All three girls had perished in the flames and were nothing but ashes.  They looked at each other and laughing slapped each others hands in victory over those witches.   “Can’t wait until next year!” said Dick.  “You bet” said Steve.  “Man”, said John, “that was one hot Halloween night!”